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The Time Ring


Eyes opened slightly. The surroundings were hard to figure out. Her vision was blurry. The small figure shifted and got on her bottom. She started to make out what was around beginning with the hand she massaged her head with. She stared intently at it, before trailing her eyes to the front, where the old mansion was still standing. Actually, it looked much like the state it was when both parents were alive.

"Amanda?" She didn't turn her head. The voice didn't matter. Not then. However, the person who yelled after her didn't give up easily. The Doctor got a good grip on her shoulders and shook her. Mousy rolled her eyes and stopped him. "What happened?" For the first time in a while, the Doctor felt that abominable feeling of being worried.

"What year it is?" The Doctor furrowed his eyebrows. After all she has been through the only thing she asked was the year they have been transported to?! However, he did raise and walked inside the TARDIS. When he came back, the house got on fire. Mousy didn't seem fazed at all. Even more, she was awaiting for it. "Forget it. The fire says it all"

The Doctor looked warily at her and sighed. They stood there on the hill watching from distance the growing fire. Mousy's eyes were reflecting the light. The green orbs were blank and it scared the Time Lord. She wasn't reacting at all and it wasn't nothing. They have been caught in a cage and told they couldn't fly anymore. Mousy's wings have been cut and she fell hard.

They watched two bodies run out of the mansion right before it collapsed. Mousy got up and walked back to the TARDIS. The Doctor followed her worriedly.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He wrapped a hand around her shoulder, for comfort. She chuckled and leaned on the central machine.

"I just got out of a pretty rare adventure where I found out my life was planned. I can't grow up like a normal hormonal girl, I can't have a serious relationship with a hormonal boy because I'm not the usual naïve and weightless hormonal girl. I have a ring that might as well turn against me but at the same time it saved me from having a devastating death in a world created in the past by some black and iris-less guys who eventually were killed by surprise, me" He smiled and ruffled her hair playfully.

"You're alright" Mousy rolled her eyes and slapped his hand away. After just a second of silence, the Doctor got back into character and ran to his precious time machine. "Where do you want to go next, Amanda?" Mousy's head turned instantly and glared at him. The Time Lord chuckled. It was too easy to tease her.

"I want to go to Mars" She responded while balancing from a foot to the other in a childish manner. He raised an eyebrow curiously. "I want to make friends with little aliens who have their heads much bigger than their bodies, who can't transport me in a parallel universe where eventually you have this little troublemaker" She pointed at her finger "And I am the ultimate Time Lord" She smiled sarcastically and crossed her hands in front her chest. Right when the Doctor was ready to speak back, Mousy's phone rang. She took the phone from her pocket and glanced warily at him.

"Won't you respond?" Mousy scoffed.

"As if. I'm almost sure it's my aunt" The Doctor stopped messing around and walked closer to her. "Do you know that type of family where aunts always bring the family together for different events and make cookies and sing and whatever else they do, in a nice way?" The Doctor shook his head. "That's a big lie. My aunt is the opposite. She does bring the family together for different events but seeing as her brother died because of my mother, me and my brother are usually invited just to be there and seem a happy, lovely, cliché family" The Doctor stole her phone and responded. She yelped and glared at him, trying to run after him. The Doctor grabbed his screwdriver and pointed it at her. "You wouldn't dare" Her tone was evil. He didn't care at all and pushed the button on the screwdriver. It automatically messed the ring's signal and threw Mousy a few feet away.

"Hello?" He responded in quite a happy mood. "I am Amanda's friend" The girl got up a little bit harder than she imagined. It hurt even if she was protected by the ring. "Oh a party? A date?" He trailed his eyes to her annoyed stare and smirked. "Of course she will have a date. I will escort her to the Christmas party" Her glare deepened even more. "I will make sure she will be dressed appropriately. Good bye" He hung up and threw it to her. "It seems we have been invited to your aunt's event of gathering the family" She raised a finger and rolled it in the air.

"Oh joy" The Doctor started the machine while chuckling to his companion's lack of excitement.

"Better grab onto something" He mumbled while pushing buttons. Mousy was just getting on her two feet when she quirked her head up in confusion.

"Wha-" She got thrown again in the exactly same spot. She grunted and put her hands on her head. She had to get ready for something even worse than gatekeepers: family.
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Oho, it took a while. I actually took my time writing this but it turned up surprisingly better than i expected.