Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

Old Skool much?

Rox's POV

We walked upstairs next to each other and I couldn't help but wipe this stupid grin off my face.
Then I stopped on the third to the top stair. Billie looked back at me with a questioning look on his face and I said,

"I get a whole family..." Sure, it was a stupid statement. But it hit me like a ton of bricks that I got 3 more members along with the already sufficient Billie. Who, I realized, I will also have to share with since, yes, they had him first. I decided to look at this as a glass half full situation, that I actually get a mom and brothers. are THEY gonna take it?

I was thinking about this in detail when I came back to the real world after Billie poked me in the nose and laughed.

"Course you do, you didn't think you'd have to be stuck with lil' ol' me didya? I wouldn't submit you to that." he said laughing and started back upstairs after grabbing my wrist pulling me along like his personal cargo hold on the train back to life.

Who said I wouldn't of liked that?

POV end

Billies POV

I pulled Rox back up to the living room happily hoping Mike and Tre were still here so we could get her settled in. We made it to the top then to the living room where I saw an especially stressed looking Mike.

"Hey Mike..whats the deal?" I said sitting down next to him. Mike, I've never had trouble reading. My best friend in the world. We knew each other better than our own mothers did. Which isn't saying much but you get the point.

I quickly looked over to Rox who suddenly had a look like a light bulb appeared over her head. Interesting. She put her finger up to point to the top of the stairs, I'm assuming to use the bathroom or something and I nodded easily. She sped off which heightened my curiosity. She grabbed something from her bag at first and then sped up the stairs (more like hobbled up as quick as one can.) and found the bathroom she was in earlier locking the door.

I shook my head and looked back to Mike who was staring at me. I blinked and grinned.


He smiled and that familiar happy feeling showed over his features.

"I'm really glad she chose you Bill." he said with a sincerity that didn't usually come from this goofy guy. I gave him a small smile and sighed when it came to me

"Hey..where's Tre?"

Mike sighed and said "He said he'd see you guys later. It was after...uh, we talked. He looked a little let down for some reason."

I searched my mind of why Tre would be that way. It took a lot to get him that way. I saw him like that after he divorced Lisa and Claud, but otherwise nothing bad. I guess he had to vent about life some day.

I shrugged and sighed lightly "He prolly just has some stuff on his mind, he'll be back around tomorrow or so. If not we'll check on him." I said giving a reassuring nod. Mike followed suit and nodded but not so confidently.

"Hey Mike, wanna stay around for dinner?" He nodded

"Sure, there's nothing for me to do at my house anyway so I mide as well lounge around yours bugging the hell outta you." he said smirking and I just rolled my eyes and let out a loud laugh.

"Sure Bud, whatever you say."


Rox's POV

I quickly locked myself in the bathroom and excitedly put the stuff on the sink. It was the hair dye I had stashed in my room. I got it when I packed my crap up. My hair right now is a really pale blonde, its been that way for around 2 weeks actually. Roots are barely starting to come in.. I took my clothes off and put a towel around me as I put the gloves on. I started putting the dye on my hair happily. This is going to be absolutely amazing. As I put the dye on I looked over at the bathroom shower. Thank fricken God, its not white. Tiles, thats what I like to see. Good, very good.


No particular POV

Billie and Mike brought up the acoustics and decided to jam in the living room just because they hadn't in a while with just the two of them. Mike tuned up the acoustic bass and Billie did the same with the guitar.

"Which song do ya wanna do first?" Bill asked his lanky brown haired cohort.

Mike smiled and said "How bout some stuff off of 39 smooth? I haven't done that shit in forever man."

Billie sat back in the couch and gave him another easy grin. "Wow, I haven't thought about those in forever. Sure....what first?"

Mike now had an evil grin on ""Best thing in Town."

Billie now exploded with a wave of laughter, eyes big with excitement and surprise. "Holy Shit Mike! You can't get any older than that! Its our very first song!" He put his hand over his eyes as he laughed with his best friend who was just eating up his own reaction.

He sat back and thought for a second "Your cheating, thats off of Kerplunk dumb ass."

Mike sat for a second dumbfounded and laughed shrugging.

After a few seconds of reminding each other the process of how exactly the song came about Billie started into the Mike a competitive look as he blasted the chords.

"Come with me and lets go for a ride, Follow me onto the Other Side.."

Mike's eyes were huge with amusement as memories washed over him of their song.
Before he realized it they were to the chorus. Almost mixing up Billies voice with that of his
former 14 year old self in the memories that swayed his thoughts.

"Cause I know your the Best thing in Town, best thing around
Best thing in town, Best thing around."

They played throughout the song till the end as they ended on the same note.

Mike came back to reality as he looked at the now 34 year old man. Shaggy black, straight hair. He could practically see the teenage Billie sitting next to his aged self. After a moment Bill saw him looking and said

"Dude, mike, I know I'm hot and everything but my bisexual days are over friend, Married." he said pointing to himself rather idiotically grinning at the same time.

Mike rolled his eyes and laughed. "No I was just thinking...Bill, seriously look at how much we've changed.."

"Mike, its expected. We're 34 not 14." he said with a chuckle.

Mike's eyes narrowed playfully analyzing.

"So, Bill, how did you get your hair straight anyway? I mean, last I remember it was that of an SOS pad. Thick, brillow-ish and red brown. You can't hide the fuckin Irish man." he said folding his arms expectantly smirking at the raccoon eyed man.

Billie pouted "It just did it in age. The oils in my hair got better and helped straighten it out." he said on the defense.

Mike stared at him for a moment and busted out laughing again.

Some things never change.

"Ok. my turn to pick the song." Billie said after getting over the fit of giggles the full grown men had encountered.

He started into the opening chords of "I was There" Mike Quickly followed suit.

"Looking back upon my life
and the places that I've been
pictures, faces, girls I've loved
I try to remember when
Faded memories on the wall
Some names I have forgotten
But each one is a memory I
look back on so often"

Mike smirked as Billie continued to sing into the song. It described his nostalgic mood. He came to the chorus

"I look into the past
I want to make it last
I was there"

At this point Mike echoed I was there with him. softly letting the words continue to grow, to etch another memory into his mind of this time, like the others, each unique in the specific way it was played. It was better than ever playing them in front of people. Just him and his best friend, who made these songs together playing like human beings. Like regular people.

Billies voice came again

"Looking back what I have done
there's lots more life to live
at times I feel overwhelmed
I question what I can give
But I don't let it get me down
or cause me too much sorrow
there's no doubt about who I am
I always have tomorrow."

The being in the sky had it out for Mike or so he thought. The perfect solution. Billie always was good with words and they prove true, ever since the day they were written.

They sang the chorus again, Mike's voice growing stronger in each echo.

Billie finished the song with

"Looking back upon my life
faded memories on the wall
looking now at who I am
I don't let it get me down"

Bill finished and looked at Mike again. This time his eyes were clouded over with
thought. Bill knew that look and smiled. Its like they were one person. God forbid.

Just then he heard a door click. Looking up he saw the previously blonde haired girl.

She sure as hell wasn't blonde anymore.

Billie let out a loud ass laugh and dropped off the couch.


Rox's POV

I dried up my hair with the blow dryer in the bathroom I found and some product. At this point the color looked extremely good and I managed to clean up the mess. I was just styling the hair into a bit of a Brody from the Distillers looking 'do'. Now not the hawk, just when she has sorta the moppish looking hair, cool but still messy sorta. Thats kinda all I could have done at the moment with the limited amount of gel etc. I'll have to get it cut when I get more cash.

I finally cleaned up and put the clothes on. And actually found some eyeliner. Then I remembered that Billie Joe Armstrong lives in this house. since his last tour I could only imagine how much eyeliner he would leave around. He never did really wear it before then.

I applied it and smiled. Seriously, I could defiantly get used to the reflection. It looked a lot better.

After stepping back she opened the door and realized she had nothing to take out of the bathroom but the rest of the hair dye (about half of the bottle was left. Even after she did the whole head). So she just left it in the bottom cabinet.

After, I carefully walked out of the bathroom to hear the ending chords to "I was There" My mouth went into a grin.Fucking excellent song..

I stood at the top of the stairs and suddenly felt a pair of eyes on me. Then Billie let out a loud laugh and fell off the couch laughing louder. I didn't quite know how to take this but I shrugged and walked down the stairs anyway smirking to myself all the while.

Mike looked at Billie then his eyes came upon me. I swear, I don't think in the time I've known him I've seen him smile bigger. It was one of those pure amusement smiles. He was first to speak since his "other half" was still on the floor laughing for some insane reason.

"Thats SO FUCKING AWESOME!" he said getting up and walking over to me. His hand touched the hair as he inspected the coloring.

All of a sudden we heard Billie cough and scream.

"GREEN!! THATS FUCKING AMAZING! GREEN!" he wiped his eyes off and walked over staggardly.

Now it was my time to speak up.

"Honestly, whats the deal? you saw Tre have green for the better part of what..7 years?" I said smiling.

Now Mike spoke "But Tre never pulled it off like this. It seriously looks amazing on you." he said shaking his head laughing.

"You're one of those people who were meant for green hair." Billie says when him and Mike shared an eye contact moment.

I laughed at this statement

"Billie! You can't be serious?" I said shaking my head in amusement.

He nodded his head in a very bobble head way. I shrugged and smiled

"Glad I know I pull it off rather than suck it." I went over and smiled at the temporarily discarded instruments. I went on the other side of the living room and got Gonzo and came back pulling a chair up.

"So now that I interrupted your pow-wow, can I join?" I said as I made a bit of a triangle out of the sitting area. The men nodded in agreement and went back to their assigned instruments.

"Well, I've had my turn and Bills had his turn. Why don't you pick a song?" Mike said as he returned his bass. I happily thought to myself and finally found the one in my head.

"I heard you guys ending up 'I was there' so I'll give you something else off that album, if thats cool?" The guys nodded again happily and smiled waiting for my cue.

I started off with the jagged tab line and smiled when recognition hit their faces. Billie decidedly started to pound on the side of his guitar to initiate the sounding of the opening drum beats.

I closed my eyes and began to sing the same song I sang to myself countless times.

"Every Night I dream the same dream
Of getting older all the time"

I was surprised to hear the echo of Mike and Billie on the verse but kept going regardless

"I ask you now, what does this mean?
Are these problems just in my mind?
Things are easy when your a child
But now these pressures have dropped
on my head. The length I've gone are just long
Would they be shorter if I were dead"

I came to the chorus and sang it a bit of a different way, pretty much adding the raspiness of my voice to the equation, kinda making it sound edgier, but kept its original sound pretty much

"Ever time I look in my past
I always wish I was there
I wish my youth would forever last
Why are these times so unfair?"

I kept playing feeling almost a unity among the three of us while playing. I actually never was in a band. I sucked, or at least I thought. I guess this was the awesome feel of connectivity. Or then again, these guys do have fucking kinetic energy radiating off of them like orbs. It was amazing.

"Look at my friends and see what
they've done.
Ask myself why they ad to change
I like them better when they were young."

We went over the chorus again and I decided to stand up because if I sit too long it bothers the hell out of me when I play the guitar.Unfortunately this also causes me to strum harder on the guitar because I get excited and I guess the "punk spirit" within comes out. So I sorta made it really loud

"Now all these times are rearranged
I look down and stand there and cry
Nothing ever will be the same
the sun is rising now I ask why?
The clouds now fall and here
comes the rain."

I ended on a hard note and smiled as I took a breather, running my hands through my now green hair and let out a happy exhale smiling.

Billie looked at my again like it was either analyzing or admiring. I still can't tell which.
Before I could get 3 words in I smelt food. I closed my eyes and started walking. Dimly aware of a pair of presences following suit behind me.

When I opened my eyes I was met with a pair of chocolate brown ones twinkling back at me with laughter seemingly in them.

"You three look like you've been shipwrecked or something on a deserted island." she said with tinkling laughter. Her laugh was like the sound of a champagne glass being tapped. It was delicate but enjoyable.

Billie went over and put his chin on her shoulder from behind her and gave her the hugest green puppy dog eyes I've ever seen. I imedietly tried to cover up my laughter but Mike elbowed me.

"shh, if he gets good enough she'll let us have a cookie before dinner." The man with countless tattoos and a muscle shirt on said to me. This heightened my entertainment just simply put, he was serious.

I nodded and swallowed my laugh down and stood next to Mr.Dirnt rather military-esq and looked for a reaction.

She gave the three of us looks that said 'are you seriously doing this?' and we just stared back at her same as we were.

She let out a deep sigh and said "Their on the counter, they came out of the oven about 3 minutes ago so don't burn yourself. Billie." she said pointedly at him. He was already at the plate and was about to stuff one in his mouth as she said this. He lowered the cookie and looked down at it jutted out his lower lip. Mike and I had gotten a cookie the second she opened her mouth and waited for the ok to bite. I thought screw it and took a bite.

Heaven. I could definetly, DEFINETLY get used to this.

I immedietly went over to Adrienne and gave her a hug as I chewed.

She gave a warm smile and said "Well look here. We have Oscar the grouch giving me a hug." she said with that tinkling laughter that I already loved. I know it wasn't referring to attitude but the hair color. I smiled and shoved the rest of the cookie in my mouth giving her an extra squeeze before retreating over to the plate to get another before the battle became fierce for the last one.

"Now you three get 2 cookies each.Period. You can save the other for after dinner but the boys still get theirs." I decided to get my cookie and hide it in a safe spot. The men on the other hand were fighting over an M&M on the plate.

When these are the worries of life, I thank God I'm in a better place.

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