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The Time Ring

Back In The Future

Mousy gasped when the TARDIS started to shake and the ring started to glow red. The Doctor looked around, amazed. When the police box stopped, both travelers walked out to find themselves in the same place. They ran where the house was and entered. There was no one.
"Do you think we are in a different dimension?" The Doctor shrugged.

"I don't know " Mousy sighed and glanced around the room. She walked to the wall and looked at the calendar. She gasped and glanced at the Doctor.

"It's that day. 13 June 1995. The day of the fire" Mousy didn't wait for the Doctor and ran to the entry of the lab. There was no shelf of books and the door was wide open.

"It seems someone's already here" They couldn't take the elevator down because there was none. Mousy walked out the library when she remembered something else. She ran to the room both her and the Doctor slept in. It looked the same. "What should be here?"

"My brother's room. But there's no one, no toys, no small bed, no Jeremy" The Doctor looked worriedly at Mousy.

"We should find you" She nodded and closed the door. They walked back in the living room.

"We should split. I go and look in the lab and you take the rest of the house" He raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Why do you go in the lab and I stay here?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Because I might find what I was actually looking for"

He nodded and walked into another room. Mousy watched him until he got out of sight. When she thought the Doctor was far enough, she glanced at the family painting in the room and opened it. On the other side was a button. She pushed it and the small wall under the stairs opened. She put back the painting and walked through the door. On the other side was the lab. She walked in and looked around. It was the same. Everything was the same and it was weird. She turned on the computer and screen opened on her mother's journal. She sighed and started to read.

Meanwhile, the Doctor didn't find anything. He looked through the kitchen, the dining room and hall and there was nothing out of its place. Actually, everything was exactly the same as five years ago. He walked back into the living to see no Mousy. He raised an eyebrow and walked upstairs. He looked in Mandy's old room and in the parental room but again, there was no clue of what happened. When he closed the door to Patricia and Victor's room he saw something moving at the end of the hall. He grabbed his sonic screwdriver and pointed it around. The item started to glow. The Doctor walked in that direction slowly. When he arrived there, he heard someone moving. There was another pair of doors. One on the right and one on the left.

"Ini, mini, miney, mo. What door should I choose?" He went with the left. It was dark when he opened the door but there was indeed something. He almost tripped from something. He pointed the screwdriver at it, illuminating it. He gasped. It was Mandy.

"Mandy? Come on, wake up" He shook her a little and she opened one eye. "Are you alright?" She nodded groggily. The Doctor smiled and took her in his arms. He took her in her old room and put her gently on the bed. "What happened after that man took you, Amanda?" She looked down at her hands.

"I don't know for sure. He said something about a ring and how ungrateful daddy was for finding it. He also said how ungrateful I am for my given life. I don't understand" The Doctor looked softly at her.

"It's alright, now. Can you tell me how he looked?" She furrowed her eyebrows while thinking deeply; exactly like Mousy.

"I think I saw him before. He came to dinner. He was a friend of daddy's" She looked up with big green innocent eyes. "Doctor, is it true that daddy died?" The Doctor looked surprised.

"Yes. Yes, it is. But this wasn't supposed to happen" She nodded, understanding half of what the Doctor was saying. "Stay here while I search for your mommy and Mousy" She nodded and tucked the pillow closer.

The Doctor walked into the hall, back to those two new found doors. He was curious what was behind the right door.

While the Doctor found new clues, Mousy read her mother's journal. It seemed things changed drastically after Mandy's kidnapping. Patricia died a few days ago and she had a miscarriage, so that was why Jeremy was nowhere to be found. Victor died in that plane crash and everyone who ever worked in that house left. People from the city were thinking that the Cavington mansion was haunted and they never came around it. She didn't find out what happened that night because that night wasn't going to happen anymore. She sighed desperately and punched the computer.

"Dammit!" She was frustrated and mad. She wanted to look around for the last time and leave but something unexpected happened. The screen turned on on its own. "Who the hell are you?" She asked the man on the screen. She was annoyed with the past events and that was just adding more fuel to the fire.

"Nice to see you too, Amanda" Mousy's eye twitched. "My, you've grown so much" Her eye didn't stop twitching.

"I ask again. Who the hell are you?" The man on the screen chuckled.

"And you've got your mother's sense of humor. How nice. I bet you attract troubles like your father too. Who knows, maybe you'll die in a plane crash in the future" Mousy's eyes widened.

"You! You are the man who took me here" He chuckled and nodded.

"Oh, we start to figure the situation out, huh?" She glared daggers at him.

"Where is the ring?" He scoffed. Mousy glanced around, looking for a clue to tell her where the man was in that moment. Unfortunately, there was none.

"The ring, yeah. Your father gave it to you, oh wait. He didn't. He gave it to your mother and she gave it to me" She kept silent. "Ungrateful man. He never knew what he found on that day. He thought it was just a ring. A beautiful ring with a blue sapphire in the middle. But we both know it's much more than that" Mousy glanced at her hand. The ring was still there. Hopefully, it was going to stay on her finger.

"Why did you kidnap me? You could have just taken the ring and I would have died because my body couldn't support the experiment. I would have died after a year" The man stared intently at the young woman.

"Indeed. The ring was more than enough. In the end, I helped Victor find it through the ruins. But I knew I couldn't use it. The ring can be controlled by one person and that" He took a deep breath and continued. "is you" Mousy's eyes widened in shock.
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