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Love in Ice



Watching as the players skated a few more times around the rink, Sam, Leslie, and I looked at each other, jumping in anticipation. We were excited to see the game, and we knew that our boys were going to win. I quickly directed my gaze over to the goalie in white, who was smiling as he put on his mask.

Instantly my lips turned up into a smile. He's still got that determined spirit, even though he had the slightest bit of nervousness.

"Why are you smiling, Lexa," Sam asked suggestively, eyebrow raised. I forced a blush away, telling her, "I'm just excited for the game, that's all. I haven't been to an away game."

I looked away from the disbelieving stare of my best friend, who also had to restrain her laughter from escaping. Leslie asked Sam what exactly was 'going on', and Sam began to explain. Well, explain what really is nothing out of the ordinary.

Shivers ran down my spine, and all I felt was fear. What was there to have trepidations about though? I was at a hockey game, something I was supposed to enjoy. A drawn out glance over my shoulder cleared things up for me.

About three rows behind me sat a guy with clouded, hazel-looking eyes. Clouded in the sense that he had a fixed gaze on something. Or someone. Dirty blond hair stood up on end in the front, but the hair behind it was a lightly tinted brown. I blinked out of confusion, noting how the shivers only continued as I looked at him. The intensity of it grew when his eyes directly met mine, widening in realization of how I had caught him staring.

He turned away promptly, and I did the same. I became alert to my friends' conversation when I heard, "She doesn't know it yet, but her and Nemo have something between them. Soon they'll be together forever in love, and I'll be there when they have the most adorable---"

"I'm sorry, but what was that?"

"Uhh, nothing. Absolutely nothing."

"Mmhm, I thought so," I reprimanded, hoping neither Sam nor Leslie saw that little moment I had earlier with that insanely creepy but cute guy.

"Hey Alex, your face is completely blanched. Did you see a ghost or something," Leslie asked. She might not have seen it, but she must know that something happened...

"I wish I did," I muttered under my breath, hoping they would just drop the subject.

"What's up Lexa? Something wrong?" I looked over to Sam, knowing that she would understand. Her eyes widened for the quickest moment before nodding. I would tell her later for sure.

I leaned over so I could see Leslie, saying, "Oh it was nothing, don't worry about it!" All I could wish for was that the smile I gave her looked more convincing than my shaky voice sounded, and from what I could tell it worked.

About seven minutes into the first period, I succeeded in knocking out my thoughts on the man I had seen at the beginning of the game. Malkin checked Seabs into the boards, and I felt relieved when Seabs got up as quick as he could. The Penguins still had the puck, and I cheered along with Sam and Leslie when Nemo made two saves on the shots that resulted. It was four-on-four hockey at this point, but it was crucial that we played carefully with the newly available ice.

Soupy finally took possession of the puck, skating with Hoss toward Fleury. Soupy made the first shot, Fleury making the initial save, but gave a rebound. Hoss quickly handled the puck around toward the open right side of the net, scoring before knocking off the net. The three of us jumped up and celebrated. Hoss scored the first goal of the game and put us ahead.

Not that much time passed by when Kaner sent a slapshot at Fleury, but the Penguins goalie quickly snagged the puck. The face-off on Fleury's right was won by his team, who skated back towards our net. Guerin took a shot, which Nemo blocked. After a little bit of no shots being put on net, Duncs and Malkin raced for the puck that was on Nemo's left.

I stood up, seeing Duncs fall and Malkin steal the puck. He passed it over to Guerin, who made another shot. I screamed in happiness when Nemo made the tough save, and the two at my right clapped at the save.

Both the first intermission and the first part of the second period moved on pretty quickly. Nemo and Fleury were playing at the top of their game; no other goals were scored. Kennedy took a shot, but Nemo made that save as well, covering up the puck for a face-off. The rest of the second period continued in a very similar manner. The game was still in our favor, and the score remained 1-0.

When the buzzer rang, signaling the end of period two, I stood up and stretched out. The guys waved to all of us as they went to the locker room. As Nemo disappeared behind them, I told my friends, "Hey, I'm going to go get some water. You guys want something?" They wanted the same thing, so I left to go to the nearest concession stand.

When I got to a concession stand, I sighed in relief. The lines weren't that long, and the service was great. I got in line to get the water bottles, putting the money in my pocket. I didn't expect the next event to happen in the least bit.


Not even two seconds later, a cold gust flew over me. However, it wasn't just wind that went past me. I flinched as the chilling drink spilled over my head, taking a sniff of the offending drink. It was a soft drink, judging by the color of the liquid dripped to the floor from my hair. I was soaked up to my shoulders, and I resisted the urge to shake out to get rid of the excess pop. I shifted over to my right and stepped out of the line, wanting to figure out who was talking. I held in a shocked gasp as I saw who it was.

The guy who threw his drink at me was the same guy I made eye contact with earlier. His hazel eyes brightened for a moment, recognizing me. He said, "Hey you."

"Hey to you, too."

I analyzed him further, and his hazel eyes looked even brighter in this light. He stood at around 5'11", and his hair looked untamed compared to before. "I'm sorry about spilling my pop all over you. I really meant nothing by it, I was just walking over to talk to you--"

"That's okay, no harm done. Nice jersey." He grinned a stunning grin, and asked, pointing to his Sharp jersey, "Mine? No, I think your jersey is." We both laughed, and he said, sticking out his hand, "I'm Vance. Vance Raston. Nice to officially meet you. And you are...?"

"Just because you spilled your drink on me doesn't mean you get my name," I said, laughing a little more. He said, "Here, I'll make it up to you. I'll get you whatever you were standing in line for."

I told him, "No, that's fine. I can get it myself."

"No, I insist. I'll get them right now. What are you getting?"

I told him, "Three water bottles, but--" He interrupted playfully, "Nope, I'm going to get them. You just stay here."

He walked off and stood in line, and I shook my head, chuckling. He was a rather nice guy, and not too hard on the eyes either. Once I realized this, something tugged in the back of my mind, but I pushed it away. Within minutes, he came back to me. "Here you are. Three water bottles. Hopefully I get to see you soon."

"Haha, dream on Vance. Enjoy the game." I walked away from him, but then I turned around. "Thanks for the water bottles!" He waved, smiling the friendly smile that made me shiver. I walked back over to the girls, handing them the water bottles.

"What took you so--Lexa, what happened to you," Sam asked, shocked at my appearance, which I remembered only then that I was soaked from my hair to my shoulders.

"Some guy spilled his pop all over me. He insisted on getting me the water bottles," I clarified for both of them, and they both shared a glance. "What?"

"You look dazed, like you just met someone cute," Leslie observed, Sam agreeing. I raised an eyebrow in question, but they remained quiet. I went to open my water bottle, but I realized something was written on the plastic in Sharpie.

Vance wrote his number on the water bottle, with a little note added underneath it.

Don't forget this number. I want to talk to you later.
-Vance R.

What gave him the idea that I would text him? Then again, what gave him the idea that I wouldn't?

I took a sip of my water, waiting for the game to resume. My mind drifted to Vance, and I contemplated texting him after the game. Would I do it? Should I do it?

Those thoughts consumed me for the rest of intermission, and I broke out of them only when the puck dropped for the third period. I pulled my hair up in a ponytail, feeling how stiff it had become as a result of the pop drying. I knew for sure that I would be taking a shower and washing out as much of the pop as I could from my jersey.

Barely over a minute into the third, Steeger took a shot but missed, Hoss taking the rebound. Unfortunately, Fleury made the save. There were many frightening moments when the Penguins had possession of the puck. It bounced off the post a few times, the hollow dink ringing in my ears. Then Gonchar shot the puck, but Nemo stuck out his right pad for the save. Staal shot it too high, hitting the glass behind our netminder. Gonchar's second shot went just wide around the net, and the puck was finally cleared.

Hoss almost scored again, but Fleury made a diving save. Over a minute and a half later, the face-off in our end did not go that well. Right off the face-off, Malkin passed the puck to Staal, who slapped it at Nemo. The puck just made it over Nemo's right pad and into the net, causing all the Penguins fans to erupt into cheers.

The Penguins tied the game.

The three of us flinched slightly at the immediate outburst of praise. We weren't expecting that. The game would have to go into overtime. When I looked over at Nemo, he lifted his mask to show a face that revealed how discouraged he felt. My heart ached at his face, and I wanted to tell him to keep fighting. I could only do that in spirit, but I sent my good wishes to him as much as I could.

Before I knew it, overtime had winded down into the last two and a half minutes. Soupy had the puck in the offensive zone. Steeger was over with him. The red-headed Hawk made the first shot, but Fleury made the save. Steeger took the rebound, and every Hawks fan and player filled the Mellon Arena with their screams.

Steeger maneuvered the puck around Fleury and into the net. We won the game! The three of us danced happily, watching the guys continue their celebration. I looked behind me quickly to see Vance's steady gaze on me, smile visible.

When my heart fluttered this time, I couldn't push aside the sharp tugging at the pit of my stomach...
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