Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist


As I sat there, waiting for my two best friends to get dressed on Halloween night, I was recalling the past events to get here.

Two Weeks Before

"Kaaatherine, one of my bestest friends in the whole wide worllld."

"What do you want?"she said over the scratchy receiver

"Well, I was wondering-"

"Oh no, there you go wondering again,"she said in her sarcastic tone. Really. Katherine is one of my best friends, it's just lately she knows if I use that tone, it's usually having her do something she doesn't want to do, and lately that has been everything Green Day. She likes em'. But I think I have scared her off a bit...

I made a face on the other end of the receiver and continued to talk

"Well, like I said before I was so RUDELY interrupted, I was wondering what you were going to be for Halloween?" I had this evil scheme in my head, that by now I imagine you have already guessed it. But lets leave that to the appropriate moment shall we?

"We have had this talk before..I don't know. I wanted to be something at my school for Halloween." Damn...I don't go to the same school as her..and there fore wouldn't be able to put together my master plan! NO! Must think...Must think...

" is my proposition for you."

"Oh boy here it comes."

'Well, why don't you be something easy to put together to go to school in and be with me and another friend as a REALLY cool Halloween costume. A 'Package deal' if you will," I was really laying it on thick, but I needed her, she had just the right height and eyes for someone.

"Uhhg, Roxaaaaane, I don't waaaant to." she said imitating my voice from earlier, but I knew she was about to cave.

"Plllllease? I mean, I'll buy you a hat, a really big one." I used that 'Pirates of the Caribbean' quote to her because we are such big nerds, and I knew it would make me look cute.

There was a pause at the receiver.



"But the one question is.....who am I going to be? Dear God don't say Billie Joe or I am going to scream." She really wasn't fond of Billie. I mean, I like him, but she seemed to think he was the worst looking person you could find. I disagreed with this, although he wasn't my taste. Beside, it would look odd for someone that's about 5'8 to be playing a much shorter BJ.

"No, no, I had a better idea."

"Tre?" she said with a glimmer of hope. Everyone always wants to be Tre. Just cause he's so damn cool.

"I'll give you one more guess." I said obviously.

She sighed "Ok, fine, Mike is cool with me."

"Well, look at it this way, you have the perfect height, AND you have the eyes. All we got to do is when we are all ready, go to the costume store in the mall and pick up a few wigs! It's perfect," I was very content...well, mostly. Still had to get the other band member.

"Yeah, I knew someone was going to use my height against me for a Halloween costume. I KNEW it."

"Oh, come on it's not that bad. At least your not like, a chess piece or anything."

"....I was gonna be that.."

"Katherine, my friend, I have saved you from Halloween hell."

"Meh, yeah your right, so when do you want to meet at the mall?"

"Tomorrow, in front of Hot Topic. 4:30 ok with you?"

"Yeah, Why do we have to go to Hot Topic?"

"Because HT always has crud like that, and we have to pick up some Adeline products for it anyway."

"Mk, I guess I'll bring my debet card just to be safe."

"Thanks Katherine. Hey I gotta go, see you tomorrow k?"

"Yeah, Bye Roxanne"

Back in Present

Katherine just came out of the bathroom with the clothes on I laid out for her. We were in her house and I was waiting for her and my other best friend to get ready, I was gonna be last.

Katherine came out like a female version of Mike Dirnt, I was completely satisfied. We just had to put her wig on, put in the earring, and some make up to hide the skin line from the wig, and the tattoo's. Ok, Ok, so we had a little while to go till she actually looked like the 'Female Version of Mike Dirnt', but it could've been worse.

"OK Katheirne put your hair up so we can get this wig on." I had a platinum blonde guys wig. I had already styled it with some moose. If you couldn't tell by now, we are going as the modern version of Green Day. I wish we could do old Green Day, but I hate to say that it wouldn't be as recognized as the guys today.

She did as she was told, and I put it on her head fast, so that the hair didn't slip. We secured it with a few bobby pins. Good.

"Wow, I am happy with that. OK Katherine, put the dumbbell earring in your left ear and lets get these sharpies ready to paint!" We had to put the tattoo's on her. She was wearing a black shirt with no sleeves, and some track pants, with red and black in them. So we needed to do that, since the skin was visible.

This was going to be difficult, seeing Katherine is the artist. She is going to do everyone else's tattoo's, but since Vicky was getting ready, I had to do them. Or basically, Katherine had to do, my tattoo's. Vicky had none that showed. So we didn't really need to worry about that.

This was gonna take a while. Vicky had gotten here only 10 minutes ago, and she wanted to take a shower, and I just said fuck it and let her. Damn, why did I do that.

40 minutes later

"Done!" I said as I colored in the last tattoo. God, Mike had a lot of tattoo's. And since I colored them in it took even longer, but I wanted this to look authentic. We started this at about 3 pm, trick or treat was around 8. Yes, we are 16 and we still Trick or Treat, get over it.

"Yay!" She said jumping out of the chair. She put the dumbbell earring in her left ear and the make-up around her hairline for the wig. She stood back and I looked at the finished product.

"Brilliant! Katherine your costume is done!" We are stopping by a party about 6, but other than that, we are trick or treating for Halloween.

Just as I finished on Katherine, Vicky came out.

Two Weeks ago right after Katherine's Call

I was Calling Vicky's house, this all laid on her, we needed her to fill in for Billie Joe. I wanted to be Tre, bad. I mean, Tre is very shmexy, and he is just fricken awesome.

I held onto the receiver anxiously waiting for someone to pick up, please, let someone pick up.

"Hello?" Her old windbag grandmother, the beast itself picked up

I dubbed a sweet tone "Hello? Is Vicky there?"

"Yes hold on a moment." I could here her scream away from the receiver


I could here a faint "WHAT?"


"Who is it??!!"


"Oh ok." she came running up to the receiver, I could hear her chains dangling behind her. She was hardcore. Yes, chains and hair, and music in all. I could only pray she would say yes.

"Hey Rox. What's up?"

"Viiiiiicky,my bestest friend in the whooooole wiiiide woooorld."

"What do you want?" by now I imagine you have figured I use to whiny tone to bring up something I want, in this figuring you are correct.

"Well, what are you going to be for Halloween?"

"An organization 13 member."she said simply. Damn her and her Anime' ways.

"Aww, come on Vicky, don't you want to be something with your bestest friend?" I made the voice again.

"*sigh* What Rox?"

I said this quite fast "CouldYouBeBillieJoeWithMeAndKatherineAsGreenDay?"

"...come again?"

" *sigh* Could you....*gulp* please be Billie Joe in our Green Day costume. I already got Katherine to be Mike. PLLLEASE???"

"But I want to be Zexion!!"

"You can do that at school."


"Plllease?" she knew I was making the googly eyes.

"Grr, fine I will be Green Day with you, BUT I'M NOT BILLIE!"

"What? Come on, your perfect for Billie! You got the eyes and EVERYTHING!"

"Rox...I have brown eyes, not green."

" have the eyebrows!"

"You have brown eyebrows too."

"Well. I mean... I WANTED TO BE TREEEE!" I said in a whiny voice

"See, you even HAVE the voice to play Billie!" she always made fun of the way he sings. She said he has a whiny singing voice. I am always the one to stick up for BJ in my friends circle. Although, I imagine BJ doesn't give a rat's arse if I do or not.

"But Vicky-"

"I am Tre or no deal." Damn, she just laid down the law. Damnit, sometimes I wish Vicky wasn't so damn stubborn...damn

"Fine. But promise me that you will let ME do your costume ok? I don't want a hardcore Tre Cool."

"Well, Tre is into S&M and all that leather stuff and-"

"I get the point Vicky, but no."


"Vicky, just meet me and Katherine at Hot Topic tomorrow at 4:30 k? I gotta jet."

"Ok, see ya Rox."



Vicky came out of the bathroom. She was in the Tre outfit I laid out for her. In the black pants, black shirt, and white and black striped tie. She looked decent, I STILL think I could've pulled off a better Tre. But of course, Vicky, the turd, had to use my own will against me and switch it around to were she got what she wanted.

"Mmmkay, Vicky, put the wig on."I said mad. I wanted to wear the friggen faux hawk. She put it on, and I applied the eyeliner on her. Tre wears a lot of eyeliner. Of course I will be wearing just as much, I'm gonna be fricken Billie Joe Armstrong. He should have his own brand of eyeliner. Since her arm wasn't showing, we didn't have to do the Product of East Bay Tat. Although, only I would know that. She doesn't deserve to be Tre'. That's enough of the whining. Now for me to get dressed.

I went into the bathroom to get ready.

Two weeks ago, shopping at the mall

I was waiting by the entrance of Hot Topic, well, I slipped away for a few moments to get a smoothie at Cold Stone, then came back. I was sipping away at my berry smoothie as Katherine came up. I already started imagining the Mike Dirnt ordeal on her. I was already plotting.

"Ello poppet." Katherine said. Yes, I said it earlier, we are POTC nerds. Lay off.

"Sames to you dear pirate."

"So what up?"

"Well, we just got to wait for Vicky and then we can go into Hot Topic for some stuff."

"Mmmkay, mind if I have a sip of your smoothie?"

"Go right on ahead."

She sipped and the said "So what all do we need to get?"

"Well, lets see.."I said reading off the list I had in my hand.

"For you we need, a dumbbell earring, and the sleeveless black shirt. For Vicky, we need a black and white tie, and a black shirt. For me, we need a red tie, a black short shirt from Adeline with the red star on the pocket, and some of those blacksneeker shoes. That's all we need from Hot Topic. We got to go to the Halloween store and pick up some make-up and wigs. OH before I forget, pick up some eyeliner when you come over to my house k?"

"Yeah no prob." she took my hand with the smoothie in it and had another sip.

And here comes Vicky

"Hey Vick."

"Hey Rox, hey Katherine, sorry I was late, I had to pick up some gas on the way here, and-"

"It's all right Vick, we know how it is. Lets get shopping."

"Mmmkay." As we entered The Store, I assigned the different objects to each of them, and we set off in the store. This was going to be a task for me not to get sidetracked in Hot Topic. I love this store, and it's very difficult for me to not start looking at everything.

I went over to the adeline section, and there was the shirt. I grabbed it up quickly hoping no one would grab it, even though no one else was there. I was caught up in the excitement. I grabbed the Red Tie, and started off to one of the assistants.

"Excuse me, uh- do you guys have the black sneeker tennies?"

"Yeah! What size do you need?"

"Uh, since their in guys' sizes, 7."

"Yeah, here ya go." She handed me the box


I made my way over to Katherine, who was deciding which earring to get. There were a couple of styles of dumbbell earrings. I just said to get the original one, which was a medium size. Although the one with the skull on the end was pretty sweet, it would have to wait for another time. So she asked the assistant to open up the case so she could get it out. I went over to Vicky, who was trying to find a black and white tie. I saw it sticking out from the pile of ties, and gave it to her. She already had her shirt, as well as Katherine, so we went to the register. We paid and left for the Halloween store.

We entered the store and the two looked at me for what to get. I know I was the one who drug them both into it, I guess I got to tell them what to get.

"All right guys, this is were we get to have fun, get a wig for whatever guy you have, I'll get some make-up for the hairline, and if you see anything cool tell me."

They figured that was enough of direction, so they went off and started looking.

I had taken a lot of money out from my bank account for this. I just wanted it to be authentic. With any luck, I could get on the fan page of GSB or maybe Green Day Authority

I started to look for a black shaggy looking wig. I found a black wig, and it was just a black basic guys wig, and I was sure it would be perfect with a little moose. I started looking around for the make-up, and found it immediately. Now I was just looking around for fun. Then I saw them...

"Guys! Come here!" I said quickly.

"What?" they said in unison.

"Dude, guys, I found colored contacts." I showed the contacts to them

"Wow! That's great!...but look at the price."

"Listen, Since you guys paid for your stuff over at HT, I'll pay for the contacts ok?"


"Great!" really, only me and Vicky needed contacts, but this was gonna turn out great.

We paid for the stuff and left. I couldn't wait to get started.


I got out of the bathroom, decked out in my HT gear I had, we all had the pants to match before we went shopping anyway. I had on my black pipecleaners, black Adeline shirt, and red tie. Now, I know why BJ wears those shoes, they make you feel tall really fucking tall!

"Ok, I'm coming out." I said.

I came out and they started snickering.


"You look way too much like him."

"Yeah yeah watever. Your just jealous of this." I touched my finger to my ass and hissed while trying to get the wig on. I got it on and tucked the loose strands of hair in the wig. I got the green contacts and put them in. I stood back and looked in the mirror. Shit. Scary what a Green Day fan can accomplish.

I started putting on eyeliner. about 2 minutes later I sat down on the chair for Katherine to start on my tattoo's.

35 minutes later

"Finally!" I said as Katherine colored in the last bit of the tattoo with the photostrip of 80 in it.

I jumped out of the chair and over to my guitar my dad gave me before he died. about 3 years ago as it were. I was gonna bring my acoustic guitar for effect. So I put it around me and put the guitar on my back.

"You guys ready to book?"

"Yep!" So we made our way to Katherine's car. She had the nicest out of us all, it was a sweet old mustang. Cherry red. like 75'.

"Ok, so what are the directions to Sam's house?"Sam, was all our friend since 6th grade, even though we still don't all go to the same school, Sam has kept contact with us all since then. We all hang out a lot.

"Oh here."I handed her the mapquest page to Sams house and off we went. We were gonna be there for about 2 hours, and then go trick or treating. You can't miss out on free Candy! Come on. You'd do it too wouldn't you?