‹ Prequel: Bound to You

Blanket of Fear

After Eliza Maloney was kidnapped by a group of vampires, she didn't think life could get any stranger. But she was wrong. Her ex-boyfriend is hellbent on getting her back for his own sick reasons, and he'll stop at nothing to get her back in his grasp. Follow her story as she and her new love, Zack, try to stop Sean Castro from achieving his goals of destroying Bat Country.

Note to new readers: you should read Bound to You before reading this, or it won't make any sense. ^_^

I do not own Avenged Sevenfold. I do, however, own Eliza Maloney and Leigh. The plot is 100% my own creation, and stealing will not be permitted. You will be reported. Thank you for reading this disclaimer, and enjoy the story. ^_^