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The Time Ring


It didn’t take long until the alarms started again. One of the prisoners escaped and surprisingly, it wasn’t Mousy. The gatekeeper looked warily at the tiny girl before walking off, screaming something Mousy couldn’t care enough to listen to. She was fidgeting, trying to find a way to get out her stress. It was eating her! The thought of messing everything up was there; in the back of her mind, but still there. She couldn’t stop from thinking about the worst scenario.

“Amanda, get up” She turned her head to the gatekeeper and glared.

“Fuck off" The gatekeeper glared right back and entered the cell. He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her on an unknown path. “Where are you taking me?” He smirked sadistically at her, freaking her out.

“To your death” She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Brilliant" She mumbled. She knew that was the start of the chronometer. It all depended on the Doctor.

Meanwhile, the said man had some difficulties. Except the fact that he had to hide in some uncomfortable places, there were aliens with blades that seem to be made from some red lightning after him. When he got rid of them, he walked into the forest and eventually into the city. He left the ship. Before exiting, though, he glanced back and sighed.

“I’ll save you” He mumbled and went on his mission.

Mousy had some hard time inside the supposed-to-be tree. The gatekeeper tied her hands and feet with some kind of alien handcuffs made from the same energy as the bars.

“Are you going to kill me like that? No metal bed where some light should disintegrate me?” Their boss shook his head. “Oh, yeah. You need my body. What a relief.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Any last wishes?” She raised an eyebrow, trying to make fun of the situation so it would take more time.

“I’m granted more wishes than one? I’m so happy” She rolled her eyes and smirked. “I don’t have a wish but I do want to know why this ring is so important. I want more information.” The boss stared at her before he sighed and turned on a computer.

“It started when we had a normal life on our own planet. Gatorade” Mousy furrowed her eyebrows together.

“That’s a drink for sportsmen" The tone she had was one of a person whom was talking wto an idiot. She got a glare in return.

“Gatoradius 7, the home of gatekeepers. The time was our toy and everyone knew how to use it”

“You were playing with time. Isn’t that illegal?” He sighed desperately. Mousy shut her mouth realizing she was crossing the line. An annoyed gatekeeper might get her closer to death.

“We weren’t playing with time. We controlled it. From spring to summer, from day to night, from then to now. That was our job, to keep it flow correctly. Until the Time War” He narrowed his eyes. “Those Time Lords thought time is in their hands until they found out about us. Our specie slowly died. I knew our Time Rings should never get in their hands so I sent the only one remained in space. It landed here, on Earth and your father found it. He thought it was only a ring. Everybody did except you” He walked closer to her and bent to her level.

“I always thought there was something weird about it. It shined every time I was in danger” He smirked.

“I know. You control it”

“And look where it got me" She sighed and leaned her head on her knees. “My life is sad” He raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“You are different. You are a small genius and that’s all because of me. You owe me and I want your body” She scoffed. “Your mother had a slight influence on it too. You’ve been experimented on and look what we got. A tiny, smartass genius that can compete with the Doctor” She rolled her eyes and turned her head.

“Ass” She mumbled between her teeth.

While Mousy was the center of attention, the Doctor had his own problems.

“Where is the TARDIS?!” He yelled, throwing his arms in the air dramatically. He looked around his supposed to be house and Mousy’s supposed to be house. It was nowhere. “Wait” The Doctor looked like a bulb enlightened above his head.
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