Dragged You Down to the Devil's Show

Christine Sawyer is a 22-year-old police officer that has been given a case that requires her to go undercover to be friends with a rock band named Avenged Sevenfold and dig up some dirt on them.

Apparently, girls that had been hanging out with the band ends up dead - which was fishy in the eyes of the law.

The band could also be related to a case that involved someone she loved being murdered.

It was a case that could earn her a promotion - or it can cost her her life.

Note: I do not own Avenged Sevenfold. What I DO own, however, is the plot and my character Christine Sawyer. Don't steal please. I will hunt you if you do. (:
  1. Prologue
  2. Almost Easy
    "It's almost easy."
  3. Move Along
    "Even when your hope is gone, move along just to make it through"
  4. Take My Hand
    "Take my hand tonight, let's not think about tomorrow."
  5. Oops I Did It Again
    "To lose all my senses - that is just so typically me."
  6. Pokerface
    "Can't read my pokerface"
  7. Scandalicious
    "She must be scandalicious."
  8. Famous Last Words
    "Where's your heart?"
  9. Welcome To The Family
    "Life's so reckless, tragedies endless."
  10. Master Plan
    "We don't define what makes us right or wrong."