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The Time Ring

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Dark Planet

When the ship became active again, the whole mansion vibrated. Mousy’s aunt got shaken but she thought it was only an earthquake. That wasn’t the case, of course.

The Doctor watched the small ship arise and fly towards the sky. When it hit a certain altitude, it took off with impressive speed. The Doctor ruffled his hair and sighed nervously. He was panicking a little. He needed a plan and he needed it fast.

He ran back inside the mansion and realized that the ship itself was practically made out of the walls from the second floor. The house looked quite intriguing with that much space missing.

Anyway, the Doctor ran down the stairs and past a frowning Matt.

“What did just happen? Was that an earthquake?” The Doctor didn’t have time for long explanations. He just ignored the young man and sprinted towards the TARDIS.

On the way to the parking lot, which was a few blocks down from the mansion, in a dark alley, he searched for the ship on the sky. It was still there but it looked like a star. Unfortunately, the star wasn’t falling down. It was getting further and further away from Earth.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor pushed and punched a few buttons and a few levers to get it riled up. His nerves were a wreck. That little girl was getting into a lot of trouble by herself. She didn’t even need him to be around. Suddenly, he remembered the connection between his screwdriver and her ring. He realized that if the screwdriver had that power, he could as well transmit it to the TARDIS. Therefore, he punched a few more buttons before he made the connection.

When Mousy’s hand vibrated, she frowned. It was a weird feeling.

“What’s going on?” Jeremy whispered. It was dangerous with so many crow men surrounding them.

However, Mousy’s frown changed into a hopeful expression. She glanced around and noticed how suspiciously busy were her kidnappers.

“Doctor?” Her hands were tied under her knees. It was a little hard to talk into her hand and look normal.

The Doctor sighed in relief when he heard her voice.

“Where are you now?” She stared blankly at her ring.

“I’m fine, yes. I am alive. I am the real Mousy, thanks for asking” The Doctor rolled his eyes but couldn’t deny how thankful he was that she was acting like her usual self. She wasn’t scared. That was good. He didn’t know for how long, though.

“That’s good to hear. Now, my question” She scowled. Her eyes moved towards her brother and pointed down with her head.

“Do you believe this guy?” Jeremy rolled his eyes. She was worried and she was exaggerating. Therefore, she wasn’t able to tell him any information without being rude or a smartass.

“Doctor. It’s Jeremy. I don’t know where we are. There are no windows, truthfully” The Doctor’s eyebrows furrowed.

“They’re taking you to Corolla. Just” He stopped suddenly. Mousy and Jeremy leaned closer. “Stay alive until I get there” The two siblings scoffed. That wasn’t a good encouragement.

“Are you sure he is going to save us?” Mousy stared at brother. It was hard to figure what she was thinking in that moment. But her eyes; her eyes were always her weak point. He stared into her green orbs and saw how scared she actually was.

“I certainly hope so” She sighed and looked around. “But I should think about something too” Jeremy frowned. She was the one in danger. He should be the one thinking about a plan.

“I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was definitely not expecting that”

It only took one hour to get to Corolla. Jeremy was curious just how fast they travelled. When they landed, it wasn’t soft at all. It felt more like they crashed. The front door opened slowly only to reveal darkness. It felt like they were on the other side of the moon; only there was oxygen.

Two crow men came from the darkness and wrapped a chain around Mousy’s neck. Jeremy was horrified. He couldn’t even see her properly. He tripped a few times on the way to the Royal Sun. That was a stupid name, truthfully. But he couldn’t say that regarding the situation he was in.

The whole way to the palace, Mousy didn’t utter a word. She didn’t swear, didn’t glance back to him and didn’t make a rude remark about her surroundings. Jeremy was really worried. He could only see her back. The entrance inside the palace was quite luxurious from the rest of the buildings. It was made out of gold. Everything was made out of gold, even the furniture.

They walked through three halls until they stopped. The guards grabbed his hand and pulled him back. He frowned and squirmed in their hold.

“Where are you taking my sister?” Julius walked towards the younger Cavington and patted his head. Jeremy growled and shook his head. He didn’t want to be touched by such creature.

“You don’t have to worry, young Master. We still need time to make the arrangements. We’re not going to kill her. Not yet” Jeremy scoffed and watched helplessly as Mousy got dragged to another room.

Mousy didn’t feel nor look well. She felt like her energy got drained out of her body. Her chest started to ache when they landed. Her vision was getting blurry and her bones hurt. It felt like she didn’t have any power to go on. However, her brain was intact. Whatever was happening to her wasn’t affecting her mind. That was even worse because she was aware of everything.

They placed her in a weird room. It had a bed and wide windows. She could escape through the windows if she would have had any power in her body. But she didn’t. She didn’t remember drinking or eating anything. The energy consumed on the ship wasn’t that big to have such an effect on her. It was troublesome.

“Doctor” She breathed. “Save Jeremy, at least” Her breathing became heavier and she was feeling sleepy. She closed her eyes and lost consciousness immediately.