The Violet Hour

Chapter Eleven.

“Let me at least drive you to school.” Jon said as I paced around my room looking for my book.
“Jon, I've been walking around for a few days. I'll be fine!” I said as I picked up my book from underneath my bed.
“I just worry.” He said.
“I'll be cool. I get the stitches out in like a week. I'll be good as new!” I said stuffing everything into a backpack.
“I've gotta go or I'll be late.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Call me later.” He said as he followed me out to my car. I drove to school and didn't have any real pain in my foot. I was glad I only had one class that day so I wouldn't be walking very far. My social psychology class was an hour and a half long. I was able to pay attention but Jon still texted me as usual.
“You know, don't you have anything better to do than bother some young gal during her psych class?” I texted him.
“Nope.” He texted back. I just giggled to myself in class and went back to taking notes. I grabbed my personality test on the way out of class after two hours in there. Our professor always went over our class time. I drove back to my apartment where I picked up my mail. My mail was the usual junk, grad school brochures, and a letter from my landlord. I wasn't late on any payments... I opened it up and my landowner said my lease is up for renewal but he would be driving up the price by a couple hundred dollars. I collapsed on my couch and stared at the letter. I didn't have the money for this. I could not afford this, at all. I could barely afford everything now. I got up after about forty-five minutes of starring at the letter, I got up and drove to Jon's. I knocked on his door and walked in.
“What's wrong?” He asked me as I sat down on the couch next to him.
“You're going to have to help me find another freaking apartment.” I said throwing my hands in the air.
“What happened?” He asked me.
“My lease is up next month and he's making upping it a couple hundred dollars. I can barely afford the place now. Where am I supposed to go?” I said groaning.
“You'll move in with me.” He said.
“Sometimes I can't even tell when you're serious because you have the same look on your face 24/7.” I said.
“Hey now, I just asked you to move in with me but seriously, I want you to move in with me. I won't make you pay rent or anything.” He said.
“Jon, I can't do that.” I said sighing.
“Fine, you pay for food or something. It would make sense. You check in on the place during road trips and you practically stay here all the time.” He said. I just looked at Jon and mulled over his offer.
“I guess I don't have much of a choice now.” I sighed. “That's right. I'll help you pack.” He said.
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