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The Time Ring

According to the Plan


In a different place, a different time, still in England though; in a huge building that looked pretty much like a boarding school; in one of the classes, while the teacher was reading something, a girl suddenly woke up gasping. Her green eyes were wide and scared. The dream she had had been the weirdest yet. Her short figure became smaller when the teacher glanced at her with an evil eye.

"Good morning to you too, miss Johnson" The girl, Miss Johnson looked up at the tall skinny teacher and rolled her eyes. She didn't like him. She thought he was a boring ass. The teacher was already sick of her lazy self. "This is the third time you fell asleep in my class. Am I that boring?" The girl scoffed.

"Sorry, sir" The teacher narrowed his eyes at her. Her apology didn't sound very sincere. The student didn't like her teacher at all from different reasons. She couldn't focus on his lesson. She could heard him but not really. His voice was making her sleepy. "Ass" She mumbled when he walked away.

When the bell rang she was more than happy to get out. There was a forest right as you left the garden. It looked really mysterious and most students were scared to get close to it. More people said that they have seen something moving in there. Some said they felt someone watching them, but when they looked over, there was nothing. But she liked it. She felt a weird attraction towards the forest. It felt like it was part of her.

"Amanda. I'd like to talk to you" The girl stopped in her tracks and sighed in annoyance. She didn't say anything and walked back into the classroom. She sat in the front row and glanced at her teacher. He didn't look like one. In her dreams he was wearing a suit and was funnier and nicer. Mister White was definitely not funny and not nice. Well, not to her.

"Yes, sir?" He put his papers aside and took his glasses off. He wore one of those ugly and old suits that teachers were supposed to wear. It was a black color and the tie was ugly. When her eyes moved on his tie her nose scrunched in disgust. The teacher raised an eyebrow at his troublesome student.

"I wasn't joking with that warning, Amanda. This is the third time I caught you sleeping in my class; this week. I know you are a good student but you don't show that at all" The girl rolled her eyes. "See? You're always trying to keep up that rough attitude of yours" Amanda was staring at his face, not saying anything, or even moving or breathing for that matter. "Do you have any problems home?" She scoffed.

"I'm leaving" She took her bag from the ground and walked towards the door. On the way out she heard just one sentence.

"I hope you'll stay awake tomorrow" She rolled her eyes and closed the door.

She didn't care what he wanted. He was just another teacher in another school. She was aware of how rude she was most of the time but she had a good reason for that. The dreams. She was having them every single time she closed her eyes. She became an insomniac. She tried everything to stop them, even pills. But every time she fell asleep, she wasn't able to wake up until the dream would let her.

What was weird was that she couldn't see the faces clearly. They were always a blur. But she could see the details; like the ring for example. She started to have the same dream lately. The unknown girl and man were suffering a transformation of some sort. She could feel it. It was like her heart was falling apart, her bones were cracking and her brain went blank. It was like a hole dragging her in and even if she cried for help, there was no one to save her. The darkness consumed her.

The the man was always there.

"Mandy?" She opened her eyes and looked out the window. There was something weird going on. She glanced outside and saw her parents' car. They had a good fortune inherited from her grandfather and things were actually going smoothly. The unusual events were her dreams.

While Amanda was getting into the car, English teacher Richard White was watching her every move. The truth was that, he was in the same situation as his student. The deep green eyed girl from his dreams was right.

Different time, different lives, different relationship and definitely different personalities. There was no Doctor, no Mousy, no spatial adventures and no supernatural mysteries. There was only Amanda Johnson, an 18 years old girl with a happy and rich family, with no sense in life, no path chosen for after she finished high school.

And there was Richard White, the skinny not very fashionable English teacher, with a fiancée home, with a happy life and with no desire to change anything. But it was already too late. Things were changing and everything was going according to the plan.
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Sooo, we all know how hot David looks as a teacher and i remembered when he said that if he wouldn't be an actor he would be an English teacher. And i watched several times his posture as an English teacher in his sketch with Catherine Tate. You have to watch it. It's hilarious.
Anyway...things will be harsh for both of them and it will take a while until one of them will remember who they actually are...blame the school.