Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

Wow sweet place

We arrived at the house. I wanted to take one picture before we went in. I asked some random person going in if they could take the picture, I could tell by their faces that they were mildly impressed. So we did our poses. Vicky did the 'Tre Cool Smirk' Katherine kissed me from the side of the cheek, and I did the whole, 'hands on hips show me what you got now look'. We got the camera back, and it turned out great. I put it back in the car and we went inside.

This was one of the biggest parties that I have ever fricken seen. I mean, Sam is pretty well off, and doesn't tend to shove it in peoples faces. This party was crazy. We decided to stick together the whole time because what would the costume be without one and the other?

We set out to find Sam. She was dressed as Madonna in her early 80's look. Think Cone bra. "Hey Sam." Katherine said. We saw Sam look in our general direction, and for a second she didn't recognize us. You know that look were someone doesn't really see what's in front of them for a split second, and then it totally comes in to view? Well, that's what happened.

"Holy Frick! You guys look amazing!" she said coming up to us hugging me first. Which might I add, was an 'experince' to say in the least. Next time she better dress as a guy for Halloween because I ain't hugging those boobs again.

"Ow-er Thanks!..Sam."; I said with a quick urgency, not to make her think anything was wrong. I just hope she hadn't been doing that all night. She went to hug Katherine and Vicky, whom had the same expressions as me. Pained but quickly hidden before she could notice.

"So, guys, go grab a soda from the coolers, and have a good time! Dance and stuff, we are gonna have the costume contest in about 15 minutes,"she said, giving me a number "Since you guys are a package deal, you just need one number. Rox, why don't you put it around you?"she said putting the number with some yarn around my neck so it hung like a necklace. So she numbered me and sent us off, because she had more guests to greet. I felt like I had just been sent out to pasture.

"Alrighty then, what do we do now?" Katherine said.

We weren't people to dance to hip hop. Frankly I think people look really retarded when they do. Just....swaying. I guess you can't say much more for moshing, but at least you move. It's not an excuse to rub against people or be slutty. If your against somebody in moshing, you either got body slammed, or knocked out.

"Hey guys." I said with a bit of suggestion in my voice "I got an idea."

"Rox...I see that look in your eye..what is it?"she said in a mock scared tone.

"Go get my Ramones CD in my car. If you can't find it bring Nevermind the Bullocks. Hell, bring em both if you can." I said quickly in a make-shift circle with the 3 of us. "Katherine."

I said bringing my attention to my 'Mike'.
"When the time is right, you gotta distract the DJ. We need you to be a true distraction. Will that be too hard? I mean, you got to get him away from the tower for about a minute, Then we will save you when the time is right."

She sighed nodded and also left me, I was plotting out the situation in my mind. The plot to change the music, and see if this can progress into a true mosh party was underway. We don't wait for the party to change. We change it ourselves and ask questions later!

Vicky came up to me with my AC/DC bag. "I didn't know were to start, so I just brought your bag."

"Cool, it's all good Vicky." I said looking through my bag.

"Shit." I said under my breath.

"What?" Vicky asked pretty distracted herself. She wasn't one for controversy. Well, kinda hard to avoid when you have me for a friend.

"I left my Ramone's CD in my CD player at home. Oh well, at least I have my Nevermind the Bullocks. What do you think we should and do? Anarchy in the U.K or Holiday in the Sun?" I said trying to decide.

"Anarchy in the U.K. seems appropriate enough."; she said quickly, look around to see if anyone thought we were conspicuous.

"Mmmkay, Dude, Vicky, chill, no one knows anything. Sam likes our music anyway, She is the only person we need to answer too."

She sighed. I could tell I wasn't making her feel any better. She went to go get a sprite from the cooler. This party is defiantly...'supervised'. I mean, I guess I am just used to the party's with my friends from school. Usually loud music, blaring through the stereo, NOFX or Anti-flag, Green Day more or less. Stuff like that. And there is usually more than, ahem, soda.

So, we are the party's hope to maybe make it a bit more fun. I guess it will either turn out bang up or complete flop.We will see. I made eye contact with Katherine as I set my bag down by the door. She made her way over to the DJ tower. This was do or die time. I got the CD out. I could tell what she was doing. She was flirting. Katherine isn't a hoe, but I mean, she wasn't bad at it. I looked at them from afar, and I laughed. Looked like Mike Dirnt getting cozy to a guy. God the tabloids would have a field day if they saw that.

They were going away from the Tower! Yes! She was making her way over to the soda's with him. This was my cue. I walked over casually. Everyone was doing their own thing, so they didn't notice a small black haired he-she make her way over through the crowd. I had CD in hand and was there. I waited till the song was over so it sounded natural. Then I paused it. Took the cd out, and put mine in.

Before I pressed the Un-pause button, I saw it, the max volume was calling to me. I pressed it and quickly went to track 5. Then weaved my way rather quickly through the crowd and no one noticed. Being this height sometimes helps. Then I heard it. Johnny Rotten's voice come out of the speakers like he was God.


I had a huge smile on. I looked for Katherine and Vicky in a crowd. Vicky had her big braces smile on. I looked to Katherine to see her looking the same. The DJ looked kinda weird. He looked confused. I waved Vicky and Katherine over.

"Ok guys, wanna do what we do best?" I said to them with a loud voice.

"Hell yeah!" We started to mosh. The crowd parted immediately. They didn't know how to react.

I started into a windmill cause I'm that amature, Katherines more pro at it than I am. While Vicky and Katherine slammed each other. I couldn't two step or anything because of the huge shoes I had on. Vicky, the lucky bastard, had my converse on. I lent them to her since Chuck's are a Tre Cool attribute. Then I did a reverse karate kick in the air very sloppily from the shoes. Everyone was still staring. It was mid chorus and nobody did anything. "Come on people! Riot! Mosh! Have a fuckin blast!" I said waving my arms about exaggeratedly.

They just stared, Vicky and Katherine were still moshing, but slowed a bit to see what they would do. Then the thought came to me. Shit...I think that we just blew it. I guess the crowd isn't punk rock material. But I woulda thought SOMEONE would have had the balls to have fun.

"Guys! Look! This stuff is so much cooler than that gay 1-2 step that you have been doing! You move around! Don't 'lean back' Jump up and shout!" I said screaming. I was trying to get this place going, anyone, if anyone coulda done it, it coulda been Billie Joe. I gotta do something...

Then I saw something. Something I didn't think I would ever see. Samantha in the crowd, moshing her heart out. She didn't really have much form to it, and she prolly woulda been punched in a real mosh pit if she had tried it, but she tried is the point. Not like anyone here is gonna know the difference.

I broke out into a ripe grin. "Hell yeah Sam! You see guys! Samantha is doing it! She is the party girl! Start up! Start a fucking riot!" I saw someone start moshing with her. Her boyfriend Mike. Me, Vicky, and Katherine started out with a new enthusiasm. And started to grab random people from the crowd and throw them in the middle, starting a make-shift mosh pit. The Next song came on God Save the Queen. It started to grow and grow, well, some people stood out, because they didn't want to ruin the costume. Those were the princess's and such. If 'Madonna' could do it, they could. Pussy's. I looked at the clock, it was 7:45 were the hell did the time go? I made my way through the crowd to Sam. Who looked pink from jumping and moshing so much.

"Have a good time Party girl?"I said with a pat on the back.

"Hell yeah!"

Wow...she said hell...I made an improvement. "That a girl! So, Sam are you gonna do the costume contest? Me and the guys gotta go in about 15 minutes, and I didn't want to be nearly hung in the mosh pit by this number for nothing."I said playing with the yarn that held our number, 125, around my neck.

"Oh! Shit, I almost forgot! Wow, yeah I'll go do it right now."she said, and hurried her way to the main stage

I went and back to Sam and Vicky by the Soda's. They had stuck together to make it easier. "Hey guys, she is gonna name it like right now. We can go trick or treat in a few." We live in Oakland. There aren't many places to Trick or Treat. We were gonna go to the mall were they were doing the whole, go from store to store, get candy, shit like that,thing. Unless you want to be poisoned by candy from some weirdo. I wouldn't trust the candy that I got from my neighborhood more less than I could through my mom.

"Great! I wanna get out of this place. Starting to drag," Katherine said. She didn't drink soda. She thought it was kinda dull. But she did enjoy the moshing.

"Hey, Vicky, do you have a compact?" I knew she always carried crap with her in her pockets.

"Yeah, actually," she pulled it out. I took it out to inspect my heavy eyeliner. I was slightly sweaty from moshing. My eyeliner was smudged a little. I smoothed it out a bit. I stared into the compact. A female version of Billie Joe stared back at me. Hell, you could only tell I was female because of my boobs and my facial structure was a bit different. It was weird to look in the contact and see green eyes looking back instead of blue ones. Pretty neat though. Vicky took it next. She had just as much eyeliner on as I did. She smoothed out the smudges in the eyeliner, and put the compact away. I checked all my fake tattoo's. They were fine. Takes an SOS pad and some comet to get friggen sharpie off your arm. That's how much it stays. I smoothed out my whole outfit.

I was gonna get my guitar out from the car, but I didn't really want Gonzo to get hurt. (Gonzo is my guitar's name) Katherine and Vicky were doing the same. We had put a picture of our costume turned in when we got there. It was mandatory. Said we had to when we got the invite for the party. So the judges had time to decide.

Sam made her way on stage. "Kay guys, now is the part of the party that we decide who wins the costume contest." she said through the scratchy microphone.
Personally I think we had it in the bag. Just depends on who the judges were. How old they were more over"Ok guys, and the winner is..." she stopped to open the envelope

"NUMBER 100! ZOOLANDER!"I sat there...thinking what the fuck. I saw a dude, dressed as Derek Zoolander go up on stage. Me, Vicky, and Katherine all looked at each other. We were fucking great! I mean, we did a bang up job on the costumes. I guess the judges were moms and pop's that didn't like us or something.

"Ok guys, that was the Judges pick, but we have crowd favorite, pick your favorite and turn your ballots in!" wait...ballots? I look over to the right, and there was a stack of papers with 127 choices. They were obviously printed during the party. We got a paper. We checked under the cameo-costumes. Like, celebrities and such. We were under there. We checked ourselves off. No such thing as false modesty.

I went over and turned it into the person at the table. We waited anxiously for about 10 minutes. Then Sam came back on stage. ";Alright guys! We saw our first winner, Zoolander, who received a 50$ gift certificate to Borders. The Crowd favorite will get a gift Certificate for Cheesecake Factory. Since CF are more expensive, they will receive a 75$ one."

We all held hands and were silently hoping we would get it. I could taste that chocolate cheesecake already. "And the winner is.." she opened the sealed envelope


"FUCK YES!" I said, and we made our way to the stage. I knew we wouldn't leave without something. We got 'into character for fun. Vicky acted like she was all that and a bag of chips. Katherine was acting like she was the chilled cool one, in reality she is, and I came up with a genuine smile on my face. Sam laughed, and handed us each a certificate. We really made out like bandit's because each of us got one, so we could share and eat cheesecake....alot.
I gave a 'acceptance speech'

"Thanks guys, it really means alot to us that you voted us crowd favorite. Green Day Kicks ass and so do you!" At that point Vicky grabbed the microphone from me and said "Yes, all you guys be sure to have fun, Drink some cheeches and Bullwinkle till your dick falls off tonight." I started cracking up, so did Katherine. The rest of the crowd didn't really follow. But we did, that's all that mattered.

"Uh, ok we gotta book guy's c-ya around!" I said into the microphone and got off stage. I grabbed my CD and my bag and we went back to Katherine's car.

"That was fucking awesome. We started a mosh pit, won crowd favorite, and the night is still young." I said as I leaned back in the comfortable back seat. Vicky had shotgun, so me and gonzo were back there.

"To the mall," I said pointing in a general direction out the windshield. We entered the parking lot. Seemed pretty vacant. (A/N-heh sorry had to put that in. *starts singing pretty vacant)

"Dude, this is weird." Vicky said. I looked out the windshield in silent agreement. We went to the Penny's entrance, and there stood a guard.

"Sorry guys, the mall has been shut-down."

"Wow, what happened?" Katherine said with a general interest.

"There was a shooting."

"Ooh." We all said in unison. Not beyond the typical in Oakland.

"So no Candy?" I said like a 5 year old.

"Yea no candy."Vicky said back.

We made our way to Katherine's car. We all sat there in silence. "This is fucked." I said after a minute.

"No shit sherlock." Katherine said

"You know what? I have an idea."I said with my look that says 'she has a lightbulb over her head'

"Did I mention that you have been a very..uh what's the word." Vicky said.

"You've been very inventive she means."

"Why thank-you." I say smugly.

"Now what's your idea?"Vicky said.

"Why don't we still go trick or treating? I mean, like, in the area that ISN'T a candy warning area. Like in Arena Falls."

"The snoot country club?" Vicky said cynically.

"Not all people that live there are snooty. I mean, remember Alana Verandez? She lived there." One of our friends in the local music scene. She was in a local hardcore/screamcore band.

"Oh really? Well, I guess we could give it a shot, I mean, we could park outside the club and jump the wall." Katherine said.

"Yeah, that's a better idea than me trying to remember the code. I bet they have good candy too. Like, chocolate instead of that crappy hard candy." It's common Trick-or-treat rules that chocolate is like gold in the candy world. The hard candy is crap since you know the people went out and got that mix bag that has all the different kinds of hard candy in it for like 2 bucks.

So we drove to North Oakland were the country club was. We parked a block away from the country club. Grabbed our Hot Topic bags as Trick or Treat Bags. I got Gonzo out and put him on my back gingerly. We made our way to a low wall. "

Ok, Katherine I'll go first, hold Gonzo, when I get over, hand him to me...Carefully." I said the last word slow and clear. Gonzo was one of my most prized possessions. Now I think about it, why I took him I can't say for the life of me. "Ok. Go." I jumped the wall fairly easy. She handed Gonzo to me over the wall, and he didn't get real hurt. I was satisfied.

Vicky went, after getting a leg up from Katherine, Vicky wasn't used to jumping walls. I was. We may be the same height, but she is pretty sheltered. Katherine jumped the wall next with ease. She was tall enough. I can bearly count the times that she jumped the wall with me to go to Circle K.

"Ok, Bags ready girls?" I said after a moment.

They chuckled "Yep!" they said.

"Then Hey Ho Lets go babe!" I said while punching a fist into the air, while monoriting the volume of my voice in case there was an old whinny that was mean enough to report us.

We started walking. It wasn't that bad. Not like we were the only people there. We saw kids walking from house to house getting candy with their parents. It was kinda sweet. Wish my parents wanted to take me, they actually fought over who had to take me when they were both around.

We started out the first block. I vaugly remembered the plot of the place. So we could go around and hit alot of the houses. We made sure to come up at the same time. So we could present the whole effect. Vicky checked her compact real quick to make sure her faux hawk was still springy. I checked my outfit to see if there was anything undone. Made sure my plain red bandana was sticking out of my back pocket, my shoes were tied, eyeliner on, tattoo's not smudged cool. Katherine looked good and so did Vicky. Hopefully this will earn more Candy points. The more happy they are with your costume, the more candy you get.
I rang the doorbell to the first house. A lady came out with a bowel of candy. She gave us a huge smile.

"Well hello! Look at you guys. Spitting image! I'll tell you what!," she said raving about our costume. I started smiling like crazy. "Wow, George come here and take a look at this!" she said calling to her husband. I laughed a bit. Katherine and Vicky were soaking it up too. We enjoyed that we were being recognized for our hard work.

Her Husband came over to the door to see our costumes. He smiled. "Can I take your guys pictures? You are really good." The woman said at the door.

"Uhh, sure!" Katherine said. We got together in a group. I was in the middle and Katherine on my right, Vicky on my left, Katherine did the Dirnt look, Vicky did the Tre Smirk, and I went with the Armstong Smile. We all knew our parts. And it was pretty well laid out. She took the picture and smiled again. "Thanks! Here you guys go."she said putting a whole Hershey bar in each of our bags.

"Wow, thanks! Have a good Halloween!" I said. She smiled and closed the door.
Vicky laughed, and Katherine and I chuckled along with her

"Dude, we got a whole fricken candy bar at our first stop. Roxanne, your a genius."Katherine said.

"I concur." Vicky said.

"Nice way to stay in character Vicky."I said smiling, chuckled a bit.

We had been walking for about an hour, our bags were already full. We had been walking ALOT though. in the hour, we had taken about 10 pictures, signed about 5 hands. And been mistaken for The kids of Green Day. We kicked ass.

" *sigh* God, I need to rest my legs, I'm getting tired," those driveways were long. Some places we had to wait in line. but worth it. We even got one of those solid chocolate oranges that you throw on the ground and they split open.

"Aww, come on, one more house, then we can rest." Katherine said pleadingly

"Ok, lets go." I said going on like a trooper.

We made our way up to a house. I decided that we should do a big house before we rest. So I picked the one on the street with the club house. There were only a couple of houses there, they were bigger, and there were benches to rest at after. It was perfect.

"Hmm, k, how bout this one guys?" I said pointing to the one on the right. Looked pretty neat. It had a haunted house.

"Sweet! Lets go!" we made our way over to the house. There was a line to get in, so we decided to wait. I got Gonzo from my back and started to play. I started playing the bass line of Warning randomly. The line moved a couple of kids. I started to play American Idiot. More popular I know, but still, a good song. The line moved another couple of kids, I heard screams and smiled. 'Must be pretty good.' I thought to myself. And continued playing.

We were next in line, I put Gonzo on my back gently and got ready. There was a dude, at the front of the haunted house. He had one of those grim reaper masks on. The kind were you can kinda see out, but not really.

"Enter." he said in a deep voice. You could see his hand. It was painted with black nail polish.

"Sweet nails bud." I said to him. I could here a chuckle from the mask. I looked behind us, and there wasn't anyone there. I guess it was late enough that the kiddies were gonna be home by now.

"Go into the dark abyss." he said trying to be menacing. I laughed softly.

"Hey isn't that an AFI song?"Vicky Said randomly. She really is starting to take on a Tre Cool Sense of Humor. The guy in the Grim Reaper outfit laughed. So did me and Katherine.

"I think your shit outta luck Vicky. Nice guess though." I said patting her back.

"Ok guys, lets get on with the show." Katherine said.

"Mmkay, CANDY!" I said diving into the black curtains. Katherine came in after me, and Vicky after that. She immediately clinched to Katherine. I don't think that Katherine really appreciated that much, but still let, ahem, Mr. Cool cling to her anyway. I ventured by myself. In front of those two.

I must say that the people that made the haunted house had the whole flashing light thing working for them. They were playing Marilyn Manson on top of that. Scary. I have to say this is one of the better ones I've been in. All of a sudden, a lady jumped out with blood dripping down her face and had a Chainsaw Going.

"HOLY FRICK!" I said, as I grabbed my heart. I almost fell backwards. But instead I jumped a mile high. I heard someone giggle. I looked around, and couldn't find were it came from. A couple seconds later I heard Vicky and Katherine scream too. I heard a faint 'FUCK' and 'SHIT' so I think they got it.

I moved forward listening to Marilyn Manson,all the way. God that guy gave me the creeps. Obviously they thought so too, because the music is just the right touch. I came to a table Were someone dressed as a butler picked up the platter top on the table for me to see a guy who's head was the exact duplicate of Chuckies'. He said "I wanna be your pal for life." giggle, giggle.

"Oh dear god..." I said, Chuckie gives me the creeps most defiantly. But I couldn't resist the urge. I went by and ruffled the make-shift chuckies head. The guy laughed. I heard him say quietly to the 'butler' "I knew someone was gonna do that! Fricken Bill shoulda listen'd to me." he said with a smile. He was quickly shut-up and snuffed with the platter top over the head. Because Katherine and Vicky were coming.

I figured that we were the last people in the house to go because it was getting late. I saw The end. There was an executioner, with a big chopping block, with one guy. He made him go on the chopping block and chopped his head off, you could see the head in the basket screaming. Really good effects. They did the lighting just right with the screaming, I screamed as well. There was an opening. and I exited the haunted house. I waited right outside it for the rest of 'The band'.

The guys got out of the house, and Vicky was on the side of Katherine like a freaking Sea mussel. Katherine roller her eyes and pried her off of her arm.
"Excuse me but I need this." she said and shoved her off. Vicky regained composure, straightened her tie right above her belly button, and made sure her coif was perfectly....Cockatiel-ish. I made sure my guitar was on my back securely. And Straightened my red tie. We made our way up to the door. I rang the doorbell.

We heard a voice over the intercom. "Hold on! I have an important call, please stay there! I'll be right out!" and they got off the intercom.

"Mmkay, well, I guess we wait." I said. We waited for about 5 minutes. We still stood on guard though. We wanted to look good at the door. Whoever had enough patience to make this house is well worth our time and looks.

I heard the doorknob turn slowly. We all got ready. I put my hands on my hips, Katherine folded her arms, and Vicky put her arms in her pockets with a smirk.
He opened the door.

"SHIT!"I fell backwards from surprise, so did he. Prolly from my scream. I fell backwards behind the bushes and landed right on Gonzo. I heard a shattering crack. That was the sound of my heart breaking. My eyes immediately started to well with tears. I didn't know how much damage there was, but I knew it was bad. I took the guitar strap off slowly, and looked behind me slowly. the Neck Broke. Clean right in half, along with the body being completely anialated. I started to cry. No sobbiing, just tears.

"Fuck." I said under my breath. My subconscious is telling me why aren't Vicky and Katherine here right now. Don't they care that I fell back. Wouldn't they start to wonder if I didn't get back up? What's wrong with them? But I can't think straight right now. My eyes are just flowing. I hear someone come up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder.

I don't look back. I wouldn't give a shit if George Bush was behind me....well, yes I would, the crazy fuck, but that's not the point. I didn't care about it at that time. I heard a voice say softly, "Oh God I'm sorry. What's the damage?" say quickly and apologetically

"Every fucking thing you could imagine." I said without looking back

"Well, don't can get a new one right?" They said trying to be reassuring. The hand still on my shoulder.

"You don't understand! This guitar meant the world to me! I am a sick fuck for taking it out of the house! This was the last thing I got from my dad before he died 3 years ago...this was my only memory of him. Now its'...gone." I said the last part in an almost inaudible wisper. Although, the person still heard me.

"As odd as it sounds-" he paused...I started to remember why I fell backwards in the first place...the face I saw. "I know how you feel."I looked back to See One of my God's, with his hand on my shoulder squatting right next to me with a understanding eye contact.

"Oh fuck... " I said wiping my dripping eyeliner from my cheek's. Slightly gasping at the same time. He smiled. "Uh, this isn't exactly how I pictured meeting one of my favorite artists.."
I said rather awkwardly.

"Well, I've never met a fan this way. Then again, I never really met a fan who dressed up as me and my band mates for Halloween either." he said with a laugh.

I smiled, and stopped crying "Were are my friends?" I asked picking up the remnants of my guitar mournfully.

"Oh, you mean the little Mike and Tre? They are inside. The Real Mike and Tre wanted to assess their costumes." he said with a smile.

"Well, technically their MY costumes. I bought the fucking things. I had to bribe em' to be with me as..your band." I said. Man, this was getting more and more awkward by the second.

"Well, you did a great job." we were at the doorway. He made me stop, put the guitar remnants down, and put my hands on my hips. He was 'assessing' my costume.

"Hmm.." he said whilst putting his hand on his chin.

"Hmm, what?"

" bought an Adeline Shirt." he pointed out.

"Your welcome."I said.

"Why should I be welcome?"

"I gave you money." I said simply.

He chuckled. "Hehe, right you are, thank you. Now, the test." he stared straight in my eyes.

"Uh Billie....personal bubble here." I said making an outline around me.

"Your eyes aren't naturally Green." he said.

" do you know that?"

";Because I can see the contact outline in your eye."

"Wow, got a good look in there, didn't ya bud?" I said.

He started to peer at the tattoo's. "VERY important." He took each one of my arms and looked at were they are aligned tattoo wise. He saw the photostrip of 80 and smiled.

"At least your not one of the crazed fangirls that hates my wife."He said thankfully.

"I think that would've been a tell-tale sign the first minute that you met me."

"You can never be too sure." he said with a finger in the air. He opened the door and ushered me in were I saw Katherine and Vicky being appraised by Mike and Tre. I snickered.

"ROX!"Vicky said coming over to me and clinging.

"What's wrong?" I said laughing.

"Tre What did you do?" Billie said.

"Appraising..." He said vaguly

"HE TOLD ME I WAS A SUCK TRE!" she said loudly.

"Told you I woulda made a better Tre..." I said under my breath.

Billie Joe Shot me a Look and laughed "What's wrong with being me?" he said pouting.

"Nothing! I think your brilliant Billie! I mean, your one of the best lyricists I have ever seen!" At saying this he smiled. "It's just...COME ON! Everyone wants to be Billie Joe. And Tre is just so....."

"Cool."Vicky said from behind me.

Tre Lit up at this "HA BILL! HA! I TOLD YOU! TOLD YOU!" he started to do a dance. Billie looked mortified.

"What?" Vicky said

"I KNEW that being named Tre Cool was gonna be a good name! I knew it! Remember that bet we made Bill?" Tre said with a devil-ish grin.

Vicky wispered to me "What is it?"

"I imagine it's one of those, 'I'll kiss your ass the day that happens' kind of deals." I said.

"EXACTLY!" they both said.