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The Time Ring

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"What just happened?" The Doctor and Mousy were back in the house after the terrible kidnapping. Mousy was shocked, sad, mad, angry and other bad adjectives.

"Someone kidnapped me from under my nose" The Doctor didn't really know what to do. They didn't even know who that man was. "What do we do now?" She asked raising her head.

"Find who kidnapped you" She rolled her eyes.

"No shit Sherlock" The Doctor glared at her and grabbed her wrist. "Where are we going?" The Doctor didn't respond. He dragged her back to the lab where Patricia was, typing on her computer. When she heard the door open she got up from the chair, surprised.

"What-how did you get in here?" The Doctor ignored the woman and pushed Mousy in front of her.

"Ask her. She knows" Mousy looked incredibly at the Doctor and trailed her eyes to her mother.

"That's impossible. I know she's insane and she used me but how could she know? That technology doesn't work in this time" The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"Ask her" Mousy wanted to say more but she stopped. She glanced at her mother.

"Where is she?" Patricia looked curiously at Mousy.

"Where is who?"Mousy glared at her mother. Every time Patricia was lying she had the habit to blink fast.

"You know. I can't believe it! You actually know!" She wanted to go and slap Patricia but the Doctor caught her waist and stopped her from moving.

"Is she alright?" The Doctor narrowed his eyes at Patricia too.

"I know. You don't have to keep up the act"

"What do you know?!" Patricia glared at both visitors. "You should get out of my house" Mousy's eyes widened and the Doctor could swear she was going to blow up or spit flames.

"Get out of your house?! This is my hou-" She got interrupted by the Doctor's hand covering her mouth.

"We will go if you tell her why Mandy's father left early" He looked serious. "And who was that man" The Doctor was pretty pissed and scared the older woman. She sighed and sat back on her chair.

"I don't know. He came a few days ago and told me he can help me with my experiment" Mousy raised an eyebrow. "The man I'm using right now has an old and rusty heart. I need a new body and he told me there's someone who would offer but I have to give him some ring" Mousy was surprised. She took a deep breath.

"You told da-Victor to leave early and he gave you the ring to give me, I mean to Mandy" She nodded. Mousy slapped her. The sound was loud. The Doctor backed off. "Have you gone completely insane?! That man just took Mandy through a portal! This means she could be anywhere!" Patricia's eyes widened.

"That wasn't part of the deal. I gave him the ring and he gave me someone else. He never said anything about Mandy" Mousy inhaled slowly and exhaled even slower. She glanced at the Doctor worriedly.

"Help me" The Doctor raised an eyebrow but nodded nonetheless.

In the end, the Doctor and Mousy went back to the TARDIS. Mousy was pacing back and forth while the Doctor tried to localize Mandy.

"I can't find her" He mumbled annoyed, still typing. Mousy sighed.

"It's alright" Her eyes traveled from the Doctor down to her ring. "Please" She pulled the ring closer to her face. "Find her. Find my younger self"
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