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Won't Turn Out Right

Chapter 13

I sat in the cold, lightly stained bath tub with my eyes closed and arms trying to warm myself. My body shivered and convulsed harshly.

I had taken a cold shower and didn't have a towel to dry off with. I had to change back into my dirty, ripped, and stained clothing. And, because Zacky had locked me in here, I was stuck. I refused to go on the dirty floor which had cobwebs covering the bottom of the walls and a dead cave cricket under the sink. It was covered in a thick layer of mildew and the small carpet in front of the sink was covered in dust and mold.

I was trying to drift off into a deep, restful sleep, but my body wasn't having it. The light bulb above me was dimmed and flickered on and off every now and then. I prayed that it wouldn't leave me in the dark in this dank, smelly, dirty, bug-infested bathroom. But, I also prayed that the criminals on the other side of that door would stay on the other side of that door.

I knew it wasn't going to stay that way for long, because I knew that I couldn't always get what I wanted. Also because someone's going to have to pee eventually.

The light flickered off for two or three seconds then buzzed and came back on again.

"But I... okay. Yeah, okay.... I get it! Fucking douche bag. Fine." I heard someone outside of the door and my stomach started to do flips. The next thing I knew, the door was yanked open to reveal a short guy with a Mohawk. I didn't remember his name, nor did I care. "I'm rather pissed off at the moment and I'd rather do this the easy way, but I suppose it's up to you. Would you like to do this the easy way or the hard way?" I blinked at him tiredly, but sighed after realizing that he wasn't joking. His face was hard and his fists were clenched.

"The easy way, please." He glared at me and pulled out a roll of duct tape. I put my wrists together and held out my arms. He bound them together tightly making me wince. I couldn't stand because my legs were still cut up and, now, asleep. I waited for him to start man-handling me, but he had taken out another piece of tape, instead, bringing it towards my mouth. I frowned and tried to move away. "Wait, what's that for? I'll be quiet. Please stop taping up my mouth." He smirked and it gave me chills.

"Trust me, we're gonna need it." I narrowed my eyes and my heart skipped a beat.

Well that's not good.

I was afraid of what would happen to me if I tried to fight him, so I let him slap the tape over my mouth. I winced. He kept his hand over my mouth, looking me in the eyes. His smirk never faded.

"I hope you realize that you just let me incapacitate you in the worst kind of way." I glared at him, pulling my head away from his face. He grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged harshly to bring me closer to him. He laughed. "Man, you are gonna hate us." His face was dangerously close to mine, and I tried to pull away. He kept a tight grip on my hair, though, and I couldn't shake him. His other hand was on top of my bound ones, trying to hold them down.

He suddenly pulled my head into the side of the tub. There was a loud thud and I suddenly saw stars. I groaned in pain making him laugh again. He picked me up in his arms, slinging me over his shoulder as I grew limp but still remained consciousness.

He carried me out into the hall and down the steps. I groaned and struggled to stay awake. My stomach was being pressed into his shoulder painfully and I barely had enough energy to keep breathing.

Don't let it take you.

I swallowed and closed my eyes in pain.

He's going to hurt you. Don't let the ringmaster find you with him or he'll hurt you, too.

I wanted to tell him to stop, but settled for another pathetic moan. He laughed and hoisted me higher onto his shoulder. My stomach felt like a rock.

They're going to take you and break you. They're gonna get you. They're gonna get you. You're gonna get hurt, Charity. Choosy, chubby, cheap Charity.

They're gonna get you.

He turned the corner and walked into the room. I was suddenly dropped to the floor, but I couldn't find the energy to do anything about it.

"Well, look who decided to show up. Aw, Johnny what the fuck did you do to her? She better be alive still." I heard one of their deep voices growl menacingly.

"Quit your bitching. She's fine. She just bumped her head, is all." I moaned pathetically again, and tears started to spring up.

"Gee, short shit, can't believe you managed to handle someone twice your size."

"Fuck you, Zacky."

"She's pretty easy that way."

"Actually she was pretty willing." Johnny laughed.

"Oh Charity." Synyster's voice rang sweetly in my ear. He had bent down next to me, his hot breath tickling my neck. "Poor little girl." He cooed softly. I moaned and tried to get away from him. He chuckled and grabbed my shoulders, hoisting me up into a sitting position. "Upsy, daisy." My head was slumped over uncomfortably, and he grabbed a hold of my chin, lifting it up to the sight in front of me. My eyes grew wide and my vision became blurry. I couldn't control my breathing. I shook my head, looking up to Synyster's eager face. His eyes bore into mine. His lips were turned up into a grin. "Say 'hi', sweetie."

I didn't want it to be real.

There in front of me was my mother's body, bloody and bruised, sprawled on the couch. Her eyes, bright blue and milky white, were wide open with nothing to stare at.

I screamed.
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