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The Time Ring


“Allons-y, my friends!” He wasn’t a good captain. Besides, he was navigating very fast. Jeremy was holding onto the stairs for dear life. Mousy was holding onto the railing and watching the water become red. The wind picked up quickly and it got very harsh. They felt like they were on the ocean, in the middle of a hurricane.

It took around five minutes to get back on land but they swore it felt like an hour. The Doctor helped them both off the ship.

“Wow” The forest disappeared completely. It was nothing but desert. That was even worse because the wind could blow them back anytime.

“How can we get back to the TARDIS? We don’t even know where it is! Everything looks different!” Jeremy had a point. The Doctor sighed and ruffled his hair. He needed a plan and he needed it fast.

“Can’t we use the screwdriver?” They tried. It didn’t work. It was shining like a Christmas tree and emitting some strange buzzing sounds. It was probably malfunctioning.

“Try the ring!” It definitely didn’t work. The ring was blank. It wasn’t even malfunctioning. It acted like a normal ring. The Doctor sighed. That was annoying.

“Hey! The forest is gone but now that we can see a few feet in front, can’t we just move? We will see it eventually!” the wind was getting worse. The planet was changing fast. Mousy stared at her brother blankly.

“Does it look like we have an ‘eventually’? That red thing is spreading quickly! We need to find the TARDIS as soon as possible!” The Doctor bit his lip and thought about a plan. He was looking everywhere, trying to find a hint. Coincidentally, he noticed Jeremy’s cell phone. It was inside his jacket. His mind clicked and he started to laugh.

“Of course! Mousy, give me your phone!” She watched him warily but gave it to him nonetheless. The Doctor called himself. Once the ringing started, he could hear the TARDIS’ signal beeping. Their heads turned to the left and ran in that direction.

“It’s taking too much. I thought we’re getting closer. IT feels like we’re getting further away” The Doctor shook the cell phone until Mousy took it and glared at the Doctor.

“This is my phone. Don’t just use it as a toy. I’ll call again” The beeping was faint, but it was. “It comes from that hill” Jeremy sighed. He was tired and frustrated.

“It will take us some time. The red thing will probably eat us until we get there” The Doctor rubbed the back of his neck.

“That red thing is actually lava. Look at this planet. It’s changing back to how it originally looked. It becomes an empty, dangerous place. Without Peter, it’s nothing but a planet made out of volcanoes. Just like a person without imagination is nothing but a normal person. It has nothing magical and nothing special. It just exists and that’s all” Jeremy bent his head and looked to the side.

“You don’t have to feel bad, Jeremy. You were right. You can’t stay here and take care of a forgotten planet. You have to do greater things on Earth” Mousy smiled softly and patted his shoulder. The Doctor shook his head and chuckled. She was trying to much.

In the end, they did get on the hill. The TARDIS was only a few feet away. The lava was coming from everywhere. The water surrounding Neverland was probably nothing but lava. They had to get into the TARDIS in approximately 10 minutes or else they were going to die.

“Come on Mousy! We have to move fast!” Poor girl, she was short and her legs were getting numb. Jeremy was a few feet in front and could go back and carry her. Instead, the Doctor was closer. They had to run to make it in time. He got her on his back and ran. He passed Jeremy with a new found vigor. Jeremy’s eyes widened and he quickened his pace.

Once inside, Jeremy closed the door quickly. The Doctor let Mousy down and walked to his dear machine. He tapped and pushed some levers before he turned the screen to Jeremy. They saw the lava consuming the whole place. It was nothing but lava.

“That’s incredible. How could someone change it so much?” The Doctor glanced at him and patted his arm.

“Good job, Jeremy. You’ve done well. But I think you have to explain a lot of things to Mousy” They both heard someone scoff in the back. Jeremy glanced bemusedly at the Doctor and went to look around the TARDIS. He had to explain a lot of thing to Mousy, too.

“What did you mean back in front of the tree boy?” The Doctor started to get busy with the machine. He walked to the other side. Mousy narrowed her eyes at him and followed him closely.
“I asked you a question, Doctor” He moved again. She was right behind him. “Tell me” She whispered in the back of his neck. He jumped in surprise and rubbed the place. It felt tingly.

“I have nothing to tell you. Now please” He pushed her back yet leaned in to her face. “I need my personal space” She scoffed and watched him do anything but tell her the truth.

Since Jeremy was busy looking through the Doctor’s stuff and the Doctor was acting ignorant, Mousy remembered the box. Once she entered the TARDIS, she placed it on the stairs and forgot about it. Thankfully, it was still there. She smiled and shook it like a Christmas present.
The Doctor noticed it immediately and frowned.

“What’s that?” She froze. If the Doctor had secrets about her ring then she could have her own secrets. She turned quickly and hid the box behind her back,

“Nothing” The Doctor watched her warily and walked closer. He tried to catch a glimpse over her should but she move quickly. That happened a few more times.

“I saw it already, Mousy. Show me”

She glared at him and shook her head. He started to walk dangerously close. She knew what he was intending to do and started to walk backwards. She hit the wall and gulped. She ran past him but he caught one of her hands. It was the empty hand but the box wasn’t small. She couldn’t hold it in one hand, therefore she dropped it. Both travelers stared at it and blinked. She laughed nervously and ran to it. The Doctor did too. However, they both fell at Jeremy’s legs. He rolled his eyes and took the box.

“This is interesting. It looks like one of those puzzles from the Nancy Drew games” Two pairs of eyes blinked stupidly at him. “What? I like to play detective sometimes. I already finished the Sherlock Holmes games and got to Nancy Drew” He ignored the judgmental stares and walked towards the Doctor’s desk. He placed the box down and started to work on it.

“Can he resolve it? I mean, he is smart but isn’t that an alien thing?” The Doctor shrugged. He was as curious as her. Jeremy seemed full of extraordinary talents.

“That alien thing looks like Time Lord Technology. I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s a jewelry box” Mousy hummed. If that was how a jewelry box looked on Galiffrey then she wanted to see how the jewelries looked like.

“Is it going to take long? We still have to get back to the party” Jeremy was completely captivated by his new toy. He didn’t even hear her. She sighed and walked down to the central machine.
“This is going to be eventless”

An hour later, the Doctor was playing with his screwdriver and sitting on a near chair. Jeremy was still engrossed into the puzzle. Mousy moaned and walked towards the Doctor.

“I can’t believe we met Peter Pan and he ended up being the evil one” The Doctor glanced at her for a moment before he turned back to his screwdriver.

“Well, good stories usually come from pain. Besides, you met another Peter Pan than the one you read about. This one was nothing but a child who probably heard about Peter Pan and modified the story as he liked. He wasn’t human. You don’t have to feel sorry for him” She watched him in silence.

“Is that how you survived so long? Because you turned off some of your emotions?” He looked at her and frowned. She knew how to hit the wrong buttons. “Do it again. Tell me what you know about the connection between my body and the ring. You don’t have to feel sorry for me” He jumped on his feet and walked past her.

“I’m not going to do that” She hurried to his side and turned his head to her.

“Why? I am only a companion right? I’m someone you met by coincidence” The Doctor tilted his head to the side and held her hand. It was the hand with the ring on.

“I never said you are only a companion. I don’t think we met by coincidence, either. The TARDIS knew exactly when and where to land. I think it was the ring’s fault” He let her hand free and fully turned to her. “You’re the one who called me, Mousy. You were lonely and wanted someone who could understand you. The ring complied to your wishes. It postponed the regeneration process and got the TARDIS somewhere you could see it. That shows just how powerful it is”

“Why did you said I was the time ring? What are you hiding from me?” He was ready to respond when he got saved by a yell. Jeremy finished the puzzle and found it vital to let everyone know. He yelled in joy just like a kid. The Doctor closed his mouth and ran to the young man. Mousy scoffed. Jeremy had bad timing.

“I got it! Those long nights of looking for clues and spending money on detective books finally paid off. I have a bright mind, don’t I Doctor? I would make a great asset to you” The Doctor was, however, more intrigued by the box. The puzzle was done but it still didn’t open. He grabbed his screwdriver and pointed it at the lid. It opened instantly. They watched in amazement and curiosity. Inside was nothing but a ring.

Mousy heard Jeremy groan and walked to them. She glanced inside and saw the ring. Her eyes widened. She grabbed it and started to inspect it.

“It’s only a ring, Mouse” She frowned and looked at the Doctor.

“This is a Time Ring” The Doctor’s eyes widened and he took it from her.

“How’s that possible? The gatekeepers said yours is the only one active” She bit her lip and leaned against the desk.

“Exactly. The only one that’s active. This one is dormant. I wonder what would happen if someone would activate it” The Doctor shook his head and placed the ring into its box. HE closed it back and messed the puzzle.

“I guess we’ll never know” He smiled at the two Cavington’ and walked to his own business.

Jeremy glanced worriedly at his sister. It wasn’t a coincidence that she found it. She did it once, she could do it again. But what could happen if two rings were in the same place, on the same person?
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I came to the conclusion that this story can go on forever. Therefore, after this last adventure, Mousy and the Doctor will part ways. OR maybe not. I still have to think about that. Anyway, keep an eye on the finale because I want to end it with a bang :)