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The Roots That Tied to My Feet

Δ Melanie Hendricks | Δ Ben Reed | Δ John O'Callaghan V
Sequel to Of Confidence.

He sang the chorus again and whether he knew it or not he was wearing his heart on his sleeve. Every emotion he held for her was in his eyes and she could read him like an open book; he was hurt. He was hurt bad.

And now I'm better 'cause you left me. I just left 'cause you let me. Don't keep calling, just forget me. Don't keep calling, just forget.

But whether John realized it or not she was hurt too, just as bad as he was. She just didn’t happen to realize it until now when she was wiping falling tears off her cheeks slowly and exiting the venue.

Melanie was over him, she was over them. She was over everything they used to be because they were horrible for each other, and this was exactly why: she and John O’Callaghan were in love one day and ripping out each other’s hearts the next.