Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

Roxanne Martin is a 16 year old Resident of Oakland CA. She and her friends initially start out to have a good natured fun filled night. When worst comes to worst they think to go trick or treating somewhere else. What happens on Halloween in Oakland? Read and Find out.
  1. Its...DA BEGINNING!
    So she has her recruits, and theres what? CANDY SHYA!
  2. Wow sweet place
    Dah Partay
  3. Shit
    Jees, sounds like she has problems.
  4. It all goes to shit
    so still pretty damn long, and yes, course, drama
  5. Thank ***.
  6. blarg
    Sorta a filler but its better than nothing
  7. Good stuff
  8. Drama in The world of Green
    another bit of a filler, soon I hope to end it within 2 two chappies. I'll try and make em more frequent loves!
  9. Saved
    so some more drama but alot of it ends in good. whats gonna happen from there?
  10. New beginnings and new sadness
    Just read and see. Its pretty short but better than nothing right?
  11. Old Skool much?
    some new stuff and happiness for a while right?
  12. Fun Days
    The guys mess around and Rox finally see's what a fun night with Green Day is Like.