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Love in Ice

Twenty-Four/Twenty-Five? PREVIEW


I tugged down the bottom of the very short dress I had on, and when I felt the car stop, a hand slapped mine away. Glaring at the front seat driver, I growled, "Don't you dare tell me to stop putting the dress down. You're lucky I even have it on."

"Please, I had to force that on you. How did I ever become best friends with someone so stubborn like you," Sam joked near the end, giving me a half-amused, half-annoyed stare. "Besides, there is a good reason for you going to the club in this short of a dress."

"And what exactly is that plan?"

"I'm not telling you! You're going to find out for yourself what you're going to do without even realizing it! That's because it'll be pure instinct."

I was confused at what she said. We were going to celebrate a win for the Hawks. Why would I need to wear something so...provocative?

We arrived near the club where we would be celebrating. Sam parked in a parking lot and handed me the keys. I did not want to drink tonight, and I agreed to be the designated driver. All the way to the club, however, she stressed on not letting her get drunk until she saw her plan go into action.

Of course, when I had no idea what her plan actually was, I could not exactly "help" her. At this point, all I could really hope for was not falling flat on my face while walking down the street. Thanks to Sam, she had completely dolled me up, heels and all.

Even though the "dolled up" could have been stretched to the other extreme. Easily.

We met up halfway with Tazer, Kaner, and Burr Bear. They were just a few cars down, and Sam speedwalked over to them. I shouted, "Hey, wait up! Tu no debes esperar que me ponga estos tacondas altas y paseo perfectamente bien en ellos!"

"Ahh, breaking out the Spanish, huh Lexa," Sam teased, cackling evilly. I stopped in front of the guys, glaring at her. I had not noticed their stares until one of them had coughed nervously. Looking over to them, I blushed furiously at the attention. I bitterly snarled, "Go ahead and stare all you want. Thank this girl right here for getting me here. I had nothing to do with this."

"I'd just like to know what exactly she had in mind putting you in that dress," Burr said seriously, but his eyes gleamed with a guarded expression. He was hiding something, and I noticed in that moment that he had some hand in planning this.


I stared with a horror-struck expression, and Burr's grin widened. He started walking, saying in a sing-song voice, "I have no idea what you're talking about!" Glaring in his wake, I started stalking off, leaving Sam behind with the two young ones. However, all three of them hurried over to me, Tazer quickest to my side.

"Hold on Alex. You're not about to walk in there without someone with you."

"Just for safety precautions, eh Tazer?" I initially stiffened when he slung his arm carefully around my shoulder, but I released that tension, understanding the captain's logic. I saw him nod affirmatively out of the corner of my eye, keeping me close to him. "Honestly..." He stopped when I looked at him, but I urged him to continue, "...I think the guys in there would swarm to you."

Yeah, I kind of had that feeling.

It was not that bad of a walk into the club, especially when I had been accompanied with the other three. Burr had taken the lead of our group, and we quickly maneuvered through the club. The loud music was a shock to my ears, and I flinched. When we reached the VIP area, the part the boys had so conveniently reserved, I completely relaxed, feeling Tazer's arm pull away from its spot around my shoulders. I took a breath, steadying my nerves.

Sam tugged on my wrist, waving over to someone sitting. "Hey there!" She nearly dragged me over to the person, recognizing Benny the closer I approached.

"Oh wow, look at you. What did Sam do to you this time," Benny asked me, chuckling.

"I have no idea, but maybe you can coerce her plan out of her. Scratch 'maybe', just get that plan out of her. She's got Sharp and Burish to help her, and I'm kind of worried at what will happen."

The blond man shook his head, kissing Sam's forehead. "You're so evil, you know that right?"

Sammy wrapped her arm around him, saying, "Oh please, you like that. Let's go dance."

She pulled him off to the dance floor, and I shook my head, watching them walk off. I sighed, wondering I was going to do. Just about to sit down and rest my feet, I heard a voice stammer from behind, "A-Alex?"

I had a hard time identifying the person's voice due to the music, but I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand and my skin tingle. It could only have been one person...Turning around, I nearly tripped over myself when I saw who stood there. Right behind me was Nemo, a nearly full beer bottle in his hand and a completely shocked expression on his face. His eyes quickly scanned me up and down, and I squirmed, stunned at how instinctively I began checking him out.

Nemo had taken off the suit jacket and the blue tie, leaving him in his white dress shirt. His hair was no longer wet from the shower he took earlier but was instead wispy. The gray hues captivated me quickly, and I stood there, making eye contact with him. Suddenly it hit me that the dress and heels I wore were way beyond the spectrum of my usual apparel. He had never seen me wearing such clothing before, and this probably came as a shock to him.

Heat rushed to my face, and I knew it was completely red. I quickly attempted to pull down the hem of my dress, feeling completely revealing. I strategically placed my hair to cover the skin just under my chin. With sudden realization, I knew what Sam wanted to do.

That sneaky bitch.

I shook my head, chuckling to myself. "Oh Sam, she is something else. She is going to pay for this."

Nemo's face, even in the club, was clearly scarlet, and my skin prickled even more. I kept my gaze on the floor, finding my very high heels suddenly more interesting than looking into Nemo's eyes. However, his finger touched my chin and tilted my head up to meet his eyes. I shivered, wondering what he was thinking as he stared silently and directly into my eyes. This time he watched me carefully, and I fleetingly caught the fact that the heels made me tall enough to where I was at his chin.

He took a sip of his beer, putting it down on the table. We sat down together, and Nemo pulled me close to him. He whispered in my ear as I closed my eyes halfway to focus on my breathing, "Why are such a...short dress?" His voice was deeper than normal, and it had the smallest strain to it, as if he were holding something back.

"It was Sam, Sharp and Burish who came up with this plan. Although Sam had to force me into this dress."

He muttered to himself before drinking some more of his beer, "Minun täytyy kiittää näitä kolmea myöhemmin..." It took me a few seconds to process what he was saying, and I flushed scarlet once I got the gist of it. I realized that Sam wanted to see us kiss at the very least. Knowing her, she probably had plans to see us...groping...each other.

I heard the very last of what Nemo was mumbling to himself, breath caught in my throat. "...Ihmettelen, jos Alex olisi haluaisi minun saada hänet pois että mekko...." Whatever he had said involved me, and I felt warmer all of a sudden. Nemo looked over to me, face burning when he noticed how much I blushed. I tugged at the top of the dress, but it was foolish because that meant the bottom went up as well.

"I'm making you uncomfortable, aren't I," Nemo told me, scooting over in attempt to get me a little calmer. Except I was already getting hot and bothered, especially when I looked at his white button-down shirt. The first three buttons were unbuttoned, and I saw the slightest beginnings of blond chest hair.

...Oh, shit.

I recognized my hormones controlling my thoughts, and I tried to calm myself down. I stammered, putting a hand on his knee, "N-No, that's o-okay. I've never b-been to a club in these clothes and I'm nervous, t-that's all." It took all of my willpower to keep my hand steady. One move up his leg, and nothing would stop me from jumping him. Just think of...the material...of his pants.

Was my brain trying to torture me?

I licked my lips, shutting my eyes tight. This was not getting any better, was it?

He asked, slipping his warm hand into mine, "Would...Would you like"

I opened my mouth to answer, finding it hard to breathe. His intense gaze kept steady on my now open eyes, and his hand's warmth did little to help.


With me?

In a club?!

"Sure," I responded, finally managing to take a breath. Nemo guided me to the crowded dance floor, and I had to make sure I did not trip and fall with my shoes. When we reached a relatively open spot, I racked my mind at how I would dance with him. Nemo appeared a bit worried, only showing it through his dark gray eyes.

The song was fast-paced, and my stomach felt fluttery when I noticed that everyone held each other close. Blushing, I told Nemo, putting my hands on top of his, "Here, me on this." I turned my back towards him, sluggishly resting his hands on my waist. My skin instantly felt hot, and chills ran down my spine, leaving me breathless. I leaned into his chest, being careful to keep my lower half away from his. I would not get him uncomfortable with our first fast dance at a club.

We danced together, Nemo following the beat of the music really well. He slowly tugged me closer to him, and after he had accustomed to the lack of distance, he had pulled me flush against him. Nemo's hands slowly wandered to my hips, and I blushed again, taking in the new feeling of our hips grinding against each other. Every part of my body was on fire, and what came as a total shock was that I still, even though I had a very difficult challenge on my hands, was in some state of control.

I became suddenly aware of his warm breath on my exposed neck, waiting on a single held-in breath on what he would do. Nemo dropped his head closer to my skin, and I almost jumped when a light pressure on my skin stimulated my senses. His soft lips met my unsuspecting skin, and I bit my own lip. He worked his way down from the middle of my neck and quickly found, to my surprise, my weak spot. I tried holding back a moan, but I knew he noticed the way I squirmed in his hold.

His smirk was easy to feel on my neck, and he kissed it once before he lightly nibbled on it. Any more teasing and I was going to be a guaranteed goner. As if he read my mind, his hips grinded into mine more noticeably, nibbling and sucking on my weak spot. The building heat fogged up my mind, and I barely reached up to run my hand in his hair. I remembered that me tugging on his hair was an unspoken weakness of his, and I slowly combed my fingers along his scalp.

'Dangerous, Alex. This is dangerous,' I faintly thought to myself, but I ignored that as I became absorbed in his soft hair.
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