Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

New beginnings and new sadness

Rox's POV

He and I looked at each other for a few more moments. Comfortable taking in the silence and the magnatude of what just happened. You could tell neither of us could express what we felt very easily. Only way was through music. As if he read my mind he coughed lightly and said

'Wanna go jam or something in the studio downstairs?' quietly with a smile still behind his lips.
I smiled and gave a small nod before we both went down to the basement together. Feeling the newfound connection. It was family love. And it felt good to have again.

It felt good to care.


Mikes POV

I walked up to the living room to find Tre watchin T.V. I guess he hasn't moved much.

"Hey Tre man. I need to talk to you. Now." my voice was somewhere between anger and disappointment but I couldn't really tell. His face knew something was up and he stood up imedeatly.

"Mike...whats goin on?" he said lookin at me worriedly.

"Dude.." I said taking a deep breath. Keep calm mikey boy don't get angry,

"Why did you do it?" I said finally looking at him

"Do..w-.oh.." he said looking at me in realization.

"I, well, I care for her..I just wanted to be open and give the opportunity." he said insecurly.

I stood there for a moment watching him. Studying him. I've always had trouble reading this guy but then it became evident. He misses Ramona like crazy. I don't know if he wanted Rox to fill that or what, but I saw a sad man. With a daughter that lives on the other side of the country.

I sighed and sat back down.

" can't. This bond they have is too strong of a one to mess with." I said shaking my head.

"I...I know but just maybe yaknow.." his features grew sad and I pulled him down and gave him a hug. I said

"Man its alright. Shes gonna stay with one of us. Either way we'll be able to see her alot ok?" I pulled away from him and looked him in the eye. "You know which one she's going to stay with right?"

He nodded hesitantly and looked down at the ground then back up at me. "Billie." then he sighed and got up. His usually ecstatic features were dimmed and the glow faded. He grabbed the keys from his pocket and jingled them for a second then said. "Listen tell Bill and Rox I left ok? I'll be back later. C ya around man." he said walking off rather quickly and then out the front door.

I sighed and rubbed my face. You can't win without losing.

You just can't.


Billies POV

I sat down on the chair in the studio as she entered slowely. I grinned as her expression came from shy to overjoyed. She saw my guitar Blue in the glass case along with the others and I saw her smile widen. She walked up to the case and touched the glass lightly marveling at it. I sat back with my arms folded. Just smiling. This moment was one of the happiest for me in a long long time.

She stared at it like an ancient artifact or something. I was surprised she sat for so long . Then I thought back to when I first went to the Hard Rock cafe and saw hendrixs' guitar. It was a realigous moment for me. And this right here must be here awakening because she turned to me and gave me the best smile I've seen her smile yet. And I don't think it could get any better.

"Do you still play the actual Blue? Or do you just play the replica's?" she asked after a moment of staring back and forth from the case and then me. I chuckled lightly at her actions for a second and said.

"I pull him out once in a while. I take him on tour and pull him out occasionally. But mostly he stays safe." She grinned.

I felt maybe now would be a good time to ask her. There was so much more I wanted to go over but that one question kept replaying over and over in my mind.

"Rox? Can I ask you one more question? I mean, I dunno if you still,er, were already asked, but considering the uh, circumstances.." god that was worded so badly. "Do you wanna live here? With my family? I..I honestly would treat you as Family. I don't know if it's weird to you, but I consider you at this point to be like...god I guess like my own daughter." there. Finally what I wanted to say the whole time. It just came out. Those intense words that filled me with fear. I told her how I felt. We shared the moment upstairs and it was a religous experience for me to say in the least but if it was equal to her then we have something. Jeez you think I coulda worded a bit more eloquently or something.

She stopped for a moment. And looked me in the eye. She was studying me. I guess she was thinking about her feelings or options because her eyes seemed to twinkle for a few moments in consideration. I felt my clasped palms sweat surprisingly a bit. She looked back up at me with a warm smile.

"Could I really? If its not, too much or any-"

"Not in the least bit." I cut her off. Smiling I stood up and gave her another hug. This time on my part. It feels good to hug someone like that. Just a good natured caring hug. Adie is good at those. It feels good to hug someone thats like a daughter.I guess I get protective or something but it feels good to be protective. Like a treasure that your never going to let go.

We part and she looked up at me giving me another heart melting smile. I grinned back at her. I suddenly did a little victory dance of raise the roof. God way to go nerd. She was laughing which I don't blame her in the least bit. I pretty much looked like Carlton but it was worth it. I hugged her again picking her up and spinning her around and around.

"YES!" I said laughing and then put her back down to be met with an equally happy face. She was now considered my daughter. My mind wandered over all the options. Shes a diamond in the rough man. And I see what I was in her. God it feels good to think that without regret. I sighed happily and finally said.

"Ok lets jam and get this emotion outta us huh?" she nodded again happily and let out a giggle.

I led her over to the wall of guitars and handed her a strat to use for the time being. She took the guitar and adjusted the strap down to her hips. I was mildly surprised. Girls don't usually wear their guitars so low. Its pretty neat. She reminded me of a blond version of Brody from the Distillers for a moment and smiled laughing mentally at my image. I strapped Floyd onto me and grinned. She looked up at me and said

"What do ya wanna play? I'll do bass if you want to jam a bit like that or just double guitar. Whatever floats your boat. But if you wanna do double guitar I have a request." she said smiling.

"Double guitar and whats your request?" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"Hotel California. Best double lead in the world." she said with a defiant grin on her face now.

I nodded in agreement. One of the best double leads in history. Hotel California.

She started off with the intro and I added accents to her barr chords. Then she took over with lead for while as I improved a bit on the barr chords and sung. Then the double lead came up and it was the moment of truth. Who knew it better? We both locked eyes for a moment with a competitive grin on before starting out into the solo. We matched perfectly. Obviously we both practiced the song alot and we looked up at each other in surprise. I laughed as we went along and then finally came up to the extreme of the solo where it just rips.

After the solo ended we both looked at each other and stopped playing. We put our instruments down in silence and then looked at each other once more. Then we busted out laughing.

She said "Haha, holy frick I didn't know you could solo Hotel California so well!" while grinning again.
"Hell I didn't know you could solo so well! Jeez woman your only 16!" I said giving a hand clap for good measure. "Bravo."

She bowed and smiled. wow she smiles alot. Its a good change.

"Come on lets go upstairs. I'm startin to get hungry and we have to make some new arrangements." I said putting an arm around her shoulder and leading her up the stairs. She looked back at me and just gave me an appreciative nod and walked.

This was perfect.