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The Time Ring


While the Doctor found his TARDIS, Mousy was in the same room, on the exactly the same spot, in the same state: hopeless. The gatekeepers were doing their work, each one typing endlessly on the keyboard. It was quite funny to watch ten men do the same moves at the same time but it wasn't the time to joke. It wasn't time at all, actually. Mousy wished she could use the time but she was facing the masters of it, the ones who controlled it even before the Time Lords.

"I can't believe I'm stuck in this situation" She mumbled from her corner. Her eyes were searching for some movement that could give her the hope that the Doctor was there, or even close.

"Are you ready to die, little girl?" She looked up at the gatekeeper and pointed at her body.

"Do I look like a little girl to you?" It was a rhetorical question yet the alien didn't get the hint. He glared down to the tiny girl and placed her on the bed of a CT. Her hands and legs were free but she couldn't move. It was a force field that surrounded her. "This looks familiar" The gatekeeper that was at her feet started to type like crazy again.

"It may look like a CT for you but we changed it a little bit. It will disintegrate you from the inside. You will die and it will appear as your death has been natural" In that moment she started to pray. To God, to the Doctor, to anyone just so she could be saved.

"The process will begin in 10"One of the gatekeepers started.

"Oh my God, oh my God" She mumbled helplessly.

"9. 8. 7" She could actually hear the time ticking and could see her life pass her by at the age of 25!

"Come on Doctor. Don't put me on the list of people you hadn't saved" She was sweating like crazy. Her heart was beating faster than ever and she still couldn't believe her life was in someone else's hands. "Please"

"6. 5 -What was that?" The gatekeeper heard some noise coming from some of the computers. The one next to him went to look out for any intruders. When she saw the movement, Mousy's hope raised.

"Come on, come on. There's not much time left"

"4. 3" She could picture the clock in front of her. The numbers were reflecting in her green orbs. "2" Everything started to slow down. She could hear her breath and even see it! "on-" Bang! She had her eyes closed when she heard loud breaking noises from outside. Her eyes went to her Time Ring and saw it was glowing brightly.

"Doctor" She whispered with the little power she had. The ring instantly dropped the force field. She was free to move. Something strange started to happen. She felt as if the power of the ring was coming from inside her body. She became hot as hell and when she touched the CT it started to melt down. Her eyes widened and looked at her hand.

"A little help here!" She turned her head to see the Doctor dodging gatekeepers with harmful weapons.

"Oh right!" She got up and ran to him through the gatekeepers. They got cornered fast because there were just too many computers! "Alright, let's see if this still works" The Doctor looked weirdly down at her and backed off, knowing it would be something disastrous. It was Mousy he was talking about. He was right. She touched their weapons and consumed their energy. The Doctor looked at her finger and saw the ring shine brightly.

"That's incredible" He said excitedly. His eyes landed back on the small figure and saw that the gatekeepers started to back off or more like, run away. "Something bad is going to happen" The gatekeeper boss glared at him.

"Your time machine got connected to the ring! His power is either going to destroy all of us or destroy your little friend" Mousy's eyes were already changing colors. That deep green was darkening to a shade of red.

"Why are you still here then?!" His eyes were going from Mousy to the gatekeeper and back to Mousy.

"I have to be sure she dies so no one will put their filthy hands on the Time Ring" The Doctor went closer to Mousy and tried to touch her but she emitted a force that threw the Time Lord into the nearest screen.

"That hurt" He mumbled, getting back on his feet. For the first time in a while, he didn't know what to do! He was cornered! And an innocent life was about to die because of him. He tensed just by thinking that. He was the last Time Lord. He had to save Mousy. He was the Doctor!

Mousy couldn't even realize what was happening. Her body got on autopilot. She could just watch everything. The furniture started to either break or move and be thrown into the walls. The screens started to fly around her and gatekeepers were yelling. She was destroying the ship.

The Doctor had to think of a plan. He had one. He hurried to the TARDIS. It was parked in the cell. Of course, on the way he had to be careful not to be thrown into walls, get hurt by metal pieces or body parts.

Meanwhile, Mousy was alone in the room with the gatekeeper boss. He glared at her and took something from his back. It looked a lot like a disintegrating bomb. He got closer to her and opened the bomb.

"Your time has finished Amanda Cavington. I will sacrifice my own life to have you removed from this world. Your life is useless if you're not in control" With that said the so called gatekeeper walked as close as he could get to her and opened the bomb.

The Doctor couldn't do anything; he was trying to get the TARDIS to work and get the link to break but it was hard even for him. When the gatekeeper touched Mousy's hand, the hell gates opened. The bomb exploded. Every little piece of metal or flesh started to fade and became dust. The Doctor looked up from his device and gasped.

"No. No!No! Amanda!" He wanted to get out of the TARDIS but a force pulled him back. The TARDIS started to move on its own. He knew what that meant. Mousy was dead.
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It took a while but it's up...for me it was kinda intense because i was feeling it lol :D