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The Time Ring


“Let me go, I’m not going to enter Hell willingly” Mousy’s grip on the central machine was surprising. She was thin and short but she definitely had some muscles in her lanky arms.

“It’s only family. If you don’t let go I will personally go to the past and talk to your father” She glared at him over her shoulder. His hands were wrapped around her waist, trying hardly to pull her away.

“You wouldn’t dare” The Doctor moved one of his hands to the pocket where the screwdriver was.

Her eyes widened and she let go right when the Doctor pulled her again. He didn’t fall down, surprisingly. He caught his balance quickly. On the other hand, Mousy’s body was hanging on his hands.

“Now that we established that, let’s go meet your aunt” He smiled happily and let her fall on her butt.

The whole way to her aunt’s house in Birmingham, Mousy whined and tried to run away. The Doctor saw no other choice but tie them together. Unfortunately, he tied his hand to her left hand. The ring was on her left hand. That ended up with a lot of weird electrical stuff between the two.

She gulped and tried to run away for the last time. The Doctor caught her quickly and held onto her waist tightly. She squirmed even when he rang the doorbell.

“Hello. Do I know you?” The woman who responded the door looked nice. She wasn’t as old as the Doctor imagined and she was dressed in simple clothes. She didn’t seem half as bad as she characterized her.

“I’m the Doctor. We talked on the phone earlier about your reunion party” He looked innocent enough.

The woman who stopped squirming in his arms didn’t look innocent at all. She shook his hands off and stared at her aunt.

“Oh, you came with Amanda” She sounded genuinely surprised. “Are you her boyfriend?” She was ready to respond but the Doctor wrapped an arm around her shoulder and covered her mouth.

“Yes. I am Amanda’s boyfriend” He responded. The aunt stared at the two time travelers with a doubtful eye. But she wasn’t able to figure is he was lying or not. Therefore, he let them enter without a second question.

The Doctor was amazed by Mousy’s family. They had an eye for history and artifacts. Her aunt’s house was a treasure for museums. She had rare Egyptian paintings and books in the hall. She had rare Roman tables and objects throughout the living room. He was curious what was he going to find upstairs.

“Your brother didn’t arrive yet. He has a few businesses to take care of and will arrive tomorrow. The party will be held in this house, on Sunday. You already know what to do so I won’t explain it anymore” Her tone changed after she turned to the Doctor. “You can go and rest for the rest of the day. Your room is upstairs, at the end of the hall. Amanda has to prepare the house for the guests so she will be busy”

Mousy’s eyes stared deeply at him with a sorrowful glint. She was asking him to help her. He blinked twice and shrugged.

“Ok. Can I look around the house? It looks amazing” The older woman nodded and waved before she went into the kitchen. Mousy’s face fell and started to tap her leg in annoyance.

“You’re going to let me do the house work while you will look through my aunt’s stuff?” She was annoyed. He chuckled and nodded. He left quickly before she could yell at him. “The things I do for you, dad” She rubbed her forehead and entered the same room she did the year before.

While Mousy was doing slave work in the name of family, the Doctor started to inspect the artifacts.

Upstairs, the hall was pretty empty. The only paintings on the wall were with her aunt and her family. He recognized her father in a few but there were none with her mother or with her. Her aunt definitely hated his brother’s family.

His screwdriver started to beep loudly when he passed a rural painting. It wasn’t suspicious at all. Just in case, he grabbed the screwdriver and trailed it over the wall. The sound stopped but it started to glow red. He took a closer look at the painting but he didn’t find anything weird. What he did find, behind the painting, was mold; a lot of it.

He touched it slightly and the mold shifted. It started to send electrical energy from one side to the other and disappeared. The Doctor frowned. Nothing regarding Mousy’s family was normal.

“Is there something I can help you with?” His head snapped to the side. There was a person whom he hadn’t seen before. The Doctor raised one eyebrow and placed the painting back on the wall.

“Yes. Actually, I was looking at this painting and ‘m sorry to disappoint you but it’s definitely fake” The man in dark suit and with terrible haircut walked slowly towards the Doctor. He turned his attention on the painting and grabbed it. The Doctor was surprised by the action.

“If it is a fake, then I should throw it away”

The Doctor took a step back and let the man walk past him. He was dressed in normal butler suit and he was incredibly tall. Overall, it made the Doctor curious. He looked human but at the same time, something stunk.

His nose scrunched and he turned towards the empty spot on the wall.

“Something really stinks”
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