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Won't Turn Out Right

Chapter 19

When Jimmy and Johnny walked into the room, they all huddled up, whispering. It was silent. Jimmy started laughing loudly, though, breaking the silence. He stood up tall, towering over the rest of them.

"What the hell are you talking about? So what?" Synyster growled and smacked him upside his head, pulling him back down into the huddle by the collar of his shirt. They exchanged a muddled, angry dialogue that I couldn't quite hear. I snuggled into the sheets, watching them glance over at me every now and then curiously. Finally, Synyster sighed, and they all broke apart. He walked over to me slowly.

"We're going to have to kill you." I frowned.


"Yes. Charity, where did you hear that from?"

"What, death bat?" He nodded. "Hmm, probably the news. They've got lots of sick shit on there." He shook his head slowly. "No? Well, maybe it was a friend. Ex-boyfriend?"


"My first and last boyfriend. He was a douche bag. We didn't last long-"

"Who." His voice deepened dangerously.


"Jason who?"

"Why does-"

"Who, damn it?!" He yelled, making me jump.

"Jason Berry." He scoffed.

"Well shit."


"They've been talking, damn it! Shadows, they've been telling people about us!" Synyster threw his arms up. Shadows stared back with a straight face- calm but cold. "Who knows for how long, too! We have to get rid of them!" Shadows blinked and raised his eyebrows.

"Where should we start looking for them, Syn?" Synyster rolled his eyes.

"Matt and Jason have never left California before. They don't know anyone outside a thirty mile radius from Huntington, and I'm sure they're not smart enough to know when it's the right time to skip town."

"But, they don't know that we know, do they?" Synyster shook his head.

"I'm not sure. We haven't heard from them in weeks, right? We should start asking around."

"We have to do it quietly, though. If they've been telling people then there's a good chance that someone suspects us as kidnappers."

"So, who should we send?" Shadows took in a breath and let it out slowly.

"I want you and Johnny to split up. Take different parts of town. Get it done quickly. Don't draw attention to yourselves. Get it done in the next two days. If they left town, then... then, so will we."

"And the kid?" Shadows glared.

"We'll get rid of her. She's not worth the trouble." Synyster nodded. "Go get Johnny. Start now." He nodded, leaving Shadows alone in his office.


The three of them stared me down from the opposite side of the room. Johnny, curious. Zacky, angry. Jimmy... sort of eager and cross-eyed, like a deer in headlights. I sighed.

I wanted to ask them about what was going on. But, I knew that was probably a bad idea. There was a good chance I could get something out of Jimmy, if only I could get him alone. We seemed to speak the same language- crazy. We understood each other... to a degree.

I wasn't surprised when Synyster stomped in angrily. But, I was kind of surprised when he gripped Johnny by the sleeve of his jacket and dragged him away. Zacky and Jimmy exchanged a look, and we all stared after them. Johnny tripped a couple times, mumbling angrily at Synyster. Jimmy suddenly smiled, snapping up his arm and waving after them.

"Bye!" Zacky rolled his eyes, crossing his arms.

"So, I'm stuck here with you two then? Lovely." Jimmy kept his smile, smacking Zacky quickly on the back of his head.

"Shut your stupid face." Zacky hissed, bringing one hand up to the sore spot and another hand up to hit Jimmy. They started smacking each other. I watched quietly, appreciating the absence of their glares and stares and judgment. Jimmy punched Zacky in the jaw then pushed him out of his seat. Zacky growled from the floor. "Take a load-off, Vengeance." He crossed his long legs, sending me a wink and a smile. I frowned and glared back. He mocked me, suddenly frowning deeply, then making different faces at me. I scoffed at him, turning on my side, facing away.

They started whispering to each other. I couldn't make out Zacky's angry hissing or Jimmy's muddled slurs. They were muttering nonsense, a different language entirely.

"Don't believe him, Charity! We won't kill you!" Jimmy's voice suddenly filled the silence.

"God, shut up, Rev! Jesus, you need a low-key button... or even a mute button."

"Where should we put it, Vengeance?" Jimmy asked smugly. Zacky growled in response. "We should ask Charity! Charity, Charity! Where should we put my low-key button?" I remained silent. He let out a huff of breath. "Fine. See? Now she's angry because of you. Every time you open up your mouth, Zacky Vengeance, God kills a kitten. Are you happy with yourself?" Zacky laughed violently.


He smiled at me lovingly.

"How are you sweetie?" I smiled back.

"Just fine." He kissed me softly, tenderly.

"Just fine?" His voice held a hint of skepticism.

"Just fine, love."

I kissed him back quickly. His arms circled my waist, his hands resting on my lower back. I rested a hand on his shoulder and another hand on the back of his neck. I smiled, elated. I had never felt so happy. We fit like two pieces of a puzzle. He leaned down to kiss my jaw and my neck. He concentrated on one spot, kissing and sucking. I moaned, gripping his hair tighter, forcing his mouth even more to my neck.

"I love you, Charity."

"I love you, Brian."
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