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The Time Ring

Trust the Doctor


“What do I do? What do I do?” The Doctor landed safely on Corolla. He was just around the corner; the one on the other side of the city. He had to go by foot and that was going to take a few hours. The whole planet was numb. Even the people in the city were in a neutral disposition. They looked like they already lost hope and were waiting to die.

He needed more information about their sun. He entered what looked like a pub. There was no one except the bartender. He was silently arranging his bottles.

“Excuse me” The man jumped in surprise and glanced at the stranger over his shoulder. “It’s a little bit lonely around here, isn’t it?” The bartender sighed heavily, as if he had a lot to carry on his shoulders.

“People don’t really come around as much as before. We’re in a crisis” The man turned completely and placed a glass in front of his customer. The Doctor pointed to some weird bottle and the bartender poured the beverage in the glass. The Doctor drank it in one shot. “Are you lost?”

“You can say that, yes. I’m here looking for a friend” The bartender nodded and poured more liquid in the Doctor’s glass. “I heard this planet had a sun, once” The man scoffed.

“That was a long time ago. I can’t even remember how it felt. We’ve been in the dark for over 100 years. We’ve been lost for a long time” The man wasn’t different from the other people. They were suffering and it was all because of Time Lords and Daleks. They stole Corolla’s heart.

“What about a new sun?” He was curious if the citizens knew about their leader’s plan.

“A new sun? We tried but we didn’t have enough resources. We tried to use gold to fabricate energy. That didn’t go well” The Doctor frowned. That was right. Gold could be a good inductor.

“What happened?” The bartender took a good sip from the bottle.

“It was false. We can’t use false energy for the ball. We need real energy. We need a real sun” The Doctor was thinking about thousand of things at once. Amongst his thoughts and ideas, he found a good resolution. But he needed help. He had to go back to his TARDIS.

On the other side, Jeremy got imprisoned; for his first time. It was definitely different from what he imagined. It looked very Earthly.

“This is not what I was expecting” The guard glared at him. Unfortunately, Jeremy and Mousy were alike from a lot of aspects. “And it’s so dirty and old. Couldn’t you make the cells from gold as well?”

Both of them liked to whine and complain. The guard rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the young guest.

His eyes inspected the cell and realized just how worn out it was. If he was good enough, he might just escape. It wasn’t Jeremy’s first time wearing cuffs; or what looked like cuffs. He knew that the harder he would squirm, the tighter the cuffs would become. But those chains around his wrists weren’t police cuffs. Therefore, he tried his luck. He moved his hands in different ways yet it wasn’t enough.

He bit his tongue slightly and leaned his head against the wall. He had to find another way. He was really worried and scared for his sister. Unconsciously, he started to sweat. Even if the place was cold, sweating was always a problem for Jeremy. He was getting all worked up. He moved his hands and started to play with the chains. The sweat was making his hands slippery. Wait. He glanced at his guard just in case and started to move his hands once again. This time, he could slip them through. He smirked contently and looked at the bars. He tip toed until he got behind the guard.

With swift moves, he hit the guard on the back of his head hard enough to make him unconscious. He grabbed the keys and unlocked the door. He was a free man. He was free to look for Mousy.
He had a good memory so he found her room fast. She was sleeping on the bed. Thankfully, Jeremy still had his cell phone with him. He enlightened her figure and gasped. She seemed half dead.

“Mousy” He shook her a little but nothing. He shook her again but harshly. She barely opened her eyes. “We have to get out of here. Come on. I can carry you” She turned her head towards him but didn’t say anything. Her eyes were dull. She opened her mouth and tried to speak but nothing came out. She didn’t have enough power to talk. She was barely breathing.

However, Jeremy was optimistic. He got her on his back and sneaked out of the room. He was walking silently towards the front entrance when he suddenly felt lighter. He patted his back yet Mousy wasn’t there. Instead, he felt something sharp poking the back of his neck. He titled his head to the side enough to see the dark eyes of a crow man.

“We need to get the girl to the ball. The preparations are ready” The crow man backed off and handed Jeremy to some other guard. Mousy was in Julius’ arms. It looked like she was nothing but an offering.

In the end, Jeremy found himself back in the cell. But this time, there were more guards. He sighed and fell on his knees. He placed his head between his hands and groaned. His efforts were equal to nothing.

“I really need help” He mumbled.

“Ask and it shall be given, Jeremy!” His head snapped towards the guards. They were all gone. The door opened with a squeak. The Doctor was on the other side of it.

“You have really bad timing!” The Doctor glanced around him and shrugged.

“I have good timing” His face expression changed quickly and he looked at Jeremy with serious eyes. “We have to save Mousy”

They started to walk on the same path Jeremy took towards her room. They entered without a problem yet she wasn’t there.

“They moved her” The Doctor’s eyebrows furrowed in worry.

“I’m afraid it’s even worse. They’ve already started” Jeremy was ready to walk out but the Doctor caught him by the collar. “You don’t know where to go. We have to think properly. If we do one mistake; even one small mistake, she will die”

“Do you have a plan?” The Doctor nodded. He was getting excited when he was thinking about it.

“You bet I do” Jeremy rubbed her forehead. He felt like he was getting older by a few years.

“Well then, let’s hope it’s a good one” The Doctor was too.

The room Mousy was in was a few levels under the palace. The Royal Sun had its origins in the middle of the planet. The ball was the heart of Corolla and it was situated in the middle of the planet. The palace had been built over it.

“You look tired, Miss” Julius was the brother of the official king of Corolla. He was waiting in the Royal Room. “It’s alright. You will have enough sleep in the afterlife” She couldn’t speak. In her mind, she was already swearing and panicking but she wasn’t able to voice her thoughts out. It was infuriating.

The guards accompanied the guest until they arrived in front of two big doors made out of silver. Once they opened, Julius took Mousy in his arms and entered alone.

“I see you brought her alive” The person behind the doors was evil. He looked like a crow even more than the rest of them. His face was contorted really weird and he had a long nose. His eyes weren’t dark; they were a pale blue. They were beautiful but his nose was grabbing all the attention.

The room looked like a box. It was empty. The king was standing in the middle of it. Julius placed Mousy in his place, right in the center of the room. He walked towards the door and knocked twice. The guards opened the panel that led to the sky. Practically, every center of each hall opened. Mousy was on her back, facing the sky. She was praying for someone to save her.

“Let’s revive the Royal Sun” Once the king spoke, Julius knocked once on the doors. The guards nodded towards each other and left. The king walked closer to Mousy and kneeled next to her.

“Don’t hope. All we had was hope and it has been stolen from us. It’s not good to hope” The place
Mousy was on started to enlighten. Her ring was shining brightly.
Julius gave the king a dagger. Mousy’s eyes widened. The king started by scratching her hand. After that, he started to leave deep cuts on her legs. In the end, he plunged the dagger into her stomach.

Her eyes widened and she gasped. She glanced to her ring and saw it stop. Suddenly, she felt a sudden wave of adrenaline take over her body. The ring started to shine brighter than ever and so did Mousy. The king and Julius took a few steps back and watched with pleasure. They were creating a new sun. They were creating a new future for Corolla.

“Wait!” The Doctor opened the doors too late. Jeremy’s eyes widened when he saw his sister shining. He wanted to run to her side but the Doctor pulled him back. “If we get too close, we might die instead” Jeremy could only watch helplessly. He didn’t like the feeling. He was watching his sister die and didn’t have the power to do anything. He was nothing in the end.

“You can’t do anything! She is already dead!” The king was annoying. He had too much confidence. The Doctor knew he arrived later than expected but he wasn’t going to let Mousy die. He was going to save her; hopefully.

The ring placed a barrier around Mousy. It was trying to revive her by using its energy to heal her. That action wasn’t working because the ball was attracting the energy instead. Therefore, the ring tried harder and the energy was bigger. The ball was charging quickly. The Doctor had to interfere somehow. He had to make the ring’s energy go upwards. He had to move the source. The source was Mousy.

“I have to get through the shield”

“What do I do?” The Doctor turned to his companion.

“Go to the TARDIS and wait. When I say pull, you have to pull the lever” Jeremy frowned.

“Which one?” The Doctor pushed him towards the door.

“You’ll know. Hurry up!” With Jeremy out of the room, he had only himself to worry about. He had to get through the shield. The ring was seeing everyone as a potential threat.

“It’s over, Doctor. You can’t save her. Our sun is charging” Julius was watching the scene before him with a lot of pride.

“Never say never, tall man” He used her characteristic. She was the one who labeled the butler as being weird and suspiciously tall. Surprisingly, the Doctor didn’t run towards Mousy. No. He ran out the doors. He had a plan. He had to get to the third floor, in the third hall. The king found it suspicious and called the guards. The Doctor had to take a few turns and duck a few times on the way. There was a line of guards in front of the third set of doors. He had to get them out of there. That was when he looked at his watch. It was time.

A blue police box appeared in front of the guards. Inside, Jeremy was a little perplexed. The box suddenly shook. He opened the door only to find five pairs of dark eyes glaring at him. The TARDIS enlightened and blinded the guards. It started to shake again but it didn’t really move. It only made a high pitched sound. The guards grabbed their heads and groaned. Jeremy watched in confusion. He didn’t know what was going on.

The Doctor walked out of his hiding spot and waved at his companion. Jeremy blinked. He was dumbfounded. The Doctor grinned and opened the doors. The light emitting from Mousy’s body was really bright. Once the ball was charged, the energy was going to consume the whole palace. The gold was only going to make it bigger and stronger. The halls were made to store the energy. In the end, the Royal Sun was nothing more but stored energy. The gold was what made it the color of a natural sun.

The Doctor walked closer to the light and took a deep breath. Jeremy watched from the side.

“You’re not going to jump, are you?” The Doctor chuckled. He was excited yet scared. It was a risky situation but he had to do it.

“Don’ forget about the lever” Jeremy nodded. The Doctor took another deep breath and jumped straight into the light. "Allons-y!" Jeremy’s eyes widened and he was ready to run closer when he heard the Doctor. “Pull the lever!” He stopped and changed directions. He entered the TARDIS and looked for that lever. He didn’t see anything that looked like one. He started to run around in panic.

“The Doctor said I will know when the time will come” He closed his eyes and calmed down. When he opened his eyes, he saw the lever a few feet to his right. He pulled it and the TARDIS made a loud noise. It sounded like it was broken. The center machine was charging. He didn’t know what was happening. He only trusted the Doctor.