Sing me to sleep
I’ll see you in my dreams
Waiting to say
I miss you, I’m so sorry

Alex Gaskarth sang out the last few lyrics of one of the hardest songs he’d ever had to write, keeping his eyes shut. He didn’t have to open them to know that 2,000 people in the audience were watching, swaying in time along with the song. As the last few chords were played, Alex opened his eyes and looked around at the rest of his band. Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson. His best friends for the past seven years, (although Jack had been his for the past nine) and also his band mates, forming All Time Low. He grinned, and the other three grinned back. All looked out to the audience and Alex grabbed the microphone in front of him.

“That was our last song!” He cried out, looking amongst the audience. “Thank you all so much, you’ve been a brilliant crowd!”

The roar of cheering from the audience was deafening, and Alex kept his grin as he walked offstage, bounding down into the changing rooms.

“Fuck yeahhh!” Jack cried, bounding after Alex and leaping on his back. Alex laughed.

“Get the fuck off!” He grinned, shoving the guitarist off his back. “I’m hot and sweaty and I need a shower!”

Jack of course, couldn’t resist. “That’s what she said!” He smirked, pulling his shirt off to go change himself. Rian and Zack followed, although Zack’s shirt was already off. Alex shook his head, grinning, and turned to look at his reflection in the mirror. His usually light brown hair was dark with sweat, but his brown eyes danced with happiness, the grin still on his face. He loved what he did, and wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Grabbing a towel, he ran off after his band mates, going to get changed to meet the loyal fans waiting outside.

- - -

Half an hour later, the boys finally emerged to the screams of the fans waiting outside. Alex made his way into the crowd, signing pictures/notebooks, posing for pictures, and occasionally giving hugs. He loved his fanbase, they’d been with him through so much. As he stepped over to a dark haired girl, she looked up at him shyly. Giving her a smile, he stepped closer.

“Hey, you want anything?” He asked, indicating the camera slung round her neck. She shook her head, and handed him an envelope.

“I...I just wanted to give you this...” She stuttered, immediately going red.

Alex smiled gently, knowing that this must be a fan letter. “I’ll read it as soon as I can, I promise.”

Sliding the letter gently in his pocket, he let her take a photo with him, and then moved on, continuing to mingle with the crowd, but thinking of the envelope in his pocket.

- - - -

An hour later, he fell back on his bed in the tour bus, exhausted.

“Fuck it, I’m so fuckin’ tired.” He moaned, rolling over and coming face to face with Rian, who grinned and flicked Alex’s nose.

“You’re getting old!” Rian teased, moving to his bunk, stripping his shirt off. However, he was exhausted too, though he wouldn’t admit it, as would anyone else on the bus. But all the same, they all flopped back, and Alex didn’t know anymore after that as he fell fast asleep, forgetting about the letter in his pocket.
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry it's so short and possibly absolute crap, this is my first time writing in a year, and my first time writing about these four XD Hope you liked it anyway!