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Love Made Us Blind

I smiled when I felt the warm sun beans on my pale face. The reason why I grinned wasn't because of the rays that just came out but because I felt my boyfriend's arms around me. Draco Malfoy brought me closer to him as we continued lying in the grass near his house. I closed my eyes and cuddled to him. I loved his scent, it reminded me of our childhood. My head was now lying on his chest as he roamed his hand on my back.

"Are you exited to go to Hogwarts tomorrow?" Draco asked me as I felt my stomach tangle up again. It always happened whenever I thought of going to Hogwarts for the first time as a student there.

"A little..." I responded honestly with a small voice

"What's wrong?" He asked, realizing by my shaking voice just how nervous I truly was. He took his hand from my back and started to play with my hair

"What happens if I'm not sorted to Slytherin? I mean just imagine the hat puts me to Hufflepuff."

"Don't be ridiculous Alice..."

"I could be in Ravenclaw. I got the best grades in my whole year at one point. With the exception of two three subjects I get perfect grades..." I wasn't bragging; I was just worried the hat would put me there "Or if he decides I should be in Gryffindor..."

"Alice." He cut me "I will love you no matter what house you're in. Even Hufflepuff." I smiled when he added the last part

Comforted by his promise, I closed my eyes again and continued to lie besides him. I thought how much changed in the last five years. Five years ago we were only friends, never thinking how much joy we would bring each other. No matter how many changes we've been through, we were as naive as we were five years ago.