Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

Thank ***.

Roxanne's POV

I'd been walking for only about 5 minutes before I started to feel a sick twing in my stomach. I slowed my walking to a bit of a stumble and stopped completely sitting on a nearby lawn.

"Must be a little tired. Hell I've been up over 24 hours.." suddenly I felt my insides contort and I rolled over slowely in pain.

"godamn motherfucking sonofabitch asshole..." I said quietly as I held my stomach and sides. The pain from walking had an effect on my hips and no doubt by now I was an ungodly sight. It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach with a baseball bat and it went completely through me.

I breathed a little more and felt my head fall back and lie down on the lawn. My eyes were slowely closing and I reached for my guitar. Whatever the hells gonna happen to me, I'm not gonna let my other one go. Shortly thereafter I blacked out


Billie Joe's POV

We were driving down 50th FINALLY since Tre had to gawk at how many damn mexicans were having tailgating parties. I could see Mike looking a couple of times himself but for the most part keeping his damn head in the car unlike Tre who was honking his horn and sticking his head out of the window. I shook my head just trying to keep my mind on her. Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe I just need to butt out of peoples buisness. It hit me. Why the fuck am I chasing after this kid? Why the fuck do I care?! I sat there looking at my solid black chuck taylors in a subconcious thought..


"What the hell are you doing?!" Mark yelled at a teenage Billie after he left the table.

Billie silently rolled his eyes and turned around. "What Mark?" saying with a flat note

Marks eyes flamed. " Why do you insist on acting like such a smart ass?! "

"Prolly because you insist on being such a jackass" Billie shot back smartly


Billie stumbled back in surprise holding his hand onto his left cheek. He looked back up at Marks anger contored face. Billie quickly lashed back and punched Mark square in the nose. Mark looked back at Billie in awe. Billie was now breathing heavily angered and staring straight back at Mark.

"You have fucked with this house longer than I've ever needed to see. Why the hell does she wants you?" Billie said staring down his step father.

The man stood straight up ignoring the steady stream of blood comming from his nose. "Because she needs a man in the house." saying with a slight sneer in her voice. "And she doesn't need some snotty punk ass with his friends around to fuck the place up. If it wasn't for you she wouldn't have to work those shifts, you know that right?" he said comming closer to the crestfallen Billie He neared daringly close to Billies face. Now next to his ear "If it wasn't for you, she'd be free." Mark spoke these words as Billies conciounce absorbed all of it. He'd always thought this, but never wanted to believe it. His mother always insisted that she did it because she needed retirnment, or that if she didn't then she'd be bored out of her mind sitting about the house.

Billies mind reverted to the last time he'd seen his mother, asleep on the couch after working a double shift at the Hickory Barn. He had placed a blanket over her and took her glasses off. Remembering how tired her face looked. Her mother was only 45 but she looked about 55. Billie ran his fingers through his thick Brillo pad black hair. He looked back up at Mark, who's face was smug in satisfaction. Anger rose in Billie. He grit his teeth quickly and clenched his fists in anger. His blood boiling.

"You know that she never liked your music, prolly one of the other reasons shes not here all the time, so she doens't have to listen to that godforsaken shit you and your little stoner friends call music. For fucks sakes its like cats howling," he said as he wiped his nose off and looked at a paper on the table nonchalontly.

A String snapped in Billies brain. His fists now so tight that the white in his knuckles was showing. He looked to Mark trying not to shake. " Say that to my fucking face prick." He said dangerously low.

Mark looked at him slightly taken aback But continued anyway. " Your mother doesn't even wanna fucking deal with you let alone your goddamned music and friends. She just makes enough to support you so the authorities won't get on her ass." he said ignorantly in his face.

Billie knew that every word of this was lie. He was shit at lieing, hell, he was shit at talking. Billie sneered. "What the fuck do you know about music asshole? What? Frank Sinatra gettin a little old so ya gotta bag on other shit? Huh? Say one more fucking thing about my band and I'll knock your lights out fuckface." He said advancing slightly on Mark.

Mark rolled his eyes. " Your wasting my time. You think that your bands gonna make it big so thats why you don't have to study in school right?" Billie stared at him angrily

"Well face the facts, your not going anywere, and your in your fucking junior year of highschool. Your dad must've been loony to of thought you had any talent. What a waste giving you that guitar." He shook his head in thought. "Waste of money of you ask-"


Mark fell backwards completely off his feet, and spralwed on the floor. He looked back up in just enough time to see Billie pounce on him and make a series of blows to the head untill the full grown man was completely unconcious which didn't take long as he had been so angered. Billie stood up wiping his hands off from the blood that had smeared onto his fists from Marks face. The doorbell rang and Billie went to answer it not before putting a backwards baseball cap on his head and opened the door to reveal Tre and Mike for Practice.

"Change of plans, help me with my stuff, I'm movin out..."

End Flashback

I sat back and reached for the CD holder here in the backseat. If I have to worry at least let it be with music. I searched through my collection before I finally decided on The Misfits. I stuck it in and immeadiatly heard

'Bonfires burning bright pumpkin faces in the night I remember halloween-' *click*

Oh hell no. Damn what else on here..

'5:25 august fifth, 1962 found her lying on her chest her face all turning blue you think it was an overdose-' *click*

Dammit! next song!

'She walked out with empty arms machine gun in her hand she is good and she is bad no one understands-' *turns off*

Fuck it. Misfits let me down. I'll just sit in silence.

Mike looked to Tre and Tre looked to Mike. They looked back at me with my arms crossed in the back seat looking out the window like I was 5. Mike just sighed and sat back in his seat. Tre looked back out the windshield and started to humm Were Eagles Dare to himself.

"Whats with the damn Misfits tonight huh?!' shit...did I just yell that?

Mike looked back at me.

"Dude, chill out. Fuck, we've only been driving for 15 minutes were bound to-"

"Hey! I think I see someone!" Tre yelled while pointing to some person passed out on a lawn with shit all around them. I couldn't see it was too dark, we pulled over.

I rolled down the window.

"Hey!" I yelled out to the person. No answer. Tre looked at me from his drivers window.

"Oh fuck this..." I said hastily getting out of the car. I ran over to the figure. There was a bag and a guitar case. I knew it

"Guys its her!" I yelled back to them. Tre immeadiatly turn the car off and Mike got out and jogged over to us. I kneeled down and looked at her. I couldn't see real well in the light, but from her position she must've been in some pain, she was clanching her stomach and her guitar with her free hand.

"Tre go turn the car light on and lets her her in there." Mike said to Tre while kneeling next to her and picking her up gently. I got her bag and guitar and took them to the back tossing them in quickly.

All I heard was a 'Holy shit' from Tre before I got to the light. She was layed out on the middle row in the SUV were I had previously been sitting but the seat was layed back to be flat. She still had the wig on and actually everything but the tie. Her face was starting to develope a half purple and yellow bruise as her whole face looked like it was covered in a thin layer of grime. Her hands were covered in dried blood. Her pants were covered in dirt, blood and any shards of some sort of shit. She looked like she'd been fucking mugged.

I stood there in silence for a minute or two in agape of the sight I saw. I heard Mike wisper something to himself and Tre let out a breath and put his forearm above the door and lean against it.I decided to speak up.

"Do you think we should wake her up or what?"

"I think we should get to the house and maybe Adie can fix her up." Mike said to me quietly. Tre nodded in silent agreement.

"I guess no point in waking her up before she has to.. Come on lets go." I said quietly going to the other side of the car and opened the other door. I sat by her head quietly and Mike and Tre got in. Tre made a movement to turn off the light but I stopped him.

"Leave the light on, in case she wakes up." Tre nodded and we started to make our way back to the house in a grim silence.


Roxannes POV


"Slow down baby you'll hurt yourself!" I heard from behind me in a laughing voice. My dad was helping ride my bike. It was my 2nd try at it and I finally got it without wheels. I went down the sidewalk quickly laughing. All of a sudden I felt the handlebars swerve and the bike went down. My knee was bleeding and I started to cry. I opened my eyes and my dad ran up to me with a sad expression on. He picked me up and kissed my forehead. He started to sing the song that he sang me when i was sad. He started in a funny voice

"I wuv you I wuv you said the little blue man, I wuv you I wuv you to Bits!" at that point he acted like he was gonna tickle me but didn't.
"I wuv you i wuv you said the little blue man, I wuve you right out of my...WITS!' he started to tickle me on wits and I immeadiatly started squirming and laughing. He stopped after a minute and looked down at me smiling.

I had completely forgotten about my knee. He picked me up and rolled the bike along with the other hand. I started to hear him hum as I leaned in on his shoulder feeling the warm summer sun and light breeze blow through my hair. I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of his voice..

End Dream

I came back to conciousness with the faint sound of humming, feeling comforted for the first time since the night before. I sat for a while listening to the soft humming comfortably until my wits hit me. Who the hell am I driving with?! My body jerked and my eyes opened to see Billie's shocked face. I was about to say something but let out a sharp breath. My right hip I was leaning on was on fire and I fell back down with my head landing in his lap. I curled up into a fetal postion and held my side and stomach. The other guys in the car I could tell were shocked but tried to contain themselves. I felt the car speed faster as they were heading towards what I can guess was the house. I clenched my eyes tightly shut and took deep breaths. I was muttering 'motherfucker' and 'shit fuck' under my breath constantly for a few seconds until the burning sharpness dulled.I rolled over to my back and opened my eyes wearily to see his Billies face. It had a mixture of helplessness and pity. I instantly felt guilty but pushed it out of the way.

"Hey, shh, its..its alright, you'll be better in no time." he said surprisingly calm and took my wig off gently.revealing my blonde grey looking short hair. This calmed me down to tell you the truth.That thing was fucking uncomfortable as hell. I let out a few light breaths and started to drift off into sleep, once again hearing the calm humming comming from his voice.

End Rox's POV


She woke up and my mind went blank when I saw her expression. It looked like a caged animal that just woke or something. I've really never seen it before, but she realized who it was I guess. I saw her fall over suddenly and grab her hip in pain. Goddammit Billie fucking think! What could you do? Shit your prolly making it worse dipshit! She fell in my lap and finally started to stop looking as pained. I looked over to tre and mike quickly and thier eyes were wide, but tre kept his eyes on the road the best he could wereas mike looked over at me and her with a worried expression.I heard some curses come from her mouth and I couldn't blame her, I looked back down at her as she turned onto her back and looked up to my face.

I was thinking and my mouth finally started to say something

":Hey, shh, its..its alright, you'll be better in no time." whoa, did I just say that? Was that me? goddamn I sound like my mother, I shook the feeling off anyhow.

My hand found its way to take her wig off gently and I was surprised as hell to see some short light blonde greyish looking hair. She seemed to calm down alot more after. Then I thought, 'what do I do when I get stressed out like panic attack?' I love music. I love singing. I started to hum calmly and that did the trick. After about half a minute she drifted off to sleep. Fucking God...the was one of the quickest and scariest moments of my life. I leaned back and let out a heavy breath of relief and hummed some more. I looked out the windshield and finally saw my house. Thank Fuck.