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The Time Ring

The Creator


“Knock, knock” Mousy rolled her eyes. She was on the bed, watching TV like a normal person. Her aunt’s party went surprisingly well and no one noticed their absence. “Knock, knock” She sighed and glanced at the door. It was half open and someone was trying to pull off some joke. It was stupid.

“Go do something with your life, Jeremy” She turned back to the TV and changed the channel. At some point, the cartoon stopped. Actually, the signal stopped. She bit the inside of her cheek and threw the remote aside. It was annoying. She needed television to get through the day. It was boring and she had no University to attend anymore.

“Knock, knock” Her head snapped to the door. Since there was nothing to throw beside the remote, she used it in her benefit. The sound stopped and she felt relieved. IT was nice to vent her annoyance on someone. She closed her eyes and laid back. “Knock, knock”
Her eyes opened widely and she walked towards the door.

“Seriously, Jere-“There was no one on the other side of the door. Actually, nothing was outside her room. Her eyes widened when she realized that what was once her living room became nothingness. It was only an empty hole. She wanted to get back in her room and go back to sleep.

It was probably a dream. Yes, just a dream. However, when she turned around, her room disappeared. She didn’t know exactly what to feel. She was sure that she was dreaming. She didn’t know what triggered such a dream.

“Knock, knock” That was weird. The sound was still coming from somewhere. She was stuck in between two empty holes. One was dark and one was bright. A normal human would choose the bright hole and jump in it. She didn’t and she had a good reason for it. She got pushed by some invisible force into the darkness.

She woke up with a jolt. She was still in her room but it seemed she fell off the bed while dreaming. She sighed and grabbed a hand through her hair. That was realistic. She had too much imagination.

She got on her feet and glanced between the door and the TV. Firstly, she turned the TV on. It was on a random channel and it seemed it was about wars. It was a documentary or something like that. But it was strange. She tilted her head to the side and blinked curiously.

“I didn’t know they had telekinesis powers in the Second World War” And they had futuristic technology and lasers. Alright, that was definitely strange. She looked at the door and noticed it was half open. She held her breath until she got in front of it. She placed her hand on the knob and pulled the door slightly. On the other side was not a hole. She sighed in relief. However, once she stepped into the hall, she realized something. “Wait. I wasn’t even home! The party wasn’t done yet!” When realization hit her, the whole place changed. IT actually melted away and left her in a battlefield.

People were running around and children were crying. She felt her heart beat faster in fear. She didn’t know why she was scared. She had never seen or lived something like that. One woman saw her and grabbed her shoulders. Mousy’s eyes widened. That was sudden and unexpected.

“You run child! They’re coming after us! They will kill us all for power!” She frowned and held onto that woman’s arms. “Ever since they found out about Aedifex, they forced him to their side!”

“Who?” The woman’s grip on her shoulders tightened.

“The Time Lords” The woman ran away and left Mousy all shaken up.

The whole world was on fire. There were bodies around every corner and the sky was bright red. It was a massacre. She flinched when she saw two kids holding onto each other for dear life. Their parents were nowhere in sight.

“They’ve been abandoned” She tried to help them but once she stuck her hand out towards them, they glared at her and growled. Their eyes changed. They didn’t have an iris. She had seen that before. “Gatekeepers. You are gatekeepers, aren’t you?” The kids seemed surprised and backed off. Eventually, they ran from her. But they were different. That woman looked very normal compared to the gatekeepers she met.

The planet was stumbling in darkness. She entered a back alley and got amazed by the complicated yet beautiful buildings. She heard a loud cracking sound and looked to her right. She could see a few skyscrapers crashing into each other and falling. It was a disaster.

“What happened here?”

“You don’t know?” She jumped in fear. She almost had a heart attack. “You forgot, already?” She turned in circles but she was absolutely sure she was all alone. Suddenly, her hand started to itch. It became worse by the second. Her whole arm vibrated. She yelled in pain and fell on her knees. The pain was spreading through her whole body.

“What the heck happens now?” She bit her lip and looked down. She saw it and she remained speechless. Her ring was glowing yet at the same time it looked like something was swirling inside the stone. It shined brightly and blinded her.

“Did you forget about me, Aedifex? Did you forget your master? Did you forget the Creator?” The pain was unbearable.

“What are you talking about? Who’s the Creator?” The voice chuckled.

“Indeed. That is the question. Who is the Creator?” The whole scenery changed into an empty, white room. She was still on her knees, holding onto her sides for dear life. She could only notice a pair of shoes in front of her face. Out of reflex, she started to raise her head to look at the so called mysterious person. He stopped her and pushed her head down. He bent next to her and leaned close to her hear. “Once upon a time, there was this girl. She was the brightest jewel in the box.

But the brighter she was shining, the more attention she was attracting. Just like a beautiful ring” Her eyes widened. “Tell me, Aedifex. I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold. What am I?”

“How should I know” The voice grunted in disappointment.

“No, no. That is not the right answer” He placed a hand on her head and ruffled her hair. “Who is the Creator?” That question again. She was sick of it. Was it really a dream? It felt too real.

“What if I can’t find the answer?” The voice laughed loudly. It only lasted a moment. He growled into her ear.

“The right answer is the only way to get back. If you can’t find it, you will cease to exist into your world. Do you want me to tell you what’s on the other side?” She didn’t respond. It sounded like the anonymous person got completely on his knees. He shifted around. He grabbed her head and touched her forehead with his chin. “Me. It’s only me” Her eyes widened and she leaned on her elbows. The pain disappeared completely.

“Fear” It kept silent. “The answer to your riddle; fear. Does that mean you are fe-“ She got it. She finally understood. She covered his hands with hers and forcefully straightened. She could finally see his face.

“You’re Noli, aren’t you? The box I found in Neverland had that name written on the side! Nori was the-“ That man was weird yet amazing. His eyes were shining brightly. He had an iris. He looked like a normal human, actually. The only difference was the form of his eyes and his cheekbones.
He kind of looked like a fairy. He was chubby yet his cheekbones were defined.

She tilted her head to the side and reached out to touch his face. He backed off and slapped her hand away. His eyes got the same color as the stone on her ring: yellow. A bright yellow. She could see something swirl in his orbs. Was it energy of some sort?

“You’re right” He got up and turned his back on her. “You can wake up now, Mousy” She frowned. He called her differently the whole time and now he was calling her name. And his voice changed too. It sounded alarming but he looked very calm. She got pushed back by a gust of wind.

“Mousy, wake up! You’re scaring me, you stupid sister!” She woke up like she just got back to life.

She was in the TARDIS and Jeremy was shaking her harshly. She slapped his hands away and glared at him. That didn’t take long, though. That guy’s face came up in her mind and she flinched.

“Are you alright, Mousy?” The Doctor was different. He was worried for her but there was something more. She rubbed her head and sighed heavily.

“It was only a nightmare” She didn’t believe her own words and neither did the Doctor. She talked in her sleep. He heard it. The Fear. The Creator. He heard it all.