The Violet Hour

Chapter Four.

I was walking down the street after classes one day when I walked inside of a Starbucks to get a drink. Favorite part about Chicago was that I could walk down any street and get a Starbucks. It wasn't as cold out anymore so I just got a coffee. This barista was new because I've never seen her before here. She just kept smiling and she was fumbling with my change. She wasn't looking at me either so I glanced behind my shoulder to see who she was looking at. As soon as I saw him, I could feel my stomach drop. I quickly walked over to the other side of the shop and waited for my drink when he came over to me.
“Hey, Blaine.” He said.
“Hey, Patrick.” I said trying to smile.
“I didn't even notice you! When'd you dye your hair?” He asked laughing.
“Oh, just a few days ago.” I said.
“It looks good. How are you?” He asked.
“Good, good. Yourself?” I asked.
“Pretty good.” He said. We stood there pretty awkwardly while I waited. Of course, she has to be the slowest girl ever. We both got our drinks at the same time and we walked out of the building. “It was nice seeing you again. It's weird, I kinda miss talking to you sometimes.” He said.
“I started dating this other girl, she's really smart and stuff but it's not the same I guess.” He finished.
“It's not supposed to be the same, Pat. Are you happy with her?” I asked.
“Yeah. She's really fun, I like her.” He said.
“I'm glad you found someone.” I said smiling.
“And you and Jon? He doesn't say much but he seems pretty happy.” He asked.
“Yeah, we're good.” I said.
“You're allowed to say you're happy, Blaine.” He said laughing.
“I just feel bad.” I said. “It's been two months. We're over it. You were right about everything.” He said. I just looked down at my feet.
“I've gotta go, actually. It was nice seeing you again.” He said giving me a small hug. I gave him one back.
“Bye, Pat.” I said and waved. I walked him walk off and I just felt so bad.
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