Alex let out a yawn the next day as he got up, staggering over to Zack, who was sat on the sofa pulling weights as usual. The tour bus was moving, and it shouldn’t have been in Alex’s mind. They weren’t due for another gig until the next day.

“Where’re we going...?” He asked sleepily, clutching onto the sofa as the bus bumped over various potholes. Zack put down his weights, and frowned up at Alex.

“We’re off to Texas, remember? Party tonight before the gig tomorrow.” He smiled a little, knowing full well how the party would probably end. With a hungover band who’d wonder why the hell they’d drunk so much, and then do the exact same thing the next time.

“Oh...yeah.” Alex rubbed his eyes as he woke up, remembering the discussion. “Jack’s meeting Skye there isn’t he?”

Zack nodded, and Alex smiled. Skye was Jack’s girlfriend, the one girl he’d been able to keep it in his pants for. She was a gorgeous girl, and cared a lot for his best friend. He couldn’t think of a better person for him, and she’d handled the touring life better than most would. Turning round to his bunk, he stretched, and went to go get changed. As he stepped into the shower, pulling off his clothes, he thought about the rest of the people who’d be there.

Various bands that the four had met were coming together for this party. The guys from Forever The Sickest Kids would be there, as well as the ones from We The Kings and the Maine. Other friends would be there too, but most of the girls there would be either wives, girlfriends, or various groupies that had managed to get into the party.

Sighing, Alex turned on the shower.

He really needed to get laid.

- - - - -

Six hours later, the bus pulled into the venue. The guys were already late, but they didn’t care, they knew it meant the party would be in full swing anyway. Pouring out of the van, they ran inside, and Jack almost ran right into Caleb Turman, lead guitarist of FTSK. Realising who each other was, they high fived.

“Hey man, long time no see.” Jack grinned. “Where’s Lauren?”

Lauren was Caleb’s long term girlfriend, and Jack fully well knew that wherever there was Lauren, there was usually Skye. The two were close friends and often spent days together when their boyfriends were on tour.

Grinning, Caleb pointed towards the bar, and Jack launched himself over to his girlfriend.

“HIIIIII!” He screamed, jumping on top of her and almost knocking her flat. Skye laughed, turning round to face her overexcited boyfriend.

“Hey!” She grinned, kissing him. Alex watched from the side, grinning. He looked round, at the party that definitely was in full swing. Going over to the bar, he ordered his usual drink and went out to mingle, trying to find someone to talk to, probably a girl who’d be interested. Noticing a pretty blonde, he moved over to her.

“Hey.” He grinned as she turned to face him. “I’m Alex.”

She smiled, and held out her hand. “Courtney.”

- - - - -

The rest of the party passed in a blur. Alex could only remember drinking, dancing with Courtney and screaming out all the lyrics to the songs he knew. And most of the songs played, he knew. Courtney seemed to have enjoyed it anyway, considering Alex knew he’d got lucky.

The morning after though, Alex woke up to the familiar yet annoying thumping in his head, his throat felt dry and his head heavy. Rubbing his eyes and sitting up, he moved over to where the rest of the group was huddled, most of whom were clearly also suffering from the same thing Alex was. Wordlessly, they passed the Tylenol to Alex, who took a few pills and swallowed them. Brushing a hand through his hair, he got up, moving to go get a glass of water to accompany the pills.

“Alex, we’ve gotta go get ready for tonight.”

Turning round, Alex saw Zack smiling at him a little, scratching his head. Alex nodded at his band mate, downing the water and following him back to the tour bus. Getting inside, the two were met by Jack, who pushed Alex gently.

“Buck up, Gaskarth.”

Grinning, Alex opened his mouth to reply, but no sound came out. Surprised, he tried again, with the same result. Panicking, he tried to scream at Jack, which failed. His best friend got the point though, and groaned.

“You’ve lost your voice.”
♠ ♠ ♠
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