Status: Complete

Eleanor & Fred

NOTE: Some characters and places in this story are creations of J.K. Rowling. This is a fan-fiction. Also, I am not directly cross-referencing with the book, but it takes place during the Order of the Phoenix.

Seventeen-year-old Ellie is attending her last year at Hogwarts. She quickly falls into a relationship with Fred Weasley, a boy in her year. The two hit it off but problems arise in every other area of Ellie's life. Strains in her friendships, problems with family, and hatred for a certain professor force Ellie to rely on Fred, her one constant support. Will she find a way to fight back? Will the ultimate result be happiness?
All she can do is hope.
  1. Goodbyes & Hellos
    The main character, Eleanor, is introduced as she boards the Hogwarts Express for her first day.
  2. The Feast & Class
    Ellie is confronted by Fred on the train, the first day comes to a close, and classes begin.
  3. Hogsmeade & Butterbeer
    Ellie goes on her date with Fred.
  4. Breakfast & Confrontations
    Eleanor's brother, Elijah, has a not-too-friendly word with her.
  5. Dancing & Kisses
    Fred surprises Ellie and shows his sensitive side.
  6. Blood & Tears
    Ellie encounters two unhappy situations.
  7. Friends & Detention
    Ellie gets herself into a bit of trouble.
  8. Excitement & George
    George lets Ellie know how much he cares about his brother.
  9. Secrets & Complications
    Ellie learns something that changes a whole lot.
  10. Revealing & Worries
    Fred lets Ellie in on an important part of his life and Ellie finds new conflict.
  11. Solitude & Apologies
    Fred steps in to mend Ellie's relationship with Jay.
  12. Punishment & Holidays
    Ellie receives her punishment from Umbridge.
  13. Talking & Discoveries
    The Christmas holidays begin.
  14. Christmas Eve & Romance
    Ellie recieves her Christmas present from Fred.
  15. Presents & Confessions
    Christmas morning and Fred tells Ellie exactly how he feels.
  16. Nightmare & Sirius
    Everyone goes back to Hogwarts excpet Ellie.
  17. Letters & The Order
    Ellie gets her surprise and a whole lot more.
  18. Opinions & A Meeting
    Remus asks Ellie a question and the Order has an eventful meeting.
  19. News & Conversations
    Everyone gets some news from the twins.
  20. The Ministry & Dueling
    The Order goes to the Ministry to save Harry.
  21. The End & The Beginning
    The last chapter!