The Violet Hour

Chapter Thirteen.

I sat on Jon's bed, well, now my bed. I looked around the room and realized that this was mine now, too. It was really weird living here. I had been here now for a week and I just finished unpacking my last box of pictures and other small things. I sent a lot of things back home to my house in Ohio but I still had tons of things. I set out two pictures: one of me at my high school graduation with my mom and one of me and Jon. It didn't feel real, to be honest. I walked out into the living room where Jon was watching TV. He had some of his old jerseys framed and put on the wall. I had two posters that he let me put up. He said I could put more up, but to be honest, I know certain movie or tour posters don't belong next to hockey jerseys. I had an old Velvet Underground poster up and a 'Royal Tenenbaums' movie poster. I went and sat down next to Jon.
“Did you finish unpacking?” He asked me.
“Yup, last box.” I said.
“Yay! You like, officially live here now!” He said.
“What did I say about the whole trying to not be serious?” I asked laughing.
“I'm sorry. I'll calm it down.” He laughed. We sat there and watched TV and all I could think about was that, I wouldn't be leaving tonight or tomorrow morning. This was my home now. “What's wrong?” He asked me after a while.
“Nothing, why?” I asked looking over at him.
“You look sad.” He said.
“I'm not.” I said shaking my head. He sighed and said,
“I know it's going to be weird living here. I know how you are and you don't like having help and you like being independent but it's for the best. I love you, you're my girlfriend. I want to help you and I want to be around you.” He said.
“I know that. I want to live here, it's just an adjustment.” I said.
“I understand.” He said holding my hand.
“I'll be closer to school so that's nice.” I said.
“It'll be okay.” He said smiling.
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