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The Burn of Life


Nick POV

It’s been a little over a week since Blaze arrived in the hospital. One day less since the doctors put her in a medical induced coma. Everyday Kevin, Hope, and I are always in her room when visiting hours start and end. Since the first day we saw her, she has been looking much better. Her arms are still wrapped up, but the doctor said some of the cuts have scared already and the stitches are started to heal a little bit. But the one thing that breaks my heart is watching the nurses re-bandage her and seeing those horrible brand marks. I know when Blaze sees them she will demand either Hope or I to take her to any tattoo shop to get them covered.

“Baby girl, I don’t know if you can hear me at all. The doctor’s keep telling me that you can, but I doubt everything. I wish you can wake up now, they said they stopped giving you the medication to keep you in the coma,” I said while hugging her hand between both of my hands. Her hands look like little baby’s compared to my giant hands. “Blaze, I might as well tell you what’s been happening around you. Yesterday your mom’s boss called, he’s a real jackass, and told her she had to go back to work. She won’t be able to visit for a while, so that’s the reason why. Kevin is taking this really hard, and he’s been hanging out at the beach lately learning how to surf. And your friends…”

“Oh excuse me sir, I need to check on Blaze for a minute,” the nurse interrupted me. After being in the hospital for a week I learned her name is Kate, she has bright blue hair and vibrant green eyes. I watched as Kate looked at the machines that were keeping my little Blaze alive. “Well her vitals are looking really good, they are now starting to rise up. I just need to check her cuts and I’ll be out of your hair Mr. Andersson,” she smiled and joked with me.

This is the part I don’t like at all, my tears were already threatening to fall as I saw all those cuts that will soon be scars running across her arms. “Kate, when will they finally be healed?” I asked.

“Well from the looks of things, the ones without stitches will be very soon. But the ones with stitches will take about another week,” she started to explain. “As for the burns, those will take a lot longer and she will need to keep them bandaged until the doctor finds them ok.”

“I just wish I knew what she went through in order to get those type of wounds,” I thought out loud.

Taking the chair next to me so she could sit there, “Nick, I don’t think anyone truly wants to know what took place that week she was gone. Maybe someday she will tell people, but being so young she will most likely not tell a soul and keep it to herself.”

“The only other people that will truly know are her, that sick bastard, and the police. Even if I don’t find out what happened, I want to know when she will wake up. This waiting is killing me, having to watch her suffer and lay there looking white as a ghost,” I said while placing my head into my hands crying a little bit. I felt someone’s hand rubbing my back to calm me down.

“Everyone in this hospital wants her to wake up. Blaze is a very strong girl and she will wake up, just when her body says its time. Be patient Nick, I got to go take care of my other patients,” Kate said while giving me a small smile and leaving the room.

“Blaze I love you with all my heart and I’ll see you tomorrow. I need to get home now to take care of Kevin,” I leaned down and kissed her forehead. Walking to the door, before I closed it I sent Blaze one last glance.

At Home (The Andersson’s house)

“Hey dad!” Kevin called out as soon as I opened the door.

“Kevin, which room are you in?” I asked calling out for him. Hearing a tapping sound coming from upstairs. Deciding to find him, I walked up the stairs counting the steps as I go, one, two, three…and twenty. Walking down the hallway I found Kevin in Blaze’s room. “What are you doing son?”

“Well, I thought maybe I could find some of Blaze’s friends to tell them what happened. I just can’t figure out her password though. Do you know what it could be?” he asked me while still messing with the laptop.

“Have you tried her friends names?” I asked curiously trying to think of what it could be.

“Yeah, I’ve tried everything I could think of. Whatever is one this computer Blaze didn’t want anyone to access,” he chuckled while explaining that to me.

“Yeah I guess so, is your mother home?”

“Nope, haven’t seen her since yesterday morning. I think her boss is really over working her. She called saying she wouldn’t be home until tomorrow for only five hours rest,” Kevin told me looking upset. I don’t blame him, first we almost lost Blaze and now we are slowly loosing Hope to work.

“It’s ok son, we’ll talk to her tomorrow when she come home to get her to quit. Now why don’t we just get out of Blaze’s room and go downstairs to watch a movie,” I told him while heading for the door. We both walked downstairs and into the movie room, getting settled into the couch. Getting ready to hit play, my cell phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID, it said unknown caller.

“Hello?” I asked, confused.

“Hi, Mr. Andersson; it’s Blake,” a girl’s voice rang through the phone.

“What can I do for you Blake?” I asked.

“Well I was wondering if you knew where Blaze is? I’ve been calling her for the past two

“Haven’t you been watching the news lately?” confusedly I asked Blake.

“No, I haven’t even turned on the TV at all this past month. So what does the news have to do with Blaze?” she asked.

“Blake, Blaze is at the hospital right now in a coma. At the music store two weeks ago she was kidnapped. I’m surprised you didn’t know,” I told her.

“Oh my god, Mr. Andersson I’m going to go, bye,” Blake hung up crying.

Aiden POV

It’s been two weeks maybe a few days more since I last talked or even saw Blaze. Blake and Nate haven’t heard a word from her either and Blake doesn’t know where she is. I told Blake yesterday to call Blaze’s family to see if she could find anything about Blaze. She is suppose to get back to me tonight but I don’t know if she will. Deciding to go against my gut instinct I logged onto AIM.

Soccergirl: Hey Aiden!

Rockerboy: hey Blake, did you hear anything?

Soccergirl: Well I talked to her father, like a minute ago.

Rockerboy: And?

Soccergirl: Her dad told me that she’s currently in the hospital. That night you saw her being
grabbed she was kidnapped.

Rockerboy: Shit, is she ok?

Soccergirl: I don’t know I didn’t get a chance to ask. As soon as her dad told me that I started crying.

Rockerboy: Why didn’t you ask?! Don’t you realize how much I’ve missed her? How it feels to watch the girl you like being kidnapped?

Soccergirl: I’m sorry Nate, I’m sorry I never asked about her condition! No, I don’t know how it is to watch someone being kidnapped. I’m going to go, bye

Soccergirl has signed out. Well at least I know where Blaze is. But not knowing her condition is driving me crazy. I don’t know if she’s severely hurt or even dead. While in my thoughts I glanced back to my friends list, my friend Nate signed on. Maybe Nate can help me figure out what’s going through my head, I thought.

Rockerboy: Hey Nate, how are you?

Nate’stheman: Hey Aiden, I’m doing well. How about you?

Rockerboy: Right now I’m very confused.

Nate’stheman: Want to talk about it?

Rockerboy: Yeah I do, I finally found out what happened to Blaze today.

Nate’stheman: You did? That’s great!

Rockerboy: No it’s not, I found out through Blake that’s she’s in the hospital.

Rockerboy: Ever since that night, I can’t but think it’s all my fault.

Nate’stheman: You couldn’t have done anything Aiden. Do you know why she’s there?

Rockerboy: No I don’t, Blake didn’t get any information at all. I don’t know if she’s even alive or not. Nate, I should have called the police or something. If I did maybe they would have found her sooner.

Nate’stheman: Aiden stop thinking like that. There’s nothing that anyone could have done, what happened happened. What do you think about her, what are your feelings?

Rockerboy: I don’t know I guess I’m starting to think she’s not worth it any more. She’s too much trouble and it’s not worth getting my heart broken again by her.

Nate’stheman: If you think that then just tell her.

Rockerboy: I guess, how have you and Blake been doing?

Nate’stheman: We are doing really well right now. Well dude, I got to go Blake is calling me.

Rockerboy: Ok bro, talk to you later.

Rockerboy and Nate’stheman signed off AIM.

Officer Robert POV

After finally finding Blaze I decided to go back and interview Brian again. The one thing he doesn’t know is that we have found Blaze and alive. I asked Officer Johnny to get the bastard from the holding cell. As I was waiting in the questioning room I was thinking of my game plan.

“Well, well, well what can I do for you today Robert?” Brian said while smirking at me. Johnny roughly pushed him into the chair and also tightens the cuffs as tight as they can get.

“Hey Brian, how have you been?” cheerfully I asked.

“Besides sleeping on a bed that feels like a brick, I’m doing ok,” he laughed.

“Brian I’m going to ask again, where is Blaze?”

“Robert I’m going to say the same answer again, I’m not telling. Just give up finding my princess, she probably bleed to death already.”

“Tell me where the fuck she is!” I screamed in Brian’s face.

“How about we play a little game instead?” he asked.

“Fine we’ll play as long as you tell me where she’s located.”

“The first clue is that I keep everyone I love close to my heart.”

“Hmm, let me guess this has something to do with McKenna. Is Faith and her located at your sister’s house?” I asked.

“No, she’s not,” he abruptly stated.

“Well, I have the upper hand on this Brian. We already found Blaze last week, and she was very alive,” smugly stated. “Brian you are going to jail for the rest of your life.” I then left the
room feeling accomplice that I finally finished the case. I found all the evidence proving Brian, now all I need is to have Blaze testify against him. Now Blaze can finally get on with her life after this, well after the trial.

Getting ready for court was another problem. Johnny and I now have to type up the whole case and everything that happened. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and this bastard will finally get his payback, like everyone always said payback is a bitch.

Blaze POV

Why can’t I open my eyes? Hell I’d even like to move one of my muscles. Green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, and many other are what I want to see. Never in my life have I ever thought that I never want to see black again. Black, everywhere I look I see black. Every story you hear they tell you, you see a white light that or there’s white everywhere you look. They lied, nothing they say is true but one thing, I can still hear everything around me. The nurse, I think her name is Kate; she’s really nice. Every day she come into my room to check on me, and then stays an extra few minutes just to talk. Even if I can’t talk, she carries a one-way conversation.

Dad still comes to see me, I’m just glad he hasn’t given up on me yet. He comes once a day every day, and I wish I could speak or even see him. Kevin sometimes visits me but I know that he doesn’t like being here. He tells me about his friends but something in me tells me that they are bad news for him.

Now for my mother, I haven’t heard from her in a while. I know dad said something about work, but no person can work that much. She hasn’t seen me in maybe three days. Both dad and Kevin tell me how they try to talk her into quitting, but nothing is working. I miss hearing her voice though, and now that dad left I’m stuck listening to the beeping of my heart.
I don’t know how long it’s been but I notice all around me is starting to turn a dark black into a dark grey. Everything is lightening up, is this a sign of good news? Being me I’m starting to panic, which causes my heart rate to go up, thus having doctors and nurses rushing into my room.

“Doctor, I think she’s waking up!” I heard a nurse exclaim, while I felt hands all over my body.

“Blaze can you hear me?” a man asked me while I think his hand was in mine. “Follow my voice, Blaze we need you to wake up.” The dark grey is now turning a soft shade of white; I knew this was it; I’m waking up at last. My lead like eyelids started feeling like feathers. Eyes fluttering open only to close at the intensity of the blinding lights.

“Welcome back Blaze, good to see you awake,” a man in a doctor’s outfit told me while smiling. A nurse was also standing next to me with a cup of water; my throat does feel like sand paper. Picking up my arms, it was painful, I grabbed the cup and downed the drink.

“How long have I been out?” I asked in a whisper, my voice not strong at all.

“I’d say almost a week. Now Blaze before I let you rest I need to ask a few questions, Ok?” he asked.

“Yeah that’s fine.”

“What is your full name?” he asked while holding a clipboard and pen.

“Blaze Fyra Andersson, what about yours?” I curiously asked.

“Mine is Billy McDaniel; when’s your birthday?”

“August 13, 1993, is that all I’m really tired and my throat hurts,” I told him while laying back down.

“Yeah, I’ll let you go now. Relax and I’ll tell your family that you’re awake now,” Billy explained while leaving the room.
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