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Love in Ice



Did you miss me?

I know you did...There's no denying it, Alexandra...If you are not ready at 5:00 PM with the following attire, you may not be so lucky in the life department.

Love Forever,
Your Stalker

P.S. That jersey of yours in your bedroom closet would look good on you...The red one with the number 31 on it...I expect to see it on...

I scanned the note taped to my apartment door and chuckled at the rather dark humor of my best friend, Samantha Rosley. She only wrote notes like this when she had something important to show me and she could not get a hold of me.

At the sound of my laughter, a pair of dark brown eyes gazed up to meet my own. Sitting with his tail wagging was my two-year-old Norfolk Terrier, Riles. I met him one day, working at a nearby animal shelter. I overheard my co-workers saying that he had been rescued from a house with over twenty other dogs. A few weeks after being nursed to health, he was brought over to the animal shelter.

At first, Riles answered to no one but me. For some reason, he had formed an immediate connection with me. I was put in charge of the little guy, and I decided to call him Riles. Soon, I had a little dog follow me to and from my apartment and my job.

I unlocked the door and we both walked inside my apartment, Riles immediately jumping on the couch. I smiled at the little guy; it must have been a long day for him at the animal shelter.

Suddenly, I remembered the last part of the note Sam left on my door.

That jersey of yours in your bedroom closet would look good on you...The red one with the number 31 on it...I expect to see it on...

What did she mean? Why would I need to wear my Blackhawks jersey tonight? Then, it hit me. Figuratively and literally.

Without warning, my back made contact with the floor rug, my head lightly hitting the floor. Ouch. That hurt.

I groaned as I slowly got up, the weight finally scrambling off to help me on my feet. I shot a look at the person in front of me: no one other than my best friend Sam. She decided to wear her curly, auburn hair down, and her hazel eyes hid behind white sunglasses. She was dressed up in jeans and her jersey of Ben Eager, number 55 of the Blackhawks.

"Next time, give me some kind of warning as to when you're tackling me," I said to Sam in a reprimanding voice. Riles barked his agreement, startled by the sudden excitement.

"Next time, don't leave your door open. Who are you inviting to the apartment, the whole world," she mocked, hands on her hips.

"I just got home, you stalker. Why do I need to wear my Niemi jersey? Why are you wearing your Eager jersey?" I had a pretty good guess as to why, though, without even needing to ask.

As if she hadn't just tackled me to the floor, she sprinted to my bedroom, most likely searching for my Niemi jersey in my closet. After a minute, she ran out and tossed me the jersey, replying, "You are coming with me to the Blackhawks game tonight, silly."

At those words, she whipped out two tickets out of her purse and handed one to me.

"Sammy, I can't go. I need to work on some classwork--"

"Lexa, come on, your class is Thursday! I think you can handle one night of watching the Blackhawks play at home!"

I rolled my eyes, about to protest to make my point, but Sam interrupted, "Look at the ticket. I think you'll change your mind."

Peering down at the piece of paper in my hand, I scanned it and noticed with wide eyes, "This is right behind the players."

"That's right. So are you coming with me or what?"

I nodded eagerly, "Sure, just let me take a shower and get ready."

"Fine. We've still got an hour anyway."

I stole a quick glance at the clock. 4:50 PM.

"Sam, I don't think we need to be there ridiculously early."

"Oh, we do. I've got a surprise."

"Another one?"

I stared at her while she said, pushing me in the direction of my room, "Just hurry up! You're going to love your other birthday present!"

Yes, because today, October 12, was my birthday.


After that was all said and done, Sam and I headed towards the Madhouse on Madison, the United Center itself. 6:09 PM, read the clock in Sam's yellow Dodge Charger. My usually wavy, shoulder-length brown hair was straightened and I donned my red Niemi jersey with a pair of jeans and red Converse.

Sam looked at me for a second, commenting while parking her car, "I can't believe you still wear those Converse."

I looked at her, retorting, "At least I don't wear obnoxious sunglasses when there's no sunlight."

Being the immature twenty-three year old she was, she stuck her tongue out at me. Though I had just turned twenty-three today, I reflected her actions all the same. We both got out of the car and walked inside the UC, tickets in hand. After our tickets were scanned, I asked her, "What are we doing here so early anyway?"

Sam turned to me and said, grinning mischeviously, "We, my dear, are going to get you a boyfriend!"

I stared at her as if she had finally lost her mind. Which, in my mind, she had. Once again.

"We are not going boyfriend-hunting at a Blackhawks game!" My best friend knew that I did not want anything to do with relationships. I thought they were pointless because instead of finding someone you "loved" and could spend the rest of your life with, it did the exact opposite with me.

It was almost like looking in the mirror, as far as expressions went. Then, it cracked when she started laughing. "I was just kidding Alex! You should have seen the look on your face!"

I sighed in relief. I had no time for relationships, and I wasn't going to start anytime soon.

Eventually, we were sitting in our seats behind the Blackhawks. The Flames were practicing on the ice, the Blackhawks just having got off it. Sam and I started taking pictures with my camera. We took pictures of just about everything, even taking some against the glass behind the players.

Soon, we stood and cheered during the National Anthem, and the game began. Huet was in goal. There were going to be a lot of goals this game. I had that feeling. Still, I was excited for even being at the game.

Sam and I noticeably flinched when the third goal was scored against Huet. I hoped Niemi would be switched in and that we would catch up to the Flames' current three-goal lead. I felt a few jabs in my ribs before I turned to face the person jabbing me.

"Alex, look at our pictures," Sam said, her voice as well as her eyes revealing that she was a bit dazed.

Taking the camera from my friend's hand, I looked through the pictures and noticed something in the background.

Some of the Blackhawks had turned around and joined the pictures, opting between smiling and making other faces. I was shocked to say the least, and I turned my attention back to the ice, where I was once again stunned.

Niemi was in net.
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