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The Time Ring



For Mousy, things didn't seem to get any brighter. She woke up in a cell that resembled those from the real time. But something was different, of course. Firstly, she was on their ship and that was bad enough; secondly, the ship wasn't like she imagined. It was very tall and the part she was in was round. There was just one cell from what she could see, and it was hers. Of course the technology didn't even compare to what she'd seen over the years.

Oh yes, now she remembered. She had met more than one alien in the 25 years of her life but none were as interesting and troublemaking as the Time Lord. He was different in every way she could think of.

Back to the surroundings, the cell she was in resembled a lot the room she had been kept in when her mother started to experiment on her. It had black walls, it had a bed, a small table, chains and of course the bars. They were invisible but made of electricity that drained the life energy when touched. She was smart, she didn't need someone to tell her how dangerous the situation was.

"Amanda Cavington! Raise your head and bow to his majesty" Mousy's head popped up and looked strangely at the men in front of the cell.

"If you made your homework, you would know that I won't do that in this life nor another" The man who spoke glared with his pitch black iris-less eyes. However, the other man was quite familiar. Her eyes widened when she figured where she saw him before. The man noticed her expression and smirked.

"A pleasure to see you again, Amanda" She rolled her eyes.

"Why does everyone call me Amanda? Didn't they get the fact that I hate that name?" She mumbled. She really hated that name and the memories surrounding it. The man didn't seem to pay attention, though.

"I believe you want to know why are you here?" She shrugged.

"I'm more curious how you stopped the disintegrating process. Whenever the ring is placed on someone else's finger, it goes bang" He nodded.

"Indeed. But don't forget I am a gatekeeper. We made the Time Ring. We control it" She rolled her eyes. She did get that part but she was still dumbfounded about who the creatures were.

"Why am I here? I remember you said I am the only one who can control the ring yet you forced me in another dimension in a different time" The man nodded and got his finger closer to one of the bars, making it visible.

"Indeed. I don't know how that happened. The Ring was created by the ones who wanted the power of Time Lords. The TARDIS is a genuine creation. It offers so much. We wanted a toy like that too. We are the ones who keep time moving correctly. If there would be no gatekeepers, time would go crazy. You, my dear girl, have the power of gatekeepers in your hands" Mousy didn't seem too surprised. She couldn't believe that that ring was so important for the at the same time, she figured it had too much power not to mean something.

"Are there any more rings?" The man shook his head.

"Yours is the only one active. Any ring can be a Time Ring, it just needs to be activated. Fortunately for us, you are the only one who managed that"

"Fortunately? Don't you want more Time Rings?"He looked down at the girl with an air of superiority.

"No. Gatekeepers aren't that immature. We do know how important time is. Our race had been destroyed by the Time Lords a long time ago. They weren't as nice and correct as you may think. They unleashed the Time War. We hid the rings in every corner of the world but they could never be activated. No one could touch one and stay alive. But you could, you activated one. Your friend has the most destructive weapon in the world in his hands" Mousy's eyes widened and she walked closer to the gatekeeper.

"What do you plan to do next?" He smirked. His eyes looked evil and even darker than before.

"Get rid of the nuisances. The gatekeepers are still alive. There is no need for you or your Time Lord friend anymore. He will die first and you" Mousy's eyes got even wider if possible. "you will watch him give his last breath and then, we will kill you too. You are precious, though. We will keep your body in case something inscrutable pops up" She bit her lip and rubbed her arm nervously. That sounded very bad.
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