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The Time Ring


The next day, Amanda woke up feeling better than before. The nightmares started to fade away; it wasn't everything as clear as before. She didn't dream herself or that Mousy character anymore but she did dream the Doctor. That character was intriguing. He looked familiar and he called her Mousy. The girl from the abyss was called Mousy and she looked a hell lot like her. Something clicked in her mind.

"Mousy is the girl from my dream. The girl from my dream looks exactly like that girl from when I fainted. That girl said she's me and I am her. Then" She gasped. "I am Mousy. I am the girl from my dreams. I'm the one who saved those people and got in trouble. But nothing's actually clear enough. What's going on?" She got interrupted by a knock on the door. She got up and limped to the door. When she opened it, she came face to face with a happy grin. "Um" She remained there speechless. She didn't know what to say. She hoped after yesterday's incident, he wouldn't come.

"Good morning to you too!" He was smiling brightly.

"No one sane can be so bright in the morning" The teacher didn't scold but her mother did.

"Amanda! Be respectful!" She rolled her eyes and let the tutor come inside. He entered quickly. "Amanda" She rolled her eyes and closed the door into her mother's face.

"That wasn't nice" She turned around and caught her teacher looking through her stuff.

"Do you want to see something that's not nice? You, searching through my personal stuff!"

He turned quickly and smiled innocently.

"Let's get over with this" He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Alright" He went and sat on her bed. She did the same and stared at him expectantly. "Now. I don't want us to be engaged in a war forever. Why don't we make peace?" She scoffed.

"Peace? War? Where do you think we are? Star Wars?" His smile faded away and she covered her mouth. She said something weird, again. "I mean" She didn't know what she meant.

"Star Wars. Where did I hear that before?" He was mumbling to himself. He stared deeply into her eyes. "Have you ever felt like your place isn't here? Like you belong out there, through the stars?" She stood there dumbstrucked. "Sorry. That was stupid" He shook his head.

"Yes. Every single moment. I feel like I'm needed somewhere else. Somewhere where I can give some sort of help. Somewhere far. I am me but I feel like a stranger" Richard stood there watching the small student. There was something familiar. No. She was familiar. He knew her. Her green eyes, her short legs, her rude and smartass retorts He was certain he knew her. But from where? He shook his head and cleared his mind from all that crap.

"Come on. Let's start the lesson" She nodded. Neither could focus, thought. Their minds were elsewhere.
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