Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist

Drama in The world of Green


I sat there watching her for the longest time. Just watching someone have an emotional
moment that is affecting them is weird to watch but all the more inviting to see. I can't say that I've ever heard someone play with as much...feeling as she did other than prolly
Carlos Santana. I was stuck in her trance. She amazed me. Not in that weirdo stalker way,
just an almost awe. I think I'm gonna hit up Adie for a

No Ones POV

"Damn, shes really talented." Tre whispered to Mike for prolly the tenth time that night as
they sat and watched her play. She was oblivious to the fact, which made it all the better
to watch.

"I know..we need to do something about this Tre." He said as he turn his head slightly
squinting his eyes in concentration. It was a musicians glance. The look that they give
when their giving their upmost attention to the other muscian while studying his techniques
and actions.

"Mike..we can. Lets just ask Billie and Adie to sign her! Seriously, it would help her out in everything!." Tre said getting excited but was quickly hushed down by Mike who gave a unsure glance towards Roxanne.

"I love the idea Tre but, I dunno." He said uneasily.

"What do you mean 'I dunno'? Look at her Mike she has potential." Tre said with a plead in his voice.

"Well no shit sherlock we went over that. But, theres a couple reasons. Billie and Adie are awesome, but do ya think that shes gonna take the offer? I mean, think about it. A girl who her whole life, or I'm assuming after the events of tonight, has been mostly ignored suddenly getting all this attention? Plus, just think of the fucking shock. Oh we'll do it eventually, we're not gonna let her get away. Just sit tight..I think we can do more for her yet." Mike said in a hushed voice. Tre looked at him and nodded slightly biting the inside of his cheek.

"Alright, but whats she gonna do at the moment for somewhere to live?" Tre said in a concerned curious voice.

Mike looked at Tre and gave a lopsided grin.

"I know any of us would love to take her in but did you see the look Billie was giving her? You know Bill's wanted a daughter for a hell of a long time now. Lets see if the situation presents itself. Until then, we're gonna take it easy." He said leaning back further in the comfortable couch across the large living room from the still playing music. Smiling he let out a pent up sigh and let one eyelid open at Tre who was giving him the 'you know I don't like to wait' look.

"Chill bro. Things will run their coarse."

"Yea..." Tre sat back listening to the music, but inside feeling way more protective than he could figure.


Billies POV

I walked into the bedroom and saw 80 laying on the bed watching some t.v in a relaxed position.

"Hey You." she said grinning and patted the seat next to her "Come here."

I smiled padding my bare feet on the hardwood over to the bed and laid down next to her comfortably putting my arm around her shoulders. We watched the television for a couple of minutes in silence before I looked at Adie from the corner of my eye. I opened my mouth then closed it and looked back at the screen.

"Billie whats up?" she said finally looking at me and sitting up leaving my body missing hers next to me.

She knew me. I loved her for it. I dunno what it is about wifes..maybe they have this radar or somethin..

"Billie I know somethings going on. Look whats on TV. You havn't said a peep." she said
gesturing to the t.v in a laughing tone. I quickly looked indignantly and saw "O Rielly factor' on talking with Mr.Terminator about the Tax problem and rising Gas prices.Wow. I must've zoned out..

She looked at me and grinned softly. "So whats up?" she said once more.

I sighed uncomfortably and twisted my face about trying to pick out the words to say.

"Adrienne, what do you think...about..Roxanne?" I asked looking down at the bedspread and picking at the loose black thread from the comforter. I could feel her eyes on me. Jees..
" I mean, like, what do you think about her situ-"

"You wanna keep her don't you Hon?" she said in a half laugh and I looked up at her.

"Jees you make her sound like a pound puppy.." I said cracking a lopsided smile.

She laughed again and put a warm hand on my shoulder. "Babe, if you want to know my opinionI'll tell you. I know you want a daughter, I want one too. We've wanted one from the beginning but got 2 beautiful boys out of the process. So its obviously no waste." her thumb started stroking the skin at the nape of my neck comfortingly and she continued " She seems like an amazing girl, I'm sure you know more of her situation than I do, but I support whatever desicion that you make. Just know that. Ok?" she never broke eye contact with me.

I started grinning at her and gave her a happy kiss on the lips and hopped out of bed in a considerably better mood. She giggled and I strutted out of the room overdramitcally sort've skipping down the hall. Damn...shes good.

End BJ's POV

No Ones POV

Rox put her guitar down and smiled like a 5 year old at it. She looked back at the two men who had been watching her play. She smiled sheepishly setting her guitar down and walked over to the side of the living room where they were and sat down infront of the couch.

"Listen, thanks again. I really really appreciate it. How can I pay you back?" She said looking at them "I mean, how much did it cost I'll work it off. Just tell me."

The men looked at her and laughed. Mike said "What? Never got a gift before? Its fine! We don't want you to work it off." he said in an almost giggling voice. Tre nodded his head along with him and smiled.

"Its just nice to see you smile after all the shit. Ya know?" Tre said in a understanding voice to her. She nodded at the statement and looked down for a second before looking up and grinning once more.

"You know what I realized?"

"Hmm?" They said in unison

"Billie was right..the second day is always better than the first." she said quietly grinning

Just then Billie walked in.

"Someone say my name?" he said while hopping over the couch and squishing between the two men in the already close love seat to make a Billie Sandwich.

"Bill, I love ya man but get the fuck off." Mike said before he pushed the smaller man off the couch and landed his ass promptly on the floor.

"ooooooow, my assbone.." he said while rubbing it. Rox laughed in his misery and cooed

"Aww, poor Biwee Wiwwee hurt his wittle tushy?"

He shot her a playful glance and scrunched up his face and said her sentance over in a mock voice to himself. Still, he smiled and got up from the position he was in and sat indian style. His eyes wandered over to her as she was looking around at the room. He felt his mind swim with how she would react if he asked her. Or what would happen if she said no. Would she rather live with someone else? Would she feel weird not only being in his house, but for free too? His thoughts were interupted by Tre.

"Hey Rox? Can I talk to ya outside for a minute?" Tre said standing up. She gave him a sortof confused look but stood up anywho slowely from the pain.

"Yeah, sure." they both walked to the backyard and closed the door. Billie was slightly suspicous but Mike had a look that said 'what the fuck did he just do' on. Ofcourse Billie was too wrapped up in his own world to notice.


Rox's POV

I made my way outside with Tre wondering what the hell he wanted to say. I seriously can't ever tell what he's gonna do next. He fidgeted for a moment or two and said

"So, I don't mean to be so fast but I wanted to get to the point. I was wondering if you had a place to live...I mean, I just wanted to make sure you were taken care of and had somewhere to go." he looked at me the whole time in the eyes and you could see his sincerity.

Just then, as awkward as it sounds, I felt the exact same way I did the night before. We were in the exact same spot as last night when my mom kicked me out of the house over the phone. I hadn't really thought about it and the reality of the situation, along with every other friggen thing that happened that night seemed too sureal to of happened, but it sure as hell did. My body told me that. I swallowed back a lump in my throat and looked at him with a small smile.Tre was so nice to care.

"Uh, no..actually not yet. I hadn't really thought of it..' I said awkwardly. "Uh, why do you ask?"

He fidgited for a moment before smiling at me and putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Well, erm,' he looked down to the ground then back up again quickly " If you want you can move in with me and Claudia. Frankito is always running around but he doesn't do trouble much. And Ramona comes over every month for a week, I'm sure you two would get on fine.." he said rambling slightly. It was really too sweet.

And yes, another wall of reality came at me like a ton of bricks. He just asked me to move into his house. He'd only known me for a fucking night. People tell me I come off as really sincere ect, but jeez.

I looked back up at him and gave him a smile.

"Hey Tre? Can I think about it? I can't say for sure yet, but I just wanna let it sit for a few is that alright?" I said rationally.

He chuckled and said "Yeah, thats better than a no right?" then gave me a goofy smile and we went inside.

Jeez, not even 24 hours and I'm being asked to move in with Green Day...damn.