Trick or Treat with a Green Day Twist


Rox's POV

"Holy crap holy crap holy crap holy crap. Okay chill out. Chill breath, breath." I said to myself
silently when I came back in the house. I went to the bathroom instantly with a couple of questionable looks from Billie and Mike's direction. I imagine they thought I was having another
panic attack or something because behind the smile I looked pretty strained. I know this because I looked at the mirror with the same face on and mentally slapped myself for doing it. I have no control over my facial functions when I'm nervous and crap like that. So back to the point. I sat down on the toilet seat and just went over what happened. "Tre Cool just asked me to move in with him." I said to myself. I leaned against the bathroom sink. Thats amazingly generous..Shit. I mean, I should be jumping off the walls, but I'm hesitant..its just, Tre is awesome, but I'm afraid I'd feel...I dunno. Uncomfortable. I've only known the guy a little over a day. I mean, I've thought I knew him. And I did, as a fan. But I don't know him as a person. And I'm not gonna jump into that on a whim. I guess I just don't feel as comfortable around him as I do, I dunno, Billie or something. Ahhhg, I can't give up a house and living situation just because I feel uncomfortable! I mean, I'll be on the streets if I don't. I shouldn't wait around for Billie to ask me. Wait. God that was dumb. Billie wouldn't ask me to move in. I'm lucky enough for Tre. No, I should be grateful. I can't sit around hoping Billie would ask. I'm just gonna tell Tre. Okay. Good.Good.....right?


Billies POV

I smiled from my position on the floor at her as she came in. I made a move to get up but she instantly excused herself to the bathroom and Tre came in sitting on the couch. I gave him a suspicious look. Why was she so upset when he came in? He looked exceedingly happy too. What could make him happy and her sad like that? He sat on the couch for a moment smiling to himself and then looked at me, making his forehead wrinkle a bit.

"Hey OK?" he said seemingly worried.

"Yeeah...uh Tre can I ask you something?" I said getting up and sitting next to him on the couch. I dunno where Mike is..

"Sure bro fire away." he said almost giddily and bounced in his seat slightly as he turned towards me.

I hesitated for a moment not really knowing what to ask. I stumbled for a moment but then asked.

"Tre, why is Roxanne upset?"

He once again wrinkled his forehead for a second and said.

"She didn't look too sa- OH. Well, I guess she's just surprised, caught off guard I guess. But thats how I work." he said laughing slightly.

I almost felt like punching him but didn't. I knew my eyes got darker as I heard this. I felt my face change. He looked slightly taken aback.

"Dude, Billie chill, I didn't do anything bad OK?" My face loosened up a bit and I gave a quick fake smile which fade as quick as it came.

"What did you do?" I said giving him a questionable look.

He hesitated for a moment He had a look I couldn't place. Almost like guilt but I couldn't say for sure. Even after 16 years of knowin the guy I still can't tell his feelings right off the bat. He's hard to read that Tre Cool.

"I asked her to move in with me." he said looking at me. My face quickly read shock. I guess its just how it came out but that sounded really wrong and he caught onto that fast.

"Nonononononono! Not like that! I just knew she didn't have any place to go so I asked if she'd like to move into my house. I wouldn't have any problem with that, she'd be like my own daughter."

My heart felt hurt. I know that my eyes looked down when he said daughter. My jaw clenched and I nodded my head. I guess I was wrong then about all the stuff I'd thought. She had already said yes I bet. I mean, she said herself when we first met that she would rather be Tre Cool than Me as a costume.

What the fuck Billie? What are you saying you idiot? Your basing what you heard about a Halloween Costume to be her feelings towards you. If you really think that then you don't deserve to have her in your house. You know its deeper than that. It has to be. You feel it. I mentally slapped myself and then looked at Tre who's face was begging for some sort of a reaction.

"...well? What do you think?" he said hesitantly.

I thought that I'd feel differently, thats what I thought.


Mike's POV

I was in the kitchen getting a coke. I felt thirsty and after Tre leaving with Roxanne outside. I really need to get something to drink or something. Geez. I was on my way back to the living room when I passed the bathroom and heard someone talking. I couldn't help but listen in..

(insert Rox's previous POV here.)

Shit...Holy Shit he did it. Tre asked her to move in? Dammit! That fucker! I told him to let Billie. I know for a fact Tre doesn't care nearly as much about her as Bill does. Damn motherfucker! What am I gonna do? Tell Tre to lay off and have her come back saying yes to him saying no? She'll run off for sure. Then should I tell Billie and have him ask her, then have her decide? Maybe I can do that! But then Tre would be crushed. He's a bit dramatic, but he means well. The thing is he'd be pretty down for a long time. Jeez, its gonna be fucked up either way. But I have to do something..


No One's POV

Mike decided not to keep it a secret what he heard so he knocked on the door. He heard a faint 'just a minute' come from behind the door and a disheveled, slightly teary girl looking back at him. He felt his heart tear slightly. Why can affection hurt so much?

She looked expectantly at him "Uh, Mike, whats up?" she said holding her upper left arm with her right hand as she shifted slightly about and then gained eye contact with him once more.

He sighed. "Roxanne, take a walk with me ok?" her eyes went wide and he quickly said "No, no, I'm not gonna ask you to move in with me." she read shock but looked a tad bit relieved. They uncertainly made their way out the back door and started walking down the street and ended up at the wall she jumped earlier. Neither said a word. It was silent but not uncomfortable. They both had stuff on their minds and neither knew how to say it. Wordlessly Mike nodded his head to the wall and stuck his foot in the hole in the wall and jumped the wall waiting for her on the other side. She came after quickly and they started walking down the street towards the Circle K.

Finally Mike spoke.

"Listen, Rox, I heard you in the bathroom." he looked over at her from the corner of his eye to see a reaction. None.

"And, I wanted to let you know something. Yeah, Tre does care for you sure, but I can almost guarantee Billie has a stronger connection." he paused as he felt the presence stop and looked over at her. She gave him a curious look and he sat down on the now crunchy grass that outlined the streets. She took a seat after him.

"Its true Rox. He's always wanted a daughter, and jeez, he's known you for a little over a day." she looked slightly skeptical but he continued.

"Yeah I've known you for a little over a day too, but just listen. I can read Billie like a book. He really has a connection with you. And correct me if I'm mistaken but you have one with him as well. You guys have a caring bond already. He cares for your welfare and you connect to his feelings of a teenager. He's been in situations like yours and wants to help ya out, because he wants better for you than he had. Now if something like that can happen in a day then if must be something am I right?" he said stopping and looking at her through his cocked eyebrows.

In all that time she hadn't said a word but now did.

"Mike I...I really...just don't know how to take it. Its hard. Just, dammit all this at once!" she started to tear up again and Mike put a soft hand to her shoulder for support. She continued on.
" I mean,. fuck all the drama of Halloween and then Tre asking me to move in?! SHIT! I barely know the man! And Billie! God, Billies been my father to me like no one else has within the last few years honest to God. But its just...dammit overwhelming. I don't want to ask Billie to move in with him because I already did so much to fuck up his plans! I imposed on you guys and drug you into my drama. If anything I should leave to take everything off you-"

"Stop. Now." he said firming his soft grip on her just to the point of getting her attention."Don't fucking think that for a moment. You hear me? Billie has done all this because he cares for you and has a general understanding. Alright? Just fucking count on me with this one. I know him and I know what he's been through more so that most anyone else in the world. He...fucking...CARES for you. Don't take that for granted and Don't let this opportunity of someone giving you what you need and want slip by you. You need a family and we will be that. Just give it a chance. No guilt because we want you here. And I can say this for fact. Now stop being pessimistic and get your ass up." he said zipping up his Frustrators hoodie and offering a hand out to her. She was a bit shocked by his statements but she couldn't say she didn't deserve it.

They walked home in silence again. Just as they had came. They went to the wall and he gave her a foot up to jump the wall then he did himself. They started walking down the nicely paved street of the country club when he smiled faintly and looked back at her.

"Ya know, 15 years ago I thought I'd be living in Rodeo flipping burgers and being a Gilman Street Burnout? Now look at us, yuppies in a country club with BMW's and fuckin money outta the wazoo." he said laughing. " Sad huh?"

She grinned and said "No. You did what you loved and got what you wanted along the way. There's no shame in getting something back from what you love. " and stuffed her hands into her ratty Sex Pistols hoodie and looked back down at her new shoes that Adie gave her from the Adeline clothes she had.

She heard a faint laugh from Mike beside her as they neared the house. She turned to face him He said " Tell Billie the same thing. He did what he loved to do. Help people..its not so bad to get something back in return. When in fact its taking something from him is what he wants in return. Taking his hospitality and giving back to him a relationship that he wants. Its not something you have to do, but if you respect Billie as much as I think you do, then you'll know what to do."

"Wow Mr. Dirnt, that last sentence made almost no sense. What DO you think?" she said in a sarcastic laughter. He just gave her a playful shove as they made their way inside but Roxanne stopped in front of the door. Mike looked back and said. "You commin or what?"

" is Tre gonna take all this?" she said in a worried tone.

He sighed and looked back up at her. "If I know Tre, he isn't gonna be happy, but he'll understand in time."

"Great" Roxanne thought. "You can't win without losin can ya?


Billie's POV

I was pacing back and forth in the Living Room for about an hour. Where the hell are they?! Maybe she ran off again. Oh man Oh man, she doesn't need this. I don't want her to get hurt again, come on Billie take it like a man. Don't start this. Shes gonna be fine. Her and Mike prolly went out for something. Yeah thats it. They prolly went out for an ice cream or somethin. Well why didn't they call then?! Maybe he went out to look for her and we didn't notice she left. No, that couldn't be it, I would've noticed. I noticed they weren't here about 10 minutes after I saw her go to the bathroom. Then Mike never came back. Fuck! Whats happening to me?! Chill out. Now Chill. Calm, Calm.

*door opens*


I sloppily ran up from the living room and ran up to the door to see Rox and Mike come in from the breezy evening. I resisted the urge to go up and hug her. It would seem a bit, I guess awkward for her. Like I said she's only known me for a day. I just stood there and stared at her for a moment before walking over calmly.. or calm I thought, and look at both of them.

"Where have you two been?" wow..does my voice sound that shaky?

"Uh, we went for a walk, is that alright officer?" Mike said giving an easy grin trying to ease the tension giving me a pat on the back.

I nodded slightly giving him a quick fading smile and gulped as I looked back at her.

I know she can see what I'm thinking. Its so easy to read on my face. I was afraid that she left me for good. Shes only been around for 2 days and I almost went nuts. Jeez I was worried for her. Why do I want to...fuck that question. Why do I need to have this girl in my life? Does she need me as much as I need her?

This is ridiculous


Rox's POV

I came in the house and quickly heard something scuffle quickly and make its presence known in the doorway. That something was a really shaken up looking Billie. I looked at Mike for a split second and he didn't show any signs at all. My attention went back to Billie as we locked eyes for a moment. I could see something there. It was care. He was worried. He was worried?
Maybe Mikes right. Maybe there is that connection.

All I know is there needs to be a talk. Now. I looked over and how convenient Mike just left to the living room. Wow. Thats soon. I nervously sat down at the chair in the hallway and looked at him. He gave the same look to me as he walked up to me and sat down opposite of the small table. We both couldn't really find the words to say but it was just a process of thinking. We were both thinking about what the other was feeling. What to say. What to do. I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to do it.

I scooted my chair back unstably and walked over to him. He stood up immediately. I instantly reverted back to my state of 5 years old. I just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed his body and hugged it for dear life. I instantaneously felt a sense of warm overtake me as he wrapped me up in his arms and held me close. This was vaguely familiar to me. This is how I felt when my father hugged me. When you could feel someone caring for you. I stood there for several more moments. We just stood like that for about a minute. Not wanting to let the other go in fear of what was to happen next. I felt like crying on his shoulder and telling him everything. Like he hasn't already been there. But just to have someone hold you while you cry is comforting. But I wasn't going to. My tears were dried and I can't open up those scars so soon. Despite myself, I let a few stray tears go and coughed slightly then pulled back from the slightly taller than me dark haired man. I looked up to see watery green eyes and a smile plastered on his face.

We both wiped our eyes off uneasily and gave an uncomfortable chuckle or two. That was all I needed. That was all we needed. This is official, I thought I felt sure about it before. But now its more evident that ever.

This man saved my life.