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The Time Ring


Mousy woke up in an empty room. It looked nice and it had a relaxing atmosphere to it. She was in a chair and that Noli guy was on another chair, in front of her. He looked like he was pondering on some life changing thoughts.

“You got me here; again” He glanced at her and nodded. “I’m in the ring, aren’t I?” He nodded again. “Why?” Well, that question needed more than a nod. He crossed his arms in front of his
chest and raised an eyebrow. He seemed amused by her superficial thoughts.

“Your brother is wearing her ring” She sighed and rubbed her forehead. That Jeremy was a pain in the ass. He couldn’t help but get in trouble. They just got out of Neverland and he did that. “You don’t seem surprised”

“He just destroyed Neverland with an answer. I’m pretty sure he can destroy Earth with a simple ring” Noli chuckled and got up. He walked towards the window and made her a sign to come and sit next to him. She didn’t really have a choice. No, really. Her body was moving by itself.

“Watch” Her head moved and she looked outside. The city looked brand new. Actually, it looked really good. Most of the buildings were skyscrapers and were beautiful. They weren’t made of glass, like on Earth. They were all made of stone. What was weird was that the citizens looked very normal. They had normal cars and the whole planet didn’t seem to use the high technology for useless things.

“It’s amazing” He nodded. “It looks so peaceful and they’re all so happy” She remembered something important. “Are they living in my ring?” Noli chuckled and shook his head.

“Of course not. This is only an image of what this planet used to be like” He sighed heavily. He missed that life a lot. “You have my ring. I live here. I’m nothing but pure energy, though”

“So you died on that day, too” He stared at her blankly.

“I didn’t die. I killed myself” Her eyes widened. “Don’t ask me why. You’ll find out soon enough” He checked her out, yet not in a perverted way. He was simply curious of how much she looked like that girl. “You look so much like her but you behave so differently”

“You’re talking about that Aedifex, aren’t you?” He tilted his head to the side.

“I am Aedifex” She frowned. She was confused. “Noli Aedifex. That is my name. I am the son of a jeweler”

“Your name was on the box” He nodded. He pointed at her ring.

“This ring is mine. You found it because she wanted you to” He was rather calm. He was dead so that was the main reason why he wasn’t worried for time and space. But he was worried for that ring.

“Who is she? And why is she so dangerous? Aren’t you the Fear?” She hit some sensible chord because he narrowed his eyes at her.

“Her name is Spei. She looks a lot like you and she is the Fear” The situation was getting weirder.

“My name means Fear for you humans but I was actually the Hope of this planet. I created a way to monopolize time. The Time Lords saw it as being against the Time rules and exiled me. When I came back, Spei was using my invention to fight against Time Lords. My planet has been destroyed by pride and selfishness” He looked genuinely sad. She reached out to touch his arm but he slapped her hand as if she had some disease.

“You’re confusing. You tell me something that makes you bad but find something else to exonerate you from any fault. What is the truth?” He closed his eyes. When he opened them, he had energy swirling around his pupils. It looked mesmerizing.

“Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Use just one word” She stared into his eyes. His orbs were made almost entirely by energy. She could see only one thing.

“Fear” He chuckled. His eyes came back to normal and he returned to his seat. He ordered her to do the same. She complied silently. It wasn’t like she could do something else.

“You have your answers. I already told you enough to realize what’s going on. Keep Jeremy close and don’t make him feel lonely. It will only make him fall into her charms” Mousy nodded. She had more questions than answers but that was fine. She only had to talk with the Doctor and place every piece of information in order.

“Do you know how your planet looks now?” She was curious. He shook his head.

“I don’t want to stain that beautiful image I created here. I prefer to live in a lie than face reality”

She knew it was already too much. He actually opened up in front of her; kind of. She was so curious and intrigued by him and the planet. He knew everything about the ring. He could tell her what she wanted to know.

“What if I want to talk to you again?” He turned his back to her and crossed his arms behind his back.

“I’m on your finger. I have been here for a long time now” He glanced at her over his shoulder and smirked. “I saved your life so many times without you realizing it. You owe me your life” She blinked in astonishment. Did he just tell her she owed him her life? What the-

She felt a sudden pain in her head and closed her eyes tightly. She woke up in the TARDIS. The Doctor was beside her. He was worried but at the same time, he was dying to find out what happened. He was probably more curious and excited than worried for her. Her eyes moved behind him, to her brother. Jeremy looked different. She couldn’t really point out why but he was different; evil.

In the end, Mousy didn’t tell the Doctor anything. He didn’t pester her too much. He noticed how much she was trying to avoid Jeremy so he decided to let her tell him when she was ready. That moment came a week later. Christmas was over and the New Year arrived. However, Mousy did try to follow Noli’s advice. They spent Christmas with the Doctor. They all slept over her house. The Doctor was amazed of the insides of her apartment.

“You’re hacking into the Scotland Yard’s database” She grabbed a cookie and walked behind him.

“MI6 too. I like to play dangerous” The Doctor glanced bewildered at her. She had some courage to do that. “I didn’t dig too deep. I only looked some names up. I was curious” He still kept his bewildered expression. She rolled her eyes and turned on the TV.

Against what he believed, she had enough money to buy herself a large and comfortable apartment. Of course, It was messy and a little dusty. But, much like her familial house, she had a lot of antique objects.

“Hey, sis. I have a few errands to make so I’ll be late” He left without a second word. Mousy frowned. She felt like she should follow him.

“What are you doing?” She blinked innocently. The Doctor already knew she was going head first into some dangerous situation.

“I’m going to buy groceries. Yes; groceries” She smiled and left the apartment. The Doctor rolled his

Once everyone left, he had the chance to follow his own theories. He was intrigued what that ring actually meant. The Time Lords labeled it as a potential weapon against time and space but it already saved Mousy a few times. While he was looking for hints regarding Gatoradius 7, the TARDIS rang. He responded immediately and froze.

“Hello, Doctor! It’s been some time, hasn’t it?” Well, that was a surprise.

“Captain Jack. Oh this is getting interesting!” The Doctor smiled. If Torchwood was getting involved, then the fun was only beginning.

On the other hand, Mousy was following her brother closely. No one really paid attention to her, thankfully. Jeremy did go to the bank and library but afterwards, he entered a sex shop. Her right eyebrow was twitching.

“What the heck, Jeremy”

After ten minutes, Jeremy still didn’t leave the shop. She was having some crazy idea swirling in her mind. She glanced to the left and right. Everyone was busy doing something. She took a deep breath and entered the shop. She went straight to the clerk. She didn’t even glance twice around her.

“Hey, kid. Are you even allowed to enter?” She stared at him blankly.

“There was a guy who entered a few minutes ago. Where is he?” The clerk raised an eyebrow and leaned against the desk.

“Not before you show me an ID” She glared at him but gave him her ID nonetheless. HE seemed surprise to find her real age. “Well?”

“He didn’t buy anything. He just wanted to use our restroom” He smirked. “A lot of things happen behind there. It’s been some time already. Who knows what he’s doing back there” She bit her lip and tried to be silent. She felt like punching someone but she didn’t want to get dragged out by some bulky bodyguard.

She went after him. She was a little skeptical to open the door. It looked very unhygienic. However, she entered the men restroom. The sigh was horrible. People were definitely having sex in there some times.

“But he’s not here” She checked every cubicle and every corner of that infected bathroom. Her brother wasn’t inside. She sighed. The clerk didn’t see him leaving so he was there, somewhere. Her eyes widened. “Somewhere” She glanced at her ring. “Could he get inside the ring, as well? Is that possible?” The ring didn’t react. She had no choice but give up for the moment. She walked towards the sink and washed her hands. She felt filthy being there. It wasn’t her style. While she was checking her face in the mirror, she got a surprise.

The face reflecting in the mirror was hers but not really. Her hair was curly and her eyes were yellow. They had the same energy swirling through them. She poked the mirror but her reflection didn’t move.

“You’re her, aren’t you?” The woman nodded. “You’re Spei. Then, you have my brother” She nodded, again. That was very familiar. “Do you know only to nod? All of you?” She blinked. She had a blank expression and Mousy couldn’t really figure if she meant any danger or not.

“I gave you the ring” She narrowed her eyes at the woman in the mirror.

“Should I give you some special thank you speech? It’s not even your ring” Spei chuckled and tilted her head to the side.

“It’s my time now” Mousy was overwhelmed by everything. The issues were just coming one after another. She needed a break from all that fantasy crap.

“Where is my brother?” She looked at the small window in the corner. Mousy stared stupidly at the mirror. “He’s a big boy. He has some long legs and arms. It’s impossible for him to get through” The woman smiled softly at Mousy. She was really weird; just like the other one.

“Nothing is impossible once you posses the Time Ring” Of course. Why didn’t she think about it like that? That ring was the answer to everything. But the answers regarding the ring were still so vague.