The Violet Hour

Chapter Twelve.

“How do you have all this stuff when you live alone?!” I heard Jon yell out in the living room. I walked out in the living room where he was moving a box.
“You're a hockey player, aren't you supposed to have this really busy schedule?” I asked him blowing a strand of hair out of my face that came out of my ponytail.
“Not today.” He said smiling. Jon was wearing a button up shirt and jeans, he looked nice. Me, on the other hand, looked like a bum. I was in crummy jeans and an old volleyball shirt with my hair half up and half down.
“We're almost done. I've got one more box in my room.” I said walking back. I walked over to my closet where I had photo albums left on the top shelf. I pulled them down and set them on my bed and went looking for a box. When I came back in I saw Jon sitting on the bed looking through the albums. I went and sat down next to him and saw that they were the old pictures of me and my ex fiance.
“You looked happy.” Jon said handing it over to me.
“I didn't even realize I kept these. I'm sorry.” I said flipping through the pictures.
“Don't be sorry. It was a long time ago.” He said.
“I was happy. I thought I would spend the rest of my life with the guy.” I said sighing.
"You lived with him right?” He asked me.
“Yeah for like five months.” I said.
“Is that why you were hesitant about moving in with me?” He asked. I sighed and sat silent for a minute.
“Partially. You have to realize, after I moved in with him, things got bad. He had this really dark side and he had a lot of issues that I didn't realize he had. It's not just that but I like being alone, too. I have to be independent because who knows what could happen? I love you, I hope you know that. I am excited to move in with you but I'm afraid you'll see a side of me, like my ex did, and you'll drop me just like he did.” I said.
“I'm never going to take away anything from you. You'll always be independent, you'll just live with me. You'll get to be alone, you know I'm gone a lot. I want to know all the sides of you, good and bad. Blaine, I could never think of doing to you, what he did. I love you, that's why I asked you to be with me.” Jon said holding my hand. I kissed his shoulder then laid my head on his shoulder.
“I needed that.” I said quietly.
♠ ♠ ♠
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