Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

Fun Days

No One's POV

After dinner was eaten and Rox got to know the family a bit better. The guys including Joey and Jakob, went off to play video games and see who could whip who. Since Rox didn't preferably like wasting her mind on the TV she decided to help Adie with the Dishes.

"Hey, do you want a hand helping clean up? It's the least I could do Adie the dinner was great thanks." She said getting up and picked up the remaining silverware and plates.

"Sure, come on over and We'll rinse those off real quick."

As they started washing dishes Rox decided that it was her turn to tell Adie her thanks.

"Listen, Adrienne, I wanted to really thank you...ya know for...for the opportunity to have a place to stay with you guys. It takes a lot on your part to trust that your husband would make the right choice and I just wanted you to know that It really means a lot to me that you would trust me to be in your house too...thanks." she said giving a sincere smile as she looked back up at Adie. All she hoped was that her feelings were conveyed right and by the look of Adrienne it was.

"It's fine." she said giving another one of those heart stopping smiles and gave her a huge hug.
she continued "If anything this shows me that there's really no doubt to let you stay. At least you told me how you felt. I liked you but after hearing that ya know...I just....know." she said and gave her another grin. Adie kissed the top of her head.

"Well, we're done." she said wiping her hands on her pants lightly shrugging. "It's 4 and I don't feel like watching the guys play video games the whole night. Wanna go catch a flick or something? Maybe do a little shopping on your half. I mean, you need stuff to put in that room." she smiled and ruffled Roxanne's already shaggy hair.

Rox nodded and laughed saying "damn you guys have dinner early." she shrugged giggling and Rox said "Ok, but one stipulation Adie. I don't want you spending a shit load on me and I know a place to get tons of crap for the price of the shoes you gave me." she said laughing pointing down to the pink and black Adeline Converse she was wearing.

Adie gave her a look and smiled folding her arms "Shoot."

Rox smirked back at her and said yelled "THRIFT STORE TIME!"


Billie's POV

"DAMMIT MIKE!" he made my mario kart crash...for the thousands fucking time. I threw the controller down in frustration with the boys holding their stomachs in laughter.

Mike shrugged carelessly as he tossed the controller down giving me a smug smile.

" Your just technologically disabled. Pressing random buttons won't get you far Billie, you actually have to know what the hell your doing now."

I grumbled "It was better when all you had to do was turn a knob to make the block go up and down..." and got up from my spot.

I heard Jakob yell "My turn Uncle Mike!!" as I left the room to go into the kitchen to see what the girls where up to.

Just as I walked in I saw Adie and Rox both look over at me. Adie walked over and said "Hey babe can we get some money to go and get her some stuff in her room. She apparently wants to go to the uh, thrift store so we may be gone a while." I held in a laugh and gave her some cash.

Rox walked over and smirked. "Well I wanna build the room up, not just get a whole shit load of new stuff all at once ya know? Adds character." she wiggled her eyebrows and laughed.

Adie looked at her and smiled affectionately ruffling her hair. Looks like they already got on great.

"Hell thats cool. There's some good thrift stores down on Telegraph. Some weird people there though so don't stay there past 5. I almost got my ass kicked there once.."

Adie laughed and said "It doesn't take much to kick your ass babe."

Billie narrowed his eyes once more and rolled them with a airy chuckle. "Oh adie..adie adie adie. How little you know.."

"I've been married to you for 13 years...I think I know." She pat my head and walked out of the room. Rox followed and waved bye to me as she went. I waved back and shrugged going back to the room where it was now Joey on rotation for the game against Mike....Mike needs a better hobby. Oh wait...he has one but doesn't practice.

"Hey Mike, we better get ready man. Remember we have a practice with the guys about the charity project." Mike perked his head up and said

"Shit I almost forgot. Alright. Hey Tre said he might do it right?" Mike said getting up and stretching.

"Yea he wouldn't miss this. He'll be around sometime soon I'd think." I said shrugging my shoulders a little and scratching my head while looking off at the couch randomly.

Just then The doorbell rang.

"Shit..what better timing could that be. I must be phsycic or somethin Mike." I said givin him a cheeky grin. He rolled his eyes and walked with me to the front door.

I opened it and saw Tre there looking a little scruffy but pretty good all the same.

"Hey guys.." he said looking almost guilty but I shrugged it off and opened the door wider.

"Hey man, thought you'd show up soon. So how's it goin?" I said patting him on the back in a hug.

He nodded finally showing his normal smile. "..better." I saw mike smile and I grinned and said

"Alright lets hang in the living room till everyone else gets here I guess." We all walked in the living room but I came back out with a few beers and tossed one to each of the guys and turned on the tube waiting.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~FEW HOURS LATER*~*~*~*~*~

Rox's POV

I saw Adie basically kick the door open (well thats an exaggeration) but she barely twisted the nob then kicked it as the door flew back. I laughed and she looked back at me out of breath after we got in and she set the bags down near the front door, moving a dread out of her face.

"Damn Adie...that takes talent. " I admitted with a laugh

She nodded and then said "It comes with being a mom. The countless times I've had to get into the house with groceries compiled with my laziness of not wanting to go back to the car eventually develops these skills. You'll get them when your older hunny." she said as we both picked my bags back up again and went upstairs and put them on my bed. I looked at the empty room and smiled. All that was in here was a bed a desk and a dresser. The of course the closet and bathroom. I looked back at Adie and giggled a little.

"Would you or Billie mind if I mean, like, customized the room a bit? I mean its a blank canvas..." I said looking around already plotting what to do.

She smiled and nodded appreciating my creativity I guess.

"Its your room now, do whatever you want with it. We have some left over paint from when we painted the different rooms in the house in the hall closet. Pretty much every color of the rainbow." she said with a bit of a chuckle

That....was the answer from heaven. I've always wanted to do something like this and finally I have the chance. HELL YES.

I once again gave her a big hug. We then poured the contents of the bags out on the bed.

I got several pairs of good jeans from the thrift stores for about 2 bucks each. A couple of tee shirts and a few I was gonna go at with some scissors later...

I got a really awesome pair of actual boots from a military surplus store for about 5 bucks. A couple of jean jackets. And yes...some spray paint. And the necessities such as socks and underwear and a couple of bra's but thats expected. They were gonna deliver a pretty radd black cabinet tomorrow. I got a few posters at a Music Store we went to. Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Yes a Green Day one, Pirate Flag one, The Distillers, Operation Ivy and a Misfits one were all rolled up. Some of the many many posters I would have adorning my ceiling. I decided to put them in my closet till after I painted my room.

When all the clothes were hung up on hangers in the closet and we were done Adie said.

"So its 8 now, lets go down and check on the boy's. I think Billie has Mike and Tre over with some other people. He told me he was expecting someone to come over for some project tonight or something." She said laughing and making hand movements as she talked. She was a very languid woman. Just the way she walked and talked with her movements showed a great deal about her.

We made it downstairs as I followed her. I ruffled the green hair on my head happily after I stretched and wriggled my nose as some of the fringe from my hair passed over the top of it.

I found that we ended up at the studio door after I finally came to my senses since I was following Adie the whole time.

She knocked pretty loud for a second or two and the red light above the sign that said "Do not Disturb when red light is on" went off.

We saw Billie open the door and smile after looking a little worn. You could tell he was just playing a fast song.

"Oh Hey! Come on in guys." He pecked Adie's cheek and ruffled my already messy hair as we came in.

"We have Tim and his guys with Travis and Vic over. We're practicing for the benefit Tim put together." he said to Adie. She nodded and smiled I stared at him sorta confused.

He must've read the emotions on my face because he quickly had that realization and shook his head hurriedly "Crap! Sorry I forgot to tell you, some of the guys came by because we-" Suddenly a guy came up behind Billie and put a sweaty arm around him and said

"Eh, Bill, what are we doin huh?" He saw me and I recognized that voice instantly

"HOLY SHIT!" I covered my mouth as my eyebrows shot up into my forehead and I struggled to not scream out of excitement and throw all my dignity out of the window. Billie and him laughed.

Billie said "Roxanne meet Tim Armstrong, Tim, Roxanne Martin" he said pointing to the other being his usual self.

I uncovered my mouth and laughed uneasily and said "Sorry, still not used to this...whole..uh thing." I gave him an apologetic look and shrugged with a laugh.

"Don't sweat it. There are worse out there than you." he gave me a smile and then a hug

"Nice to meet ya."

I gave a nod as we parted and felt like I was gonna melt into the floor.

Billie said "Now as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted." he said in a snootish tone as Tim micked his act behind him. You could tell this is how they both acted all the time.

"As I was saying Tim and his Band along with Travis Barker and Brandon Steineckert came over because we were gonna do a benefit tour for the poverty and situation in Indonesia. It was Tim's Idea actually."

Tim hung his arm loosely around Billies shoulders again and said

"Yea man it was horrible over there. Seriously, they are in fucking bad straights man. Its the world, ya gotta do somethin about it." he said simply and took a drink from his beer that he had in one hand.

I nodded. It was pretty awesome to hear that music is taking responsibility and standin for a decent cause.

Adie smiled and said "Well I'm tired. I think I'm headin up to bed. You can hang out down here if its cool with Billie and them if you want." she said

Bill and Tim nodded "Fine with us." Tim said and shrugged. "Besides, someone with Green hair is bound to be fun anyway." I rolled my eyes and let out a laugh.

Billie said "Oh! Babe, the kids went over to Tre's. I guess Ramona is in town so Joe and Jake went to go hang with her and Frankito."

She nodded and smiled. "Night guys." she gave me a kiss on the forehead and a kiss to Billie on the cheek.

"What, nothin for me?" Tim said jokingly. She gave him a kiss on the forehead and a pat on the head.

"Night Tim." she said laughing and rolled her eyes as she walked out of the room. I smirked and let out a laugh.

Billie said. "Alright lets get back to the practice. Or whatever, we were just fucking around but eh, practice sounds better." he laughed and gave a cheeky grin. For some reason that didn't seem beyond typical from what I already knew of Billie.

He took me by the shoulders having me walk next to him as we came into the practice area. I smiled seeing all the men having a good time.

"Hey Rox. Nice of ya to join." Mike said and laughed a bit. I saw Tre and smiled. He gave me a smile back and a joking wink. I rolled my eyes and went into an empty seat located next to Mike as Billie sat down next to me.

"Hey guys, this girls like family to me so treat her right and you won't get your ass kicked." he said and the guys laughed.

"God forbid an ass kicking by Billie Joe Armstrong." Travis said with a laugh that sparked laughter around the circle anyway. I never listened to much of his music but he was pretty decent from what I heard. A Damn good drummer I believe. But nothin could beat Tre.

Billie laughed and said "Ha fuckin Ha. Lets shit on Billie Day is now over, thank you for participating." Billie said rolling his eyes

Matt jokingly looked at his watch.

"Don't think so buddy. We got a couple more hours of lets shit on Billie day left, dunno what clock your lookin at." he smirked and Tre Said

"Who's gonna shit on him first? I call first!" Tre said getting up and running over to sit on Billie before he quickly ducked and moved for Tre to fall on his human

"Fuuuuuuuuuck." I said and then pushed him off me and laughed once air went back into my lungs.

"Damnit man, aim better." I got up and laughed dusting myself off from getting on the ground. Mike got over his laughter and helped me up.

Tre laughed and shrugged. "Can't take the boys then go back to the kitchen."

I heard a round of "Oooooooh's" and "uh oooooh" of comments from the guys in a jeering matter.

Oh he did NOT fucking say that. Of course he does this to push my buttons, but as a firm Riot Grrl supporter, all over girl anarchist I feel that I should do something about it.

I ran over....pushed him over...and sat him letting out a fart. A very stinky one at that.

Yea that went over well. The room erupted in a chorus of laughter and groans. Filled with my own laughter as well.

"I'M DYING!!!! HELP! OXYGEN! HEEEEELP!!!" he coughed and sputtered falling on the ground.

It Hit the guys like a wave and they all started turning over holding their noses.

"DAYUM WOMAN!" I heard a nasily voice yell. That of Lars I think.

"EVACUATTTTTE!" I hard Tre yell and there was a stampede of men running out of the door up the stairs me following shortly behind trying not to die of laughter.

They got into the living room and took deep breaths.

"I....have never....smelt....fuck." Vic said as he laughed and took breaths.

Brandon came over to me and pat me on the back.

" I applaud you. It takes many years to develop that." He clapped and I heard the rest of them clap as well.

"Well, now that your all out of the studio and OBVIOUSLY don't feel like practicing...I have an idea..." I said suggestivly

~*~*~*~*~*Several Minutes later*~*~*~*~

All the men including myself where in painting overalls and the floor was covered in plastic. The bed and dresser and desk were moved out of the room to the other bedroom temporarily.

I smirked as I poured the last of the paint in one of 7 pans. I laid the few cans of spray paint out on the side as well. I stood up and presented them

"Your mission, choose you to accept it...its to completely go nuts on this room...paint and ensue havoc. Grafitti, splatter, have a paint war, whatever. This is my room and I can do what I want with it. And so far....white isn't working." I smirked as the boys faces lit up in delight.

Oh this was gonna be fun. A room full of punks with paint and brushes..what comes out?

Who the fuck knows. All I know is. It should be a riot.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*a few hours later*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

The room...was absolutely perfect. Everything I ever wanted. And it was done by the biggest legends in Punk.

Out of everyone Tim and Travis and Tre did the most wreckage and awesomeness of everything. Funny how the T's dominate. T for Trouble maybe? I'll only go into detail about these three since the others pretty much screwed around having paint wars and making splatters everywhere (which added the texture hah) while these guys made the big changes.

Tim Immediately went for the Red Spray Paint while Travis Dawned the Blue paint and paint brush. Tre took one of each, spray paint being black and paint brush with green.

Tim started spray painting "East Bay" in grafitti font in large letters in the left wall while Travis was painting a giant skull in blue. Tre was painting a giant eyeball on another wall after outlining an eye and then splashing green into it. Tim abandoned the East Bay after finishing it and moved on to spray his signature somewhere on the wall quickly feeling the need to.

Travis on the other hand started thrashing his paint brush violently at the wall now having purple paint.

Tre moved on and went to outline the East Bay grafitti that Tim did in black so the red stood out and wandered over to get more green. He started painting little circles randomly everywhere. Just circles about the size of your fist.

Travis and Tim looked at each other and got what was left in the yellow paint bucket and stuck their fists inside throwing fists full of paint onto the walls.

Tre came by the guys and painted a butt on a section of wall that they had barely threw paint on.

Feeling the need to, Tre got his green paint and painted "Tre is watching you" on the bedroom door in his green.

Much more ensued added on by the other men but basically...everything was Technicolor. The guys splashed it everywhere and it looked amazing.

When all was said and done we all had a blast.

"Hey Guys, since we're pretty much done how bout we take a picture?"

Billie said "Sure lemme get my camera." he came back a few seconds later with a digital camera and set it on the timer as we all got our splotched and painted selves together in a huddle of the picture. Billie on my left, Tim on my right, Mike behind me and Tre next to him. Vic and Brandon stood next to each other while Matt and Lars pretended to grope each other.

The picture flashed and we all laughed after seeing the two.

It was a great end to a great night. I'll never forget it.

By the time it was all said and done it was about 2 am.

I yawned being on a weird sleeping schedule from school.

"Damn I'm tired.." and stretched. Billie said

"eh well you can move your crap back into your room tomorrow. I guess your gonna have to sleep on the couch tonight." he said in a kinda sorry tone.

"Hah cool with me! Your couch is fucking huge!" he had one of those living room sets that snaked around the table and could fit like 7 people on it.

He gave a surprised look and said "Ok cool. Uh, " he came closer and said to me "you want the guys to go home so you can get some sleep? Otherwise we'll prolly end up partying a bit." he said truthfully.

I shook my head. "Nah let em stay. Have fun. I can sleep through a train wreck. I almost fell asleep at a Hardcore festival from lack of sleep during one of the headliners of the night in a small venue. Funnily enough I have a really good tolerance to noise."

He laughed and pat me on the back affectionately.

"Alright then." he went to the hall closet to get some blankets and pillows and go downstairs.

"Ok guys, I'm hittin the sack, I'm done. I'll see you all when I see ya." I nodded after a group aww and chuckled. They each came by and each gave me a hug. "Night girl." Travis said as he hugged me. The guys were really sweet. Tim gave me a hug and kissed me on the forehead. "Stay out of trouble. Any dudes mess with you, you tell me and Ol' Tim will straighten em out eh?" I nodded and laughed. I get more and more uncles by the second. Brandon and Vic sandwiched me and hugged me from either side in which I laughed. albeit as uncomfortable as it was.

"Night Rox." Mike said and gave me a hug too. Tre gave me one as well and I smiled. I felt so loved. The punk circle is a family. I got more than I could ever ask for. These guys really took care of each other. Whether they had money or not.

I smiled after waving by to them all and made my way downstairs just to see Billie finishing up the couch.

"So what do ya think of a typical night with Green Day?" he said smirking.

"Oh what the fuck do you think?" I said with a laugh and hugged him happily "Thanks Billie. I had a fun night." he nodded and hugged back.

"Get good sleep. You'll need it."

I sighed and said "I'm sure I will." I got my PJ Bottoms and A tank top and changed into them in the bathroom. I came back out and turned fuse on. The fuse music video block was on so I left it on and snuggled into the soft fluffy blankets on the couch. I fell into a slow happy sleep. Recalling the events that happened today.

I hummed along to the last line of the song I remember hearing on the t.v before falling asleep

"Better thank your lucky stars..."

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