Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

It all goes to shit

I ran through the dark streets of the country club looking for a low wall. I needed to get away from this shit. Life had been getting worse and worse. All because of my fucked up memories. All because I couldn't block them. I hated that I felt emotion. I wasn't gonna become one of those depressed junkies again. Never again...


I sat in the corner of the classroom writing things. I called it poetry. Others called it shit. Amateurs. They were so simple minded to think that all poetry had to rhyme. They grew up with the fucked Dr. Suess...crackpot. No wonder todays society is screwed up. I was ignoring the Bible lesson that we had in class. I went to a private school. Christian, as it were. I had been going through a depressed stage. I had been out of wack for about a year and a half since my mom died and I took it out on the paper.

"Miss Martinelli, could you please answer for us?" Mr. Pulley asked me in a way that I knew he was trying to make a spectacle of me.

"Pardon? Could you repeat the question?" I said tiredly, with my one hand through my hair, and the other with a pen resting in hand. I wasn't paying attention, and I really wasn't in the mood for it.

"What is the meaning for Agapé as used in John 21:15?" I looked at the open bible on my desk. It was highlighted. I had already been through this passage before in church. Actually, one of my favorite verses. I was gonna get a tattoo of that one some day.

"What Christ said in this passage basically is asking Simon-Peter if he loves him more than the earthly things that surrounded him. Him saying Agapé meant a love that no human can compute...only a love that God can have. A love that God gives us." I said simply. Staring straight at my notebook all the while. Never making eye contact with Mr.Pulley. After I answered I looked up, to see him smirking.

"Ok, so as Miss Martinelli said, an unearthly love..." I didn't listen any more, he faded out of my concentration. I once more went back to my poetry. I was the Female Reincarnation of Edgar Allen Poe, in my opinion. And I didn't give a rats arse. Although sitting in the corner of the room with my hair in my face did seem a bit anti-social, as much as I hated to admit it. Those whores had nothing to do with me, and I returned the favor. Whilst exchanging as little social time as we could, I ignored the indignant population of that school completely. I hated them with a passion, and I knew they were all fake...they were gonna go to hell, heretics. They drove me to it, and I know its gonna go back to them someday. Karma. I continued to write in the book.

How much I wished for elementary again....middle school was fucked. A single tear slid down my face. I walked out of the classroom with my backpack without a word. Knowing that they would gossip about my outburst of leaving later. I went to the restroom. Locked myself in a stall. Took out my Advil that I had in my pack in case of cramps. I had my water bottle with me, I unscrewed it. I took one pill. Swallowed water. Thirty seconds later; did the same thing. I waited a minute, then swallowed 2 with my water again. I did this until the 14 aspirin in my bottle were consumed. I had no drug tolerance whatsoever.

I barely swallowed the last one when I collapsed in the stall. I subconsciously heard everything going on around me, but I wasn't consciously aware, if that makes any sense. I couldn't respond; just watched not being able to do anything. I heard some girl going to get a teacher, and Mr. Nixon, my drama teacher, coming and kneeling by me. He was saying something, screaming mostly trying to keep me awake. I didn't respond, just looked to the ceiling. When he came into view in front of my face and I looked up to his frightened, now pale face. He said something to the girl, and she left, he left my side for a moment, and looked at the empty bottle of aspirin a few feet from my hand. He grabbed it with his shaky hands. Read it quickly, and put it aside. He was tapping my cheeks, and putting my head up. I saw men come into the room. Some stretcher was there. They strapped me in, and I passed out.

Talk about Eternal Love.

End Flashback

I jumped some wall, and started to run. I was just thinking that I could do something. I had to distract myself from...myself. I was cracking up and I had nothing to do but think. That's the scary thing, when you're too afraid to be alone with your own thoughts. I was still running, and I found myself on a dark street. I stopped and collapsed. Gasping for air. I looked around. I recognized nothing. Absolutely nothing. I had that bag of candy and my cell phone.

I was fucked.

I just found a nearby wall, and sat down breathing. I closed my eyes and put my head back against the wall. The breeze felt good against my red, flustered face. I was trying to concentrate on my breathing. Anything but my thoughts. I heard something click. I opened my eyes and I was staring down the eye of a gun.

I couldn't see the guy very well, but I could see vauge features. I imagine that's what he saw of me. It dawned on me....I was still dressed as Billie Joe.

"Get up." the guy said gruffly with a gun to my head. I complied

"Give me your wallet punk." the guy said gesturing to my pocket.

"Listen, I have no money, I just have candy and-"

"I said give me your fucking money dammit! Don't try to play games with me. I know you're that singer. Give me your wallet and shit, and I won't hurt you." he clicked the gun once more.

";I'm not who you think I am! I am not-"

"Don't say that shit, I know you are!"

I sighed. There wasn't getting through to this moron. How I looked that much like him, I don't know. I am just a fan. But I guess this guy is stupid enough to think otherwise. So...I will comply.

"Fine, here."I handed him the bag of candy.

"I said wallet, dammit!" he said putting the gun actually against my skull.

"I don't have it on me, I just have my cell phone, and candy, dumbass. Do I have to say it again slower for you?" I said flatly, not very smart. I told you my mouth gets me in trouble. I saw a fist come straight toward me and hit me square in the face. I blacked out.

Billies POV

"I don't want her to get hurt out there Adie, Oakland isn't the best place for a 16 year old girl to be goin out at 1 a.m!"I was worried for her. I, by nature, am a person who tends to care a lot about another. I felt responsible for her in a way. I felt like I was in her life right now. Poor kid just needed someone to talk to. I found out a lot about that kid within the hour and a half she was here. A lot.

Her two friends were sitting on the couch looking worried, but not as worried as I thought they would. Tre was there trying to cheer one of them up. She was quite infatuated with him. And Tre, the ham he was, was soaking it up and telling her jokes. The other was talking to Mike, actually looking worried. Funny as it was, they were talking to their duplicates. My attention came back to Adie.

"Listen, Billie, I called the police department, they said that we can't file a report for 2 days." she said with a hopeless expression. Adie was a caring person as well, and I love my wife for being so understanding. I don't know what I would do without her.

"I wish you didn't call the cops Adie...we don't need those fucktards." I said grumbling. I hated the cops. I never had good experiences with them, and they were stereotyping assholes.

"I know you don't like the cops Billie, neither do I, my father was a cop, Billie. I know."She looked me in the eyes with understanding. She calmed me down. She hugged me. I don't know why I felt so much for this kid. Why I was so afraid for her? Maybe its because she reminded me of myself, she even had a bit of my attitude. Well, [i[her[/i[ attitude. I don't think it had anything to do with me. I just would feel like a fuck if I let her go out there and do nothing about it...its happened too me too many times for me not to do something.

Mike got up from the couch after putting a reassuring hand on the chick Mike's shoulder.

"Bill, we can't just sit here, we've got to do something." Mike was a take action kinda dude. That's why I loved him like a brother.

"Guys, before you leave, I think that you should know a few things about her." The chick Mike said standing up.

"Ok, she has panic attacks. Simple as that. That, I imagine, is why she left. She was going through a panic attack, and didn't want anyone to see her go through it. I don't know whats gonna happen to her."she said the last part avoiding anyone's gaze, and stared at the floor.

Mike went over and gave her a sympathetic hug. Tre Stood up.

"Ok Billie, lets get in the car and go look for her."He said motioning to me and Mike.

"Good thought Tre, lets go" I said grabbing the car keys and motioning for Tre and Mike.

"We will be out for a while, listen, you guys can call your parents and try to explain to them were you are. Just stay here and keep comfortable." I said to the two girls. I gave Adie a kiss, and we went out the door.

We gotta help this kid.

End BJ's POV

Back to Roxanne's POV

I felt numb with cold and pain as I opened my eyes to the dusk of Oakland. The wig still stayed on after whatever happened. The last I remembered was that I was getting mugged by some dumb fuck that thought I was BJ. I looked around. I suddenly realized something...

My pants were unzipped and halfway down my legs, my shirt lay unbuttoned to reveal my bra, and I was in extreme pain. I laid down on the grimy street. I tried to pull my pants up whilst laying down. They were hard enough to get on anyway since they were pipecleaners, but in this stifling pain, it made it a thousand times worse. I decided to stop for a few and button my shirt instead. I felt hot tears slide down my cheeks. I dragged myself to a wall and laid against it. I was resisting the urge to cry. I felt anger more than anything. The guy wasn't a dumbfuck after all. He found out that I wasn't Billie, obviously, and found a good way to make up for the loss of cash.

I crawled to a nearby dumpster with great difficulty. It was hard to do in the dark, my pants still around my shins, and crawling on your knees through broken shards of glass. Lovely. I made it to the dumpster. I grabbed the top of it, and pulled myself up. The pain seared at my pelvis. Felt like I had broken my fucking hips. I bent over carefully, and shimmied into my pants. I felt good to have some constriction on my hips. Almost like it was a binding to keep them together.

"Fuck, I don't have my cell phone." I checked my pockets, only to find that my cell phone had been stolen, too. More than one thing that belonged to me had been stolen tonight.

I let go of the dumpster and tried to walk. I could, but just barely. I walked, limped rather, out of the alley. I just started walking down the street. Trying to concentrate on anything but my fucked up life. So much for a panic attack...I got fucking raped.

I tried to feel tough, act tough. But inside, I was just that girl who wanted her daddy back. Wanted to someone to hold her and tell her everything was gonna be all right. Tell her that she wasn't fucked up. Even with the giant bruise that somehow covered from my eye to mid cheek. I sighed, and limped on with great difficulty.

I made it to the outside of a Seven Eleven. I felt in my pockets. Oh, yeah dumfuck, you got robbed. I didn't have any money for a pay phone. And chances have it, I don't think the guy carrying the nightshift at 7 Eleven was going to be that hospitable. I entered anyway.

"Do you have a bathroom?" I said to the guy behind the cash register slowely and sorta pained. He looked up from his Game Informer, and handed me a key with a giant board chained to the end, but not before giving me a long hard look. I took it and wobbled off, with what little confidence I had, to the bathroom. I unlocked the door to find that the room smelt distinctly of piss and bathroom cleaner. I dropped the key on the floor, and stood at the sink shaking. I looked into the cracked mirror and saw a monster. Half of the face is purple whilst there is dried eyeliner, and rather scruffy looking to say in the least. I wasn't even going to try to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to deal with that, yet. I washed my face off, and gingerly patted the bruise along with my face dry with a paper towel that seemed to feel like sandpaper.

" what are you going to do?" I said to myself, quietly working out the options.

"One. I could go back to Billie's house, and breakdown, cry, and basically let out every bit of emotion held inside since 7th grade.Two. I could go back to my uh...old house...and get my shit together. Fuck. I don't have a place to live..."

I had been working this all out, talking quietly when I realized that and stopped. I, as of right now, am homeless. I was shocked. Sixteen, and fucking out of a home. I still had to go to school. How the fuck could I still go to a private school and be out of a frickin home? I was sponsored to go there until senior year. I had to figure something out.

I decided to go back to the house to get my stuff together, I would go from there.

I limped out of the bathroom, and gave the guy the key back. He looked at me, and said,

"How did you get so fucked up?" with a little bit of curiosity. No doubt this was more exciting than reading game informer and sitting drinking old coffee.

"Dude, if I knew that, I woulda changed it a long time ago..." I said truthfully. I went out of the 7-Eleven, and started to walk slowly to the nearest street sign. I looked at it. It said Valejo. Ok, now we're getting somewhere. I knew were I was at finally, for the first time in a few hours. I started to walk east, walking toward the place I once called home.

End Roxannes POV


Ok, so we have been driving around for about an hour. Oakland is a big place, and we figured she might be at a rave or something. I mean, it's Halloween right? The one things she's gonna want to do is go and take her mind off things. We all had different opinions as to were she might be.

"Guys! Ok, when you we were sixteen, were would we go to get away from shit?"I said angrily from the backseat. We took Tre's SUV. Mike was in shotgun, and I got thrown in back.

"Fuck, I don't know, get trashed, go to Gilman," Tre said casually, while gripping the steering wheel looking out the windows, sidetracked.

"Well, it's Oakland. There isn't a Gilman here...wait, Tre pull over and ask those kids if theres a Rave or something tonight." Mike said pointing to a few girls and guys on the side of the road. In my opinion the girls were slutty looking, but Tre did without a complaint whatsoever.

Tre rolled down the window.

"Hey guys...ladies." I hit him on the arm.

"Remember the restraining order." I said out of the corner of my mouth. Tre immediately straightened up.

"Can you guys tell us if theres anything going on tonight?" he said to the large dude.

"Well, we just came from a Rave, but we were one of the last to leave. Uh, don't know..." He said, kinda slurred.

"Er, ok, thanks." he rolled up the window and started to roll down the street.

"Ok, maybe she went back to her house. To kinda straighten out." Mike said rationally. I shook my head and sighed.

"Guys, her mom kicked her out, I think that's part of the reason she was freaking, other than losing her first guitar. I guess the one her dad gave her before he died." I was starting to remember my own painful memories of losing my father at 10. That's why Blue is so special to me...we had to much too relate.

Tre and Mike both got quiet. They knew what I was thinking.

"She did say that she needed to get her stuff together at her house." I said as an afterthought.

"Do you know were she lives?" Tre asked stopping the car.

"Call the house." I said handing my cell phone to Mike quickly.

"Why don't you call your own house?" Mike said

"I just don't feel like talking, call." I said the last part a little more demanding. Pointing at the phone. Mike speed dialed my house number and put it on speaker phone.

"Billie?" Adie said picking up the phone, caller ID.

"Uh, hey Adrienne, listen can we talk to one of the girls for a minute?" Mike said into the phone.

"Yeah sure, they're on the couch, hold on a minute." she said, we heard some muffled steps and then one of them got the phone.

"Hey." it was the chick Tre.

"Hey, do you know were Roxanne lives?"I said almost annoyed. I really didn't want to talk to that one.

"Yeah, you go down Valejo for about 6 blocks, hang a right on 50th and she is the fourth house on the right." she said. I heard her munching on something while eating. I scoweled a bit, Tre took the phone from me thinking I was gonna start yelling or something. Truthfully, he was probably right.

"Ok, thanks Vicky. We're gonna try and find her." Tre said into the phone and closed the phone with a snap. He gave me the look and I just slid down in the back seat and looked out the window with my arms folded. I couldn't help thinking. She was a shitty friend in my opinion. At least the chick Mike was a good friend, and actually sounded worried.

Tre started to drive off to 50th...

End BJ's POV

Roxannes POV

I was on 50th. I could see my house. The lights were on. I sighed, and made my way over to the house with as much dignity as I could. I opened the door. I didn't hear anything. I looked in the living room, and the ass herself was crashed on the couch. Probably couldn't get any so she ended up getting burned out. Good. At least I don't have to hear bitching when I pack.

I went to my room. I opened my door to find a shitfaced ass-wipe jerk off on my bed, sleeping half naked, and I could smell puke. This pissed me off more than anyone knew. I just grabbed my bag from my closet as quietly as I could in my anger, and just started throwing shit in. I threw in a few pairs of jeans and some T-shirts. My walkman CD player. CD's and my stash of money. I zipped up the bag, and put my electric guitar in its hardcase. I took the mini amp I had in the corner. I was done here. For good.

I started to make my way out of my room. I closed the door. I walked into the living room slash kitchen area to get some bread and peanut butter and jelly to pack. I stuffed it in my bag. I looked at my step mother, for what I hoped to be, the last time. I grabbed my stuff, went out that door, and closed it. I was now officially on the streets. I guess. So, what am I gonna do now? Shit, I don't know. I guess I can make my way over to Billie's. Katherine and Vicky should still be over there, maybe...I hope I don't wake them up or anything.