The Violet Hour

Chapter Twenty-One

I was sitting at home reading some papers for my political issues class. I was pretty bored, there wasn't much going on today. Jonathan had practice this morning and I honestly had no idea when he was coming home. I was about to fall asleep reading these papers when I heard Jon coming inside. I sat up and looked at Jon who was trying to go back to our room.
“Sorry. Didn't want to wake you up.” He said smiling and leaning over the back of the couch. I laughed,
“It's alright. I don't need sleep.” I said.
“So, do you know what today is?” He asked me.
“Wednesday.” I said.
“Besides that.” He laughed.
“Uhm, I don't know.” I laughed.
“You know, I think some people would be mad you forgot. Me though, I'm pretty pumped I have an unconventional girlfriend.” He said.
“You're using fantastic vocabulary. What's going on?” I asked.
“We've been dating for six months!” He said. I sat back. I forgot my own anniversary.
“Jon, I'm so sorry!” I said. I felt awful. How do I forget something like this?!
“Don't feel bad, Blaine! Now I can really give you my surprise!” He said patting my shoulder. “Well that blows.” I said sadly.
“You've been busy with school, I understand.” He said.
“Yeah and you play hockey. You shouldn't remember these things, I should.” I said.
“We're not talking about this anymore. Look, tonight we're going on a date, okay?” He said.
“A date?” I asked getting off the couch.
“Yeah, couples go out at night to dinner and other fancy stuff. We've gone on a few before.” He said laughing. I walked over to Jon and nudged him for making fun of me.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Do you always have to know?” He asked me.
“Yes.” I said being serious and looking at him before I started laughing.
“Look, honey, it's a surprise.” Jon said.
“Wait. Hold the eff on. Did you just call me 'honey?” I asked him with my eyes widening. “Yeah?” He said.
“You never call me that.” I said.
“Well, maybe it's just some good change.” He said smiling.
“Change scares me.” I laughed.
“Maybe you need some. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it.” He grinned.
“You're scaring me, Jonathan Toews.” I said.
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