The Violet Hour

Chapter Two.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.
“What do you mean, 'am I sure?'” He asked me.
“I've got a bit of a track record now of people saying those words and not really mean it.” I said. “Of course I mean it. You have no idea how torn up I was those few months. I've never not been able to sleep because of a person. It took me years to realize one of the things I really wanted.” He said.
“I feel like such a screw up, Jon. I love you too, I really do but I don't want this ruined.” I said. “Why do you feel like a screw up? You're the smartest person I know.” He said.
“That's just it. I'm smart and that's all. I'm not athletic like you are. Everyone loves you. You have this amazing personality and I still feel like I'm stuck in the tenth grade. I'm still shy around people and I make awful mistake with guys apparently. They don't even want me.” I sighed. Jon got down on his knees and laid his hands on my knees.
“I'm right here in front of you. I could have let you stay where you were before and forgot about you. I want you. That's exactly why I'm here and why I poured my heart out to you. It's not like I go around doing that to every person I meet. You don't need to be athletic. I love you the way you are.” He said. I just kissed Jon. Everything felt better when I did that.
“I just want to be good enough to be around you.” I said quietly.
“You've always been good enough. Don't think you aren't. I need you around.” He whispered back.
“I love you.” I said in his ear. Jon and I sat there for a while and kissed. We sat around the rest of the night and talked and ended up falling asleep watching TV.

I slept the entire night without taking any sleeping pills.
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