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The Time Ring

The Promise


On her way to her old room, Mousy heard noise coming from the stairs. She shrugged. She was thinking that it was just her mother. She didn't interrupt her already planned route. She didn't have to knock on the door because it was already opened.

"Daddy, where are you going this time?" The man looked down at his daughter and patted her head.

"I found something interesting near Stonehenge" The girl's eyes were glistening in the sun light, making them seem bigger than they were.

"You promised you'll take me with you this time" Mousy's eyes widened. She completely forgot about that.

"I can't. But I promise I'll let you tag along next time. Both of us, going on an adventure" The girl smiled happily yet the look in her eyes was one of disappointment. Mousy couldn't bear the sight anymore and knocked. Both heads turned to her and smiled.

"Hy" The man walked out and let the two girls talk about 'important' matters. "You're father is a really nice man" Mandy smiled up at her older self and nodded. Mousy walked towards the bed and sat down. "Come here" She patted the bed. Mandy walked and sat next to her.

"You know your mother really loves you, right?" She nodded.

"But I'm still sad she never plays with me" The child's pout was heart melting.

"But you have her. I lost mine when I was just a little bit older than you" Mandy's face saddened and bent her head down. Mousy's eyes softened considerably since she actually entered the room. "Amanda there comes a time in life when things don't go too well. You have to be strong and get over those times" Mandy looked up with her big green eyes at Mousy, not really understanding. "Listen to me. Be strong" She nodded slowly. Mousy smiled and kissed her forehead. "Good" She got up and walked out letting a curious but happy Mandy behind.

"What are you doing?" She was just coming from a very interesting discussion with her younger self, preparing her for the events that will take place tomorrow and now she saw the Doctor sneaking to the stairs. He stopped in place when he heard her voice. "Trying to get in the lab?" She asked curious about his answer.

"Well I just wanted to get a better look at" He glanced around trying to invent a good excuse. He couldn't tell her about his discussion with Victor.

"The lab" In the end Doctor looked up at her with puppy eyes and grinned. "Wait until mom goes to sleep" She walked next to him and both went downstairs. There was empty. Mousy sat down while the Doctor was still trailing around, looking at paintings.

"Mousy do you know why your father gave you the ring?" Mousy looked up at him and shook her head.

"No. I guessed it was just because I was his daughter and it was precious to him" He looked down at her thoughtfully.

"But did he know about its actual importance?" She shrugged.

"Why do I have this feeling that you know something I don't?" He put his hands behind and started pacing around.

"Because I do" Mousy titled her head in one side curious.

"Then enlighten me, Doctor"

"Let's say I talked to your father and he told me some news" Mousy leaned back into the couch and folded her hands.

"And? I already know he will leave early in the morning because he needs to fulfill his life dream"

"Not just that" The Doctor was still pacing in the room when he choose to start looking closer at the random artifacts there.

"Don't run around the bush" He looked up at her, serious.

"He knew about the ring. He knew the mystery around it. He wanted you to have it because he thought you were the only one that could handle it. There is a connection between you and the Time Ring"

"And now you're telling me that dad didn't actually find the ring, it was actually the other way around?" The Doctor nodded. Mousy got up and shook her head. "Really?" She asked sarcastically. The Doctor walked in front of her.

"He told me. Oh yeah, and you should take the ring off. He already caught glimpse of it" They both looked down at her hand and Mousy smirked.

"Alright, then. Take it off" The Doctor looked curious at her but took her hand and tried to take off the ring. Unfortunately, when he grabbed the item, an energy wave pushed him hard. The Doctor flew to the other side of the room, directly into the wall, falling on a small table.

"Whew. Alright. I guess this doesn't work" His big eyes were ever wider and he was still recovering from the hit. Mousy walked to him and stuck her hand out. He didn't take it, just stared. "I would prefer the other hand" Mousy chuckled and stuck out her other hand and helped him up.

"So the Time Ring was 'destined' to me?" She asked pointing out the quoting signs. The Doctor seemed pretty casual.

"Yes. That's exactly what I mean" She rolled her eyes.

"Did he tell you when is he going to give it to me?" He glanced at her over his shoulder.

"Shouldn't you know that already? We're in your past" She stared blankly at him.

"I don't know everything, I'm not miss know-it-all"

"You've fooled me" He mumbled but Mousy heard it clearly and glared at his retreating figure.