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The Time Ring


The Doctor had to deal with a few problems. He almost got lost because he couldn't find the stairs. After a few more minutes the endless journey came to an end. He ascended slowly until he saw the lights from the computers. He could hear voices rambling about whatever. He rolled his eyes when he saw one of the gatekeepers laugh at a few images. There were girls on it.

In the end, he couldn't wait anymore and in one swift motion, he ran behind the closest wall. He looked around and saw a small table with no one around it. He hurried there and opened the alieny thing that laid there. It looked a lot like a laptop but the Doctor knew it was something different. He tried to open it but he couldn't. He put his screwdriver in action but no chance. It had a weird mechanism and no one but a gatekeeper could open it. He gave up and fell on his butt. Someone sneaked behind him and put his hands over his eyes.

"Shh. It's me" He relaxed when he recognized her voice. Mousy smirked. "Let me guess. Annoyed by unknown technology?" She asked smugly and pointed at the tiny mechanism. He scoffed. She chuckled and pulled it closer. There was no chair so they had to stay on their knees.

"What now?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at the tiny girl. She stood there thinking, her green eyes trailing over every detail. "This is not Time Lord technology yet they stole it. They improved but these gatekeepers aren't normal. They don't act like they should" Mousy raised an eyebrow.

"And how should a gatekeeper act?" She asked sarcastically. The Doctor, however, furrowed his eyebrows together.

"The gatekeepers we fought against were smart but not geniuses. They were the same as humans but with higher technology. They were playing with time" He whispered.

"And what were the Time Lords doing? Keeping it safe?" He widened his eyes and responded with a superior tone.

"Well, yes! Of course! The war between these two species has ended fast because Time Lords had more power. Time is not a toy you can play with" Mousy looked back at the man next to her skeptically.

"Haven't you been doing that the entire time you had companions? You saved the world, yes, but you messed with it too!Recognize it!" She puffed her chest out and crossed her arms in front her chest. They stood there glaring at each other until he turned his head towards the mechanism again.

"Let's concentrate here" She widened her eyes and scoffed. "Try the ring. It's the answer for everything" He mumbled.

"You just changed the subject" She mumbled. She grabbed the ring from him and swayed it a bit. The screen turned on quickly. The Doctor started to type away and look through the files. What he found surprised both him and Mousy.

They read over and over again what was written on the alien laptop. The Doctor wasn't as surprised as she was but he got his amount. He looked at her and tried to understand what she was thinking about. Her face was blank.

"Hey! You, over there!" The Doctor glanced over his shoulder and saw a few gatekeepers pointing at them.

"It's the Time Lord! And the girl! Get them both!" The Doctor had the intention to run but when he glanced at Mousy, she wasn't moving. He sighed. The gatekeepers took both of them into the cell Mousy just escaped from. They shoved both prisoners inside and left.

"Mousy?" She walked in the back of the cell and fell down on her knees. The Doctor wrapped his hands around her shoulders and placed her on the supposed-to-be bed. "I'm sorry" She raised her head and stared at him.

"I've been used my whole life without even realizing it" She pulled her knees in front her chest and put her head on them. "Mom knew. She knew everything. She helped them, unconsciously. I lived for nothing" He glared at her and pushed her off the bed. She fell straight on her face. She didn't react.

"There are many reasons you shouldn't think like that. You had an excruciating childhood but look at you now! You're traveling through time and space and you control the Time Ring. There are others who would have paid with their life to be in your place right now" He bent his head, remembering the old times. "Donna Noble was my last companion and she enjoyed this hectic life. She lived every adventure, every death situation with such a passion that it simply made me smile. She was a smart woman who knew how to handle everything. She wasn't afraid and she didn't regret anything" Mousy looked up at the older man and sighed.

"And what should I learn from this?" He narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm not done yet" She rolled her eyes and sat beside him. "Now, where was I? Oh right. Before she started this kind of life she was just another face in the crowd. I first met her on her wedding day. She just appeared in the TARDIS. The second time, she chose to stay and travel with me. You have never been a normal human; you have been born to rise above others. Donna saved the world and instead of the adventurous life she craved, her memories got erased. She became the normal, boring human she hated to be" She couldn't look him in the eye. "Donna paid with her mind just to keep traveling in the TARDIS. You have it all and you don't even appreciate it" The bangs were covering her eyes. He couldn't see if she was crying or not but he definitely hit a nerve.

"I got your point" She mumbled. "But I'm not Donna. I'm just a kid. It's not the same. I love the adventure, I love what I got but for what price? My body? I'm an experiment. They let me alive this entire time just for my body. They want to kill the human race but they need a body to use. The body has to control the Time Ring" The Doctor looked pitifuly at her.

"I know. They will begin in early times and kill every important figure in history" She sighed and closed her eyes.

"I was born to doom the entire Universe and it will start with Earth" She didn't know how to get out of that huge mess. None of them did.
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