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The Time Ring

Ain't You Smart?

Mousy was ready to face palm herself. How could she had been so stupid and never question the ring? It had been such an agonizing life, though. She wasn't able to make a future for herself because she was different. She was human yet she wasn't. Her life had been so dull until he surprised her. His intriguing personality, his adventurous yet silly ways of saving humanity and even his loneliness. They were so much alike. They seemed so happy outside but they hurt so badly on the inside. She sighed and got on her feet. She walked closer to the bars and stared blankly at the darkness.

"Where are you, Doctor?" She looked down and saw a small piece of rock. It wasn't from Earth and she didn't want to question why it was there in the first place. The girl simply threw it into the nothingness.

"Ow!" Her eyes widened and her head quirked up.

The Doctor couldn't even process what was happening because he got hit by something that felt like a rock. He could swear that was going to leave a mark. He enightened the way and noticed that there was another pair of stairs that led upstairs as a spiral. The ring buzzed even more when it was pointed to the left. The Doctor didn't have to walk too much until he saw a familiar face.

"You came" The Doctor smiled. He pointed the screwdriver at the invisible bars but nothing happened. Mousy chuckled. "Gatekeepers aren't stupid. Do you think with all their technology and bright minds they would let the security programs be broken by Time Lords? Don't forget they hate your race, even if there's just one of you alive" He rolled his eyes.

"Ain't you a smart?" She stuck her tongue out childishly and crossed her arms in front her chest. He chuckled and threw he screwdriver at her. "You try, Miss Know-It-All" She caught it and smirked.

She placed the screwdriver between two bars and like a mirror, the light refracted. Her smirk widened even more when her eyes met the Doctor's. She got out and threw the screwdriver back to its possessor.

"I was ready to do that" Mousy rolled her eyes and walked past the Doctor.

They weren't walking for long when the alarms started. They looked up, surprised by the noise and looked at each other. Mousy sighed.

"At least we can se-whoa!" The Doctor grabbed her hand and sprinted on a random path. "Where are we going?" The Doctor grinned.

"I don't have the slightest idea!" Mousy's face dropped instantly.

Thankfully, the ring started to beep insanely. The Doctor slowed down and pushed Mousy into a darker corner. They had to hide for the moment.

"What about this?" She pointed at the noisy ring on her finger. He stared at it and pointed his screwdriver at the source of noise. "It won't work" She whispered. They heard footsteps coming closer and closer. He shushed her and waited for something to happen. "It stopped!" They both exclaimed, surprised.

"I mean of course it did" The Doctor added quickly. Mousy was ready to point out how he had no idea what he was doing but he covered her mouth with his hand. He put his finger to his lips and made a 'shush' sound. They stood silent until the feet passed them.

"What now?" Mousy asked after a few more moments of silence. The Doctor was deep in thought.

"What did the gatekeepers tell you?" He responded with another question. His big brown eyes were staring straight into her deep green orbs. She fidgeted and sighed.

"The Gatekeepers control time. They are the ones who keep it going normally. Time Lords never liked them because they shared the same power. Time Lords started the Time War and killed the gatekeepers. Unfortunately for us, they're mad at you and want you dead. They don't care if you're the last and only one alive. They want to kill me but keep my body. It seems I'm the only one who can control the gatekeepers' powers aka the Time Ring and I'm the only one who managed to activate one" She said that in one breath.

"Uh-huh" Mousy gave her companion a bewildered look.

"Uh-huh? That's all you say?" The Doctor ignored her words entirely and walked away. "Don't ignore me! Hey!" He sprinted towards the stairs he first went on while she simply stared after him. She glared his way and scoffed. "Fine. You do it your way while I'm going to resolve this problem my way!" She walked in the opposite direction.

The ship was round and they were bound to meet anyway; hopefully.
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New and pretty short chapter but that's life. I'm pretty busy with school and that's all I have written. :D