Land of a Million Stars

funny when you're dead how people start listening

Heaven is the most beautiful place you’ll ever see. It’s whatever you want it to be, a garden, or a beach, whatever. And there is no sadness. Everything is happy and wonderful. I’ve seen my grandparents and even my great-great-grandparents. We’re together here.

I watch everyone. I make sure my brothers are doing okay. Frankie got married to that Max kid and they’re going to adopt a little girl named Ella, in honor of me. Zeke hasn’t settled down, but he doesn’t travel as much. He spends a lot of time at home with Mom – who is seeing Jake Abernathy and is very happy. He’s even seeing Ruth-Anne, who divorced her husband.

Sara moved on from Quinn. She graduated high school and goes to some community college in Texas, where she moved two days after graduation. She’s studying to become a lawyer.

Wade eventually moved away from his mom’s. He’s going to NYU where he’s studying to be a journalist. He’s engaged to a girl from Louisiana. Her name is Alicia. She’s blonde and small and really nice.

Quinn’s mom left Luke and her and Caitlyn kicked him out of the house. Luke moved away and Caitlyn and Karen lived there. Karen and my mom are good friends now, and they spend time together every Tuesdays and Fridays.

And then there’s Quinn. He moved away to go to college in California, Stanford University. I watch him the most. He goes to all his classes, gets good grades and on Saturdays, he goes out. Sometimes he meets a girl, sometimes he doesn’t. He hasn’t had a steady girlfriend yet but I’m not concerned. At least he’s trying. He visits home a lot, when he can. He always visits my mom, the lake, and me, in my grave. He talks to me a lot there.

Even when he’s not in our town, he still talks to me all the time. At night, he goes outside and sits beneath the stars and tells me about his day and how much he misses me. He tells me not to worry about him, that he’s still sad but he’s getting through it.

The pictures he took of me are on his wall. His roommate asks about me a lot, how I’m doing and such. Quinn hasn’t told him that I’m dead. Sometimes, Quinn will take a photo of me with him when he goes outside. On those nights, I try not to watch as much because it’s too painful. Quinn sits and talks, like normal, but he cries on these nights. I don’t like to see Quinn cry.

These nights are getting fewer and fewer though.

I miss everyone so much, but I’m happy they’re moving on. They’re all still sad sometimes but they do their best to honor my last wishes. I love them, all of them. And by watching them from heaven, I keep them safe.

the end.
♠ ♠ ♠
goodbye darlings.
it's been fun.