The Violet Hour

Chapter Nineteen.

I was sitting outside of my building where I had classes today. We had finished up early and I didn't really feel like going home right away. I sat in one of the chairs the art students had made and set around campus.
“So please tell me you are as lost as I am in class?” I heard a voice ask me. I looked up and there was one of my friends from class, Gabe.
“How much of a jerk would I be if I said I wasn't?” I asked laughing.
“Complete jerk. Which building do you live in? I'm totally coming to your dorm for a study session.” He said smiling.
“I don't live on campus.” I said laughing.
“But I can totally help you.” I said.
“Our current politics class is too smart for me. You sit there and just rattle off all these issues and I just sit there dumbfounded.” He said.
“It's called reading a newspaper, maybe watch CNN one time?” I said laughing.
“Well, that would be boring.” He said smiling.
“What do you do during classes? We have most of the same but I never see you between classes or around campus?” He asked me.
“I go home and study. Or, just to shake things up a bit, I go to the library to study!” I giggled. “You're such a rebel. But seriously, do you have some secret life?” He asked.
“No, I have a boyfriend.” I said.
“You have a boyfriend?” He asked me.
“Yeah, I do.” I said laughing.
“Does he go here?” He asked me.
“No, he's not in college.” I said.
“Well, he's a very lucky man.” Gabe said. I just laughed at his comment.
“Do you still want me to help you study?” I asked him.
“Yeah, I do.” He said smiling.