The Violet Hour

Chapter Eight.

I woke up pretty confused on where I was at. I looked up and everything was dark and I was laying in a bed. I looked over and started mumbling and I felt someone next to me. “Blaine, what are you doing?” Jon mumbled.
“Where am I?” I mumbled sitting up.
“You're in bed. Go to sleep.” He said turning. I groaned and then rolled out of bed and landed on my foot. I had a pretty muffled scream and then Jon turned the light on.
“What is going on?” Jon said sitting up in bed. I just laid there on the floor and looked up at him.
“Are you going to get up?” He asked me.
“Probably not.” I said. I was so out of, I just had no clue what was going on.
“Did you land on your foot?” He asked me.
“What are you talking about?” I asked and looked at my swollen bandaged foot.
“What did I do?” I asked looking at my foot.
“Do you have any clue what's going on?” He asked me.
“Nope.” I said still laying on the floor. I watched Jon get up and come over to me where he helped me up and back into bed.
“Try and rest. Can I get you something?” He asked. I started mumbling something that even I had no idea what I was trying to say. Jon went back around on his side of the bed and laid down and turned off the light.
“Please sleep, that's what you need to do.” He said. I laid there for a few minutes and then spoke up.
“Jon?” I asked. Jon mumbled something.
“I'm sorry.” I said quietly. I could feel him shift over to me.
“Why?” He asked.
“Because I'm totally hopped up on pain pills and have no idea what is going on.” I said. I felt Jon kiss my forehead.
“That's why you're here.” He said. I fell asleep a little while later.

I woke up the next morning pretty groggy. My foot was pretty sore, too. I looked over at the clock at it was noon. I groaned and then got out of the bed. It was a struggle to get out of bed. It hurt pretty badly just to even try to balance on it. I limped my way out to the living room where I looked for Jon. I couldn't find him so I figured he was at practice or whatever they had going on today. I put in a pack of microwave pancakes and had that for breakfast as I ate at his table. I looked up from my pancakes as I saw Jon walk in.
“I hope you didn't cook those.” He said smiling.
“Just the microwave.” I laughed.
“Sorry I didn't tell you I had practice this morning. You were sleeping and you had a pretty rough night last night. I didn't want to wake you up.” He said.
“Oh, it's alright. I just woke up.” I said laughing.
“Good, you needed some sleep.” He said as he took his coat off.
“How's your foot?” He asked.
“It's pretty sore. I don't think I'll be taking those pills ever again. I was so out of it last night.” I laughed.
“Yeah, you were laying on the floor. You fell asleep pretty early though. They knocked you out, so I just put you in bed.” He said.
“Thank you.” I said quietly.
“Did you walk out here?” He asked me as he looked at my crutches.
“Uh, yeah.” I said. “Use the crutches, that's why you got them.” He said.
“I don't have a broken foot or anything. I'm just slow, I'll be fine.” I said.
“You'll bust your stitches if you don't use them. I won't take you again.” He said laughing. I got up slowly and winced with pain as I walked over to him.
“But I'm your girlfriend. You have to.” I said laughing and giving him a kiss.
“You're really sexy when you wince with pain as you hobble over here.” He said laughing. “Shut up. You'll ruin the moment.” I laughed.
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