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Won't Turn Out Right

Chapter 8

I was slowly learning the good and bad sides of my captors. Though I had only talked to four out of the five, I had seen many different sides of them.... Except for Jimmy.

He seemed happily insane and relatively harmless.

Matt seemed to be easy to deal with as long as you did what he said, and spoke only when spoken to.

Zacky was happy and playful when you were being playful with him. For the most part... He was a little unstable, but usually easy to talk to.

Synyster liked to be in control and he liked it when people didn't run their mouth off at him. He seemed sane and predictable.

Who was the other guy, tough? All I know is that I knocked him out with a vase and... that's it. That's the only sort of contact I've had with him.

It was very cold in the room even despite the California sun shining in through the bay windows. I would have gotten up to try and better my knowledge of our surroundings, but I was pretty sure my legs weren't functioning properly. I couldn't feel them, but looking down at them, they were bumpy and bloody under my jeans. I didn't want to know anymore than that.

My stomach gnawed painfully. I hadn't eaten in God knows how long, and it was starting to really catch up with me. I felt lightheaded.

My arms were placed back in an uncomfortable position in the unholy bonds of duct tape. They were still a little tingly, but they weren't in pain, so I thought that was a good sign.


The walls were a yellowing beige color, and the only pieces of furniture in the room were a new looking couch and two arm chairs (I was sitting on the floor, of course, on the opposite side of the room).

"And it just gets better and better, baby." I gasped and looked to the doorway in surprise. He looked me up and down with a drunken smirk donning his unmasked face. "Welcome home. Are you hungry?"

Oh fuck me.

"Go away." I whispered tiredly with a sniffle. Matt just laughed at me and sat down next to me. He put a hand on my hair and I flinched away, but he didn't give up. He finally grabbed a chunk from the back of my head and forced me to look at him. His smile never left his face.

"How are you feeling?" I spat in his face. He flinched back, hitting my head against the wall. He wiped it away. "That good, huh?" In one swift movement he pushed me onto the ground, straddling my lower half. "You're about to feel a lot better." He placed a rough kiss above my collar bone. "Give me something and I'll give you something." I let my eyes grow wide. "How hungry are you, Charity?"

Uh oh.


Mrs. Fuller sobbed into her hands as Mr. Fuller tried to rub her back and hair soothingly, fighting back his own tears as he talked to the detective.

"And you don't have any enemies? You can't think of anyone who would have done this? You're positive your daughter couldn't have-" The detective was cut off my Mr. Fuller.

"No! My daughter... she would never do this. She's a victim, and she's been kidnapped. She's probably scared to death! They're doing... they're doing unspeakable things-" His voice cracked. "Oh God." He rubbed his eyes with a hand. "Our home. Right in our own home." His wife clung to him.

The detective sighed. "Of course, sir, ma'am. Excuse me." He left the couple to make a couple more calls and ask their neighbors a couple more questions in the next room over.

"What are we going to do, Donald?" She sobbed into his shoulder as he stroked her hair and held onto her tightly.

"Mary, I... I'm really not sure." She gripped the back of his shirt trying to ignore the shocking ringing noise in her ears.


He cut off the tape and nicked me a couple of times. I tried to crawl away, but he dragged me back. He ripped off my shirt as I screamed and struggled.

"No, no, no, no! Stop!" I clawed at him until he gripped onto my wrists painfully with one hand. He let his other hand drift down my cheek, my neck, between my breasts, across my stomach, and down to the zipper on my jeans.

He locked his lips to mine roughly, and I couldn't shake them away. Suddenly I was only in my underwear. He unclipped my bra from the front and tossed it into a pile with the rest of my clothes. He groped me without taking his lips away from mine. He squeezed my breast hard and I whimpered. He growled back.

"Kiss me back." He tightened his grip on my wrists, and I closed my eyes shut good and tight.

God forgive me. I'm so hungry. I just... I need....

I let my lips move with his, granting his tongue entrance. He ripped off my panties, and I felt lightheaded. He smiled into the kiss, and moaned again. My body betrayed me, and I felt a tingle below my empty stomach. He finally pulled away and took a couple deep breaths.

"Make this easy on both of us. Give in." He bit my jaw bone and licked and nipped his way down my neck. I felt disgusted with myself as I slowly nodded gasping breath after breath after bite after lick.

He released my wrists and I-

God forgive me.

I entangled one hand with his hair and let the other reach around his neck to pull him closer.

He smirked against my skin.

"Good girl."
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